Mira Sorvino on how being a working mother kills her

05/21/2007 at 07:12 PM ET

Actress Mira Sorvino, working mom to Mattea Angel, 2, and Johnny Christopher King, 11 months, says the stress of employment takes its toll on her. Mira often works more than 12 hours per day and has to be separated from her children.

I hate it. I feel so guilty because my kids cry so hard when I go to work. I know there are millions and millions of working women out in the world who face this same dilemma, but it just kind of kills me, and I don’t know what to do about it.

However, Mira attempts to make it as fun as possible on set, so the kids can visit as much as they like and enjoy themselves.

I’ve tried to make it as much fun for them as possible on the set. I went to FAO Schwarz and got all these things to make the trailer as fun and club-housey as possible. I made a tent with fabric, bought a beanbag chair and put together an art table where my daughter could paint. But days on the set are a minimum of 12 hours and that’s hard for them.

On what her life would be like in an ideal world, Mira laughs,

[I wouldn’t work]. I’d love it. If I was independently wealthy and could stop acting and just focus on being a mom and activism.

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Kristin on

Say what? 😉 If anyone could afford to be a stay-at-home mom, it’s probably Mira Sorvino. Maybe she’s not a household name, but she DID win an Oscar and most likely has plenty of dough, unless she blew it on hats or something. She works because she wants to, and she should just admit that. IMHO. 🙂

KF on

I agree, Kristin! I really like Mira Sorvino, but regarding her dilemma there’s one thing I don’t understand… many celebrity moms (I’m not sure about Mira in particular) make more $$$ per film than I can even fathom our family making in years, so if they wanted to take a few years off to be home with their kids while they’re young I’m sure there’s probably a way they could swing it! So when these actresses say they wish they didn’t have to balance work and family, I’m a little baffled. Life is all about making choices that work for you and your family, so if it’s not working then change it. If us “normal” people can find a way to stay home with our kids for a few years if that’s what’s important to us, I’m sure it would be possible for celebrities too.

Lauren on

I find this story very strange also. Not just because Mira would propably have money after working for awhile in the 90s-but what exactly is she working on now? The last project I saw her in was a Lifetime movie a year and a half ago, and I haven’t heard anything about her working since. That said, salaries have gone through the roof since then, it wasn’t like she was a major star even when she was working regularly, and her husband doesn’t have a steady job that I know of (he was working as a waiter when Mira met him), so who knows? Maybe she does need to work for money.

Moonmoth on

Wow if she can’t stay at home, then there’s no way I could! But OMG do I ever want to, and on top of that, I dearly want to do the same thing: stay home, be a mom and focus on activism….!!!

PSB on

I saw her at the playground the other day with her kids, her dogs and her nanny. She seemed pretty involved with them, pushing them in swings, etc. I thought it was a bit strange to have a nanny in tow for a quick playground visit, but maybe it’s hard to watch two toddlers at once at the park.

She looked great by the way and her kids are adorable.

Just throwing this out there–but maybe her husband doesn’t earn much money (wasn’t he a waiter?) and she has to work to afford the mortgage payments on her 4 million dollar apartment?

It’s not like she’s doing blockbusters, and I doubt that independent films pay all that much. Just saying that she may be choosing a higher lifestyle, which makes her need to work…or maybe she’s afraid if she takes too much time off she’ll be forgotten and won’t be able to gets jobs again. She is 40 now, which is pretty much a death knell for most actresses’ careers.

Just playing devil’s advocate!

xxx on

She has two movies in the works and just completed another. Why pass judgement on others because your own insecurities. I am sure she wants to have a nest egg for her children and I am pretty sure her expenses are high, just like the rest of us but at different levels. Quick being jealous.

Sara on

A lot of people assume that just because a person is famous they are automatically rich, but I just don’t agree with that. I assumed that Tori Spelling was rich until I watched her reality show InnLove. I assumed Toni Braxton was rich until she filed for bankruptcy. I could go on and on with other examples. So at this point I’m not going to assume anything about the financial situations of the celebrities. I don’t think having an Oscar automatically equals weath. And celebrities who aren’t ridiculously famous (and I wouldn’t put Mira in the ridiculously famous category) don’t always have the option to take off a few years and then come back. Sometimes the public can forget about someone very quickly and then the chances of them starting up a career again are slim.

JudeW on

Is Mattea a girl or a boy? Looks like a girl, but ‘Mattea’ is a boy’s name in Italian (a girl’s name in German). She is of Italian origin.

I always thought she had two boys.


madison on

I agree PSB – she probably can’t afford the lifestyle she would want staying at home full time. And that’s ok. Every woman/couple has to include lifestyle into their decision process when determining if one parent is going to stay home.

A Non on

Sell the ridiculous $4 million apartment, buy a normal-sized house like the rest of America has, put the proceeds in the bank and stay home with your kids.

Her comment is just ridiculous and shows how far removed she is from how the rest of the world lives. Compared the the rest of the world, she is beyond “independently wealthy.” She was paid $3 million for “At First Sight.”

It’s called making choices. Downsize the house, do without a nanny like everyone else does, and I bet you could more than afford to stay home and focus on being a Mom.

jean on

its her choice to work. its not becase she has to. they say these things to get sympathy. they think they have to have all these expensive things when most kids could care less as long as they had their mom. get rid of the greater than thou lifestyle and raise your own kids. this nanny per child thing is crazy. i have 4 under the age of 5 and i dont have any help.

Zbella on

I’m a full time mom, married to a teacher, so everyone I know has more money than us. So I’m used to hearing these kinds of comments. It’s all relative. My friends who are married to (or are) doctors and lawyers often talk about making ends meet. I just smile and nod. I have nothing be to jealous about – I have what I want (3 little kids) but no nanny, maid, trainer, etc…

Chiara on

Not “independently wealthy” does not imply poverty. It simply means that you have to earn your money — however much or little — rather than having it handed to you. And she does work for her money. I don’t think she said that she was poor, only that she has to earn her money. It’s not just the present and whatever lifestyle she maintains: she is probably thinking about the future and the fact that the money they have now may not last them (and two children, education etc.) forever. Acting is not a reliable profession and unfortunately work will likely become more sporadic for her as she gets older. Yes, right now she’s well off, but all considered she probably thinks she should earn money while she knows she can.