Michael Jordan's sons gone wild?

05/22/2007 at 07:49 AM ET

Media Take Out has obtained photos of NBA legend Michael Jordan’s two teenage sons, 18-year-old Jeffrey Jordan and 16-year-old Marcus Jordan, engaged in some illegal behavior during what is said to have been a recent vacation.

Most of the photos show the two underage young men, who are both still in high school, drinking, smoking and dancing provocatively with girls, but the most "controversial" picture is the one of Marcus allegedly passed out in his own vomit.

Danielle adds: What his sons were doing probably isn’t different from what a lot of other teenagers do- they were just unlucky enough to have the photos leaked.

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Sarita on

Have you even looked at the photos? I don’t see any outrageous behaviour on them, just some teenagers having fun.

In my opinion the only strange (and gross) picture is the one with his head in the sink.

Yes, we looked at the photos.

bk on

Wow. That’s pretty offensive. This behavior is VERY different than that of a lot of teenagers. Their age doesn’t excuse this disgusting behavior, and writing that it’s just “typical” is what’s making it more and more acceptable in this day and age for young people to act like this.

Meela on

This is a prime example of why you cannot trust anyone!!!! It’s obvious that someone from within their own camp would have the access and opportunity to leak these photos. Hopefully both boys will learn from this and realize that when you are the child of a celebrity your actions are subject to public scrutiny.

Rebecca on

I agree with bk. I don’t care if all teens drink and act wild, it doesn’t make it ok in my book. I never acted that way as a teen. It’s not acceptable behavior.

Lauren on

bk, is it rude for me to ask how old you are (you don’t have to say if you don’t want to). Because I am on the younger side, and I can assure you that what Jeffrey and Marcus did is not “VERY different than that of a lot of teenagers” in the least. On the contrary, their behavior is the norm for guys their age. I think a common misconception regarding teens who drink, smoke, and act provocatively around girls is that they are lower-class people who don’t know any better. The reality is that MANY teens who get wonderful grades, participate in one activity after the other, and whose parents bring in six-figure salaries spend their weekends getting smashed, having sex, and generally acting inappropriately. It is not an issue of class anymore; it has gotten to a point where the kids who don’t smoke, drink, or have sex can be counted on both hands instead of the other way around. I’m not excusing or condoning their behavior (though I saw the pictures, and I agree with Sarita-I don’t see anything particularly vulgar or outragous about them. I could post far worse ones!), but the thought that they are being unusually outragous is wrong. This is how teenagers act nowadays, for better or for worse.

madison on

To say that a large number of teenagers across this country don’t have experiences like this is just plain naive. Sure, there are always exceptions but in general, come on now. That just makes me laugh out loud…..

Liza on

I agree with Lauren-
I’m not saying its ok, but it does happen. I’m 21 and now a responsible mother who does not party or anything, and yes, I did party just like that! My whole high school class would get together at the lake and party “like that”
I got out of school early (just 17) and started my career in a nearby much more affluent suburb, and the kids there partied more and harder than we did. They did other things like Oxycontin and coke, and thats because their parents could afford it, and gave them all sorts of money, no questions asked. I would go out with these kids that I met at work and I could not believe how they partied and how they acted, and I was from lower middle class and they are upper middle class people.
People like to generalize that lower class people are more prone to drug use and poor behavior, but I beg to differ. Wealthier people have the money to go out and put it up their nose. (just an example)
I just hope you all aren’t sitting at home saying that you children will never do anything like that, because they probably will.
Sorry, just my opinion and life experience.

jo on

Who are we to judge?! I think in this day and age it is normal for children to experiment as long as they dont take it to the extreme. Also we are lead to believe that all these boys are interested in is sex, drugs and alcohol, yet this is just one set of pictures. However they were stupid not to think that pictures like this would not end up on the internet.

Jennifer on

I didn’t think that there was anything illegal about drinking once you are 18 and smoking once you are 16. And dancing ‘provocitivily’ is not illegal at any age.
I know alot of kids of my age (13) and younger who do those things and worse(drugs, sex).

In the United States, the age to buy cigarettes is 18, and the drinking age is 21.

pink.lioness on

Who can really judge these boys? Things aren’t always the way the seem. 20-odd years ago my friends, my older brother and I had some pretty wild parties as well – no drugs or sex back then but plenty of drinks to go around and a lot of fun. I’m talking two or three such parties a year here, the rest of the time we behaved really well 🙂
Nobody who knows us now would believe that but if there had been photos of us from those days, oh my god! I’d have been labelled a pretty bad kid I suppose.

Lilybett on

I did this sort of thing as a teenager, but in Australia. I was a regular bingedrinker at the age of 14/15. I was lucky that cigarette and “other” smoke made me sick, or I would have been doing that too. Funnily enough, I don’t drink at all now, except for cooking with red wine occasionally.

Our legal drinking and smoking age here is 18.

I teach at a university here and a lot of my first year students are still in this boozing phase where they go out twice a week and drink until they’re blotto. Unfortunately we have a social drinking culture… because it’s legal, it’s acceptable behaviour for adults, so kids like to do it too.

I’m not condoning this behaviour, but it does happen (and not just in the US).

augustmoon6075 on

I don’t see it necessary to insult all other 16-18 year olds just to make these two feel better about themselves. Otherwise at the end of every story you run you should add, “I’m sure so and so isn’t the only person in history to do such and such.” What’s the point?

Colleen on

I wonder where they are on vacation. Perhaps they are outside the US where there is no drinking age or the drinking age is 16 or so. Then what they were doing would not be illegal. I think smoking and drinking, for many teens, is just a normal part of growing up and being somewhat rebellious. I know when I was 16/17/18, I also went out and smoke and drank and danced provacatively. Not ALL teens do, but many of them do. How do I know?
Because I am now a succeesful, educated high school teacher and mother of 6. I don’t see these photos as anything to raise a ruckus about.

Diana on

Wow some of you are VERY NAIVE if you think this isn’t pretty common behavior. No one was saying it was acceptable but IT IS common.

Jennifer on

Didn’t realise the difference in America. I’m from England where the ages are 18 for drinking and 16 for regular smoking and sex.

Candace on

Just because “everyone is doing it” does NOT make it right….That is a classic phrase, but it will always ring true in my book!

Where were these boy’s parent’s???

MM on

this is so obnoxious, no one would care about them doing these if they weren’t micheal jordans kids beucase yes every teenager is doing this kind of stuff. I am a teenager at their school and my guess is it isn’t anyone at our school letting these pictures leak. I am upset that people are judging them and writing this article. Lay off of them!

josiekate on

hopefully these kids will grow up to be responsible adults, but in my opinion the behavior is risky, and could have pretty negative consequences…why take a chance?

Judy on

Yes, teenagers do drink and smoke and have sex. This even happens in small, middle class, midwest towns. IMO, you can’t just get all high and mighty with teenagers and forbid them to do things. This makes them want to do it even more it also *closes off the lines of communication.* I have tried to explain to my girls even before they were teens why these things are not good for them. I hope I have gotten through to them. I have always stressed to them that they can always tell me anything that is going on in their lives and I will listen. Many of my daughter’s friends tell me that they can not talk to their parents because the parents get all high and mighty and don’t listen to them. I can not hire three bodyguards to follow my daughters around all of the time. The best I can hope for is that I am raising kids to have good sense and that they will always feel like they can talk to me. Unfortunately in the real world of raising teenagers you can not just forbid your teens from doing something because you find it unacceptable.