Update: Tom Cruise brings Suri to visit Katie Holmes

05/22/2007 at 08:41 PM ET

Update: Tom Cruise Forever has many more photos from the day, including adorable pics of Suri playing with Tom.

Originally posted May 18th:Tom Cruise brought daughter Suri, 13 months, to visit Katie Holmes on the Mad Money set in Shreveport, LA earlier today. Visit Us Weekly for the full size image.

Thanks to CBB readers Aline, Mary Beth, Toni, Lost Girl, and Meredith.

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MuffThumb on

you might wanna fix the wording. You make it seem like Suri’s not Katie’s daughter. (just my opinion)


Cassie on

Suri is starting to look a lot like Katie. And what a head of hair!

1_hotmamma on

She is a really cute kid. But, I just wish they would do somthing with her hair. It just always seems to be in her face.

Posh_Fan on

She’s such a precious little girl! I can never get over how beautiful she is! She just keeps on getting more and more beautiful everytime we see her…..precious little doll.

PSB on

Does she still have that birthmark on her forehead? Is this why she’s always wearing bangs? Only asking because I’ve never seen a little baby that young sporting manicured bangs before.

Love her sandals!

Liza on

IDK, my littlest sister had more hair than that and by the time she was 15 months old had a bob and bangs… and I was bald 🙂

Posh_Fan on

PSB, there were pictures from two months ago of Suri coming out of her sister’s basektball game and her hair was pulled back. It was during the Saint Patrick day game where she’s wearing that green skirt and there are no marks on her forehead. Same babies just have a lot of hair.

Sarah on

I think there was a lot of speculation when the first photos came out that she maybe had a birthmark. I don’t remember if anything was said officially.

She’s the most precious thing in the world – all the criticism of her parents just makes me think she’s cuter!

PSB on

Thanks Posh. I was just curious about it, since it seemed like she had one before. Not judging Katie for the bangs or anything. If I had a little girl with a forehead mark, I might do the same thing with her hair.

Nina on

She is the cutest thing ever isn’t she! I just can’t get over how cute she is and just when I think she can’t get cuter, I see new pics of her and she looks lovelier than ever. I just wanna disturb her and rile her whenever I see her. Thanks CBB we appreciate all these great pics.

annie on

my niece has a very light colored pink birthmark on her forhead. You can’t always see it ..depends on the light and how close you are. She has always worn bangs.

I did see pics of Suri as a baby where it looked like she had a similar one.

Don’t know for sure of course.. sometimes these things fade IF she ever had one.

pink.lioness on

Oh please, not another conspiracy story about this child. So she has a haircut with a fringe, big deal. Probably mommy and daddy like it that way and btw, she looks very very cute. I’ve seen several baby girls (and boys) with hair like that and they didn’t all have birthmarks. Come to think of it, not a single one of them had a birthmark, and neither does Suri. Next people will start saying again she’s wearing a wig, or that she is really an alien, or already 3 not 1 years old, or whatever *yawn*. That stuff is getting old!

elisa on

Suri is tooooooo cute ! I really love this beautiful baby girl!

Colleen on

FYI the birthmark that used to be on Suri’s forhead. The birthmark is only temporary, and also called “Angel Kisses” or “Stork Spots”, it is technically called a Salmon Patch. Ones on the face and neck usually disappear before the child’s first birthday, though may still be seen when the child is upset. I believe they are blood vessels that aren’t deep enough below the skin or something of the like.
I have one that has never gone away on my back.

finnaryn on

Colleen, while I don’t know for sure what Suri may or may not have had on her forehead, it really makes me mad when people simply dismiss all birthmarks as just “stork bites.” Yes those exists but there are also very serious vascular birthmarks that don’t just “go away” in the first year.

My son’s hemangioma had to be treated with steroids starting at three weeks to control the growth and with surgery at 8 weeks to stop the ulcering. While it has faded quite a bit now that he is three, it is still not gone. But we are lucky. There is a little girl in our town who’s hemangioma was so large and invasive that she nearly lost her eye.

From the pictures of Suri at her parents wedding, I believe that she had a small hemangioma on her forehead that was treated with pulse dye laser surgery. This is what my son had and it leaves a light, but distinct mark.

PSB on


All I did was ask a simple question. It’s hardly a conspiracy theory and I never implied she was an alien or wore a wig! I think you’re a little sensitive about this for some reason.

There were many posts about birthmarks on CBB when those first pics of Suri were made public. I don’t think my question was all that bad. As I stated, I’ve never seen a baby that young with bang, so it was just curiosity. It’s not like a baby can control whether or not they have a birthmark. It’s normal and natural and the fact that you’re making such a big deal about my question suggests that you think suggesting somebody has a birthmark is a huge insult. The baby is cute, with or without her birthmark.

pink.lioness on


‘does she still have that birthmark’… ‘with or without her birthmark’…

no, I don’t think at all that suggesting someone has a birthmark is a ‘huge insult’. But as far as I know, since neither Tom nor Katie have ever confirmed that Suri has or had a birthmark – which you for some reason seem to be convinced of – means that it is nothing than a rumor, NOT a known fact. And Suri has already been the subject of too many rumors for my liking. Only because someone thinks for whatever reason that this baby has a birthmark, doesn’t make it so.

PSB on

Fair enough. I didn’t realize the birthmark thing was up for debate, I thought she had one (because it was in a lot of photos) and it was pretty well known. I wouldn’t expect the parents to comment on something as minor as a birthmark (it would be so strange for them to release a statement ofr something as silly as that IMO), but I figured it was a known thing, since it was clearly visable. I guess it is not as clear as I thought.

Raquel on

Suri is so pretty and exotic looking, love the dark hair and blue eyes. She clearly looks like both Tom and Katie, she is a doll.

ana on

ohhhh she is smiling…i dont think i have ever seen her smile…those pics with tom are adorable

die eule on

She’s the cutest celeb baby ever! A pretty little girl, but I hope they change her hair style, I’m not a fan of baby bangs either.

pink.lioness on

Thx for the additional pics. Suri is such a dolly and it is wonderful to see them all so happy and relaxed ♥x♥x♥

melissa on

i guess i cant understand what there is to get “mad” about when it comes to birth marks… my son had a nice hemangioma by the time he was 8 weeks old on the top of his head… and yes it scared the heck out of me until i found out what it was, but i never got mad or angry with anyone for asking..Suri is a very pretty little girl and i agree with most of you on here.. i think they are doing a great job of raising their daughter away from all the paps… and i do think that she is theirs… whether or not they did have her.. would it really matter?????

Diana on

The picture of Suri peaking out between Tom’s legs is adorable!

sarawara on

Sorry. I just don’t get it. She has a big flat round face. Not cute at all to me.

Nina on

Wow that new pic with her under Tom’s legs is precious. She has to be the cutest thing ever. They seem like they have a beautiful father daughter bond. I just love this family. Bless them.

J.M. on

Suri by far is the most adorable celeb baby!! Those pics are adorable. I was never a Tomkat fan but they should make more babies because if they all look like Suri what a gorgeous family!

T. on

I think she just has a lot of hair and it grows fast, and given her age it’s probably just easier to give her bangs for now. I had bangs when I was about that age too, likely for the same reason- I had a lot of hair.

Anyway, she sure is cute. 🙂

MaryLou on

Awwww, that pic where she is under Toms legs made my eyes misty. It is sooooo cute. I have no words. Someone should give Tom and Katie a copy. It is beautiful. It should be on a bill board for ‘HAPPY FATHERHOOD’.