Rumor: Suri & Grier: BFF's?

05/21/2007 at 03:00 PM ET

The two celebrity tots were born on the same day, in the same hospital, to parents who were feuding at the time, but that hasn’t stopped the two one-year-olds from forming what an insider says is possibly a lifelong friendship and bond. Suri Cruise and Grier Hammond Henchy, both the daughters of superstar parents recently celebrated their very first s, with a special invitation extended to each other, have reportedly become the best of friends, visiting each other for regular playdates. The insider says,

Suri and Grier love spending time together. They even nap in the same crib.

The two are even reportedly dressing alike when together.  On May 7, Grier’s dad Chris Henchy is said to have purchased two matching dressing for his two girls, Grier and her older sister Rowan Francis, at Fred Segal’s in Hollywood and opted to get a third $50 dress for Grier’s favorite playmate, Suri.The two celebrity babes bond was solidified a year ago when born together on April 18, the girl’s brought together Suri’s headlining father Tom Cruise and Grier’s spokewoman mother Brooke Shields who had been in a very public tiff over Tom’s comments about Brooke’s usage of anti-depressants  to treat post-partum depression following the birth of her first daughter.  Brooke did not take the tongue lashing lying down and in turn responded with criticisms of her own about the famous Scientologist and his self-proclaimed expertise into psychiatry. The two later came to an understanding following Tom’s apology to the actress/model and grew to be fast friends, bringing their daughters together.

Source: In Touch, May 28, pg. 46
Photo Credit: TomKat Crazy


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Lucy on

that’s hilarious. You could put a couple of labrador puppies in a crib together and it would be the same effect! One year olds do not have best friends – they’re babies!Babies don’t have best friends – they play with whoever their parents choose to put them together with.

stephanie on

I disagree, there are some babies that just don’t like each other, the same with puppies.

This article is funny though, makes it sound like Suri and Grier ran away (or rather, crawl away) from home to see each other, haha. For what it’s worth, Brooke Shields was heard talking about Suri and Grier a lot at Tom and Katie’s wedding. I think it was in the People wedding article too. I can’t remember exactly what she said, unfortunately.

leishk on

Lucy, well said. Anyone who has ever know a 1 year old knows that they are not at a stage to ‘play’ with other children, 1 year olds would not even remember each other from a previous visit.

Bella on

How silly. Babies do not choose best friends or even friends at that stage! Lucy is right – a baby plays with who the parents put them with. But if Suri and Grier see each other often perhaps a friendship will develop later on.

Alexandra on

I agree with feeling that they would probably play with anyone at that age, but it sounds completely adorable anyways. Not sure if the source is accurate, but a nice rumor about this baby for once is very appreciated.

TwinMom24 on

That’s crazy. You don’t have “friends” at one year of age. It sounds like the parents are trying to make something out of nothing.
Tom Cruise is bizarre. I could see him coming up with something like this and running with it.

Annoynomous on

People, the article says that they have formed “what is possibly a life-long friendship and bond”, NOT that they are actually best friends or even friends yet. The title of the article is a little mis-leading. That said, I do think that one year old toddlers (and they are in fact toddlers now, not babies!) are capable of forming a bond with one another. Like Stephanie mentioned, there are some babies and toddlers who, in fact, do not like each other. Obviously, this isn’t the case with Suri and Grier, or they wouldn’t tolerate sleeping in the same crib together. Therefore, it’s probably safe to at least say they have a bond.
Anyway, I think its adorable in any case! Also, I agree with Alexandra, it is nice to hear a POSITIVE rumor about Suri for a change! That poor baby has had far too many negeative rumors about her in the past, it is definently time she had a positive one!

stephanie on

“Tom Cruise is bizarre. I could see him coming up with something like this and running with it.”

Aaaaand of course this post would have the obligatory this is all Tom Cruise’s fault comment.