Katherine Heigl doesn't want to be "Knocked Up"

05/21/2007 at 12:34 AM ET

She may be Knocked Up in her upcoming film, out June 1, but Katherine Heigl doesn’t plan on getting pregnant in real life. The actress, who’s engaged to musician Josh Kelley, says she has ruled out pregnancy for herself and plans to look to adoption to start her family.

I’ve always planned to adopt anyway, but that [delivery scene] definitely reinforced mywant to. I’m done with the whole idea of having my own children. [It]doesn’t seem like any fun. I don’t think it’s necessary to go throughall of that.

While she’s never had a real pregnancy scare, Katherine does admit to being paranoid over her cycle, often having "panic attacks" if she’s late.

I’ve always been very, very careful because for me, it’s not somethingI’d want to have just happen. I would like it to be planned. But therehave been those moments where, if I’m just even half a day late, I’mlike, ‘What’s going on?? Noooo!’

Source: USA Today

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Dazzlar on

Ohhh we’ve all been there I bet!!! Nice to see that she is enjoying life at the moment!!!

popi on

I totally understand her scare 🙂
But I am annoyed by “I’m done with the idea of having children of my OWN”, I mean when you adopt the kids are your own too, aren’t they?

Bella on

Wow – that’s one way of putting it! She seems to be a lovely, stable and straight forward person and good on her for knowing what she wants.

Carol on

So, Josh doesn’t have a say in this?? Sounds like Katy has made up ‘their’ minds. Wonder how long this marriage will last?

PSB on

She’s in her 20’s. She may (or may not) change her mind when she’s older. I totally get the desire to adopt, but the biological clock can be pretty loud and persuasive.

I know so many women who didn’t even think they wanted kids who decided that HAD to get pregnant when they hit 38. The fact that she does want kids makes it even less likely that she’s stop with adoption. Look at Angelina–she never wanted bio kids and now she says she wants more of both adopted and bio. (I personally would love to have both)

Also, I really don’t understand how she can base her decision not to have bio kids on a scene in a movie that she herself performed! She doesn’t even know what it’s like to give birth. She scared herself with her own uninformed performance?? LOL.

Heather on

Oh, don’t hang on every word these celebs say, we can all figure out when they ment, as an adoptive mom myself, there are so many things you shouldn’t say and i am sure if everyone around me hung onto every word that came out of my mouth, there would be things that didn’t come out right or just sounded off. We are all human, even Katherine Heigl!

Lauren on

Lol, I definitely understand where she’s coming from. I remember talking with my mom about labor and epidurals when my mom said, “Oh, yeah, they just stick it (the epi) right in your spine and the pain’s all over.” I was like, “WHAT?!!”
And the “my own” children comment obviously wasn’t derogatory or offensive. She was clearly implying that she meant she’s done with the idea of having children that are “her own” biologically.
All that said, I can’t wait to see Knocked Up. It looks hilarious.

kristen on


I think she meant to say biological children–sometimes things don’t come out right when they’re written.

I think it’s very admirable that she wants to adopt children. I WANT (and am having) a child of my own. That’s just my preference, but I think couples who choose to adopt are doing a wonderful thing.

Although they would make beautiful babies…

Meela on

“I don’t think it’s necessary to go through all of that.” That sounds a little silly. Children adopted or biologically conceived all need to be born, so clearly women need to experience child birth hence the need to go through that. She’s reminds me of the women who opt to have a c-section instead of having a vaginal birth just because they don’t want to be inconvenienced.

ekaterina on

as both a birth parent and adpotive parent I will say the birth process was a PICNIC comapired to the adoption and court and legal pocessess involved in adoption.

it bugs me when people think it is the “easier” choice- honey when it comes to kids there is NO easy road-

Berjoui on

Yes, comments like this can be taken out of context which is why these people should be more careful about what they say! RAISING CHILDREN is not always FUN and lasts far longer than childbirth!!!

stephanie on

A lot of people say they “know” they want to experience pregnancy since they were children, why can’t it be the other way around? As for Josh’s say, I really don’t think he should has any say in it. It’s her body, after all. Anyway, they have been together for a while and are engaged, surely they’ve had the conversation.

pink.lioness on

To me it sounds as if Katherine meant the whole thing as a light hearted joke. Apart from that, about having biological kids one day – maybe she will change her mind in years to come, maybe not. It doesn’t really matter. Sharon Stone and Calista Flockhart didn’t give birth either and I’m sure they are good mothers. And Angelina proved to be a wonderful mother long before baby Shiloh…

Sarah on

I don’t see anything wrong with her comment that she doesn’t want to go through all that. A woman has every right to decide what she wants to do with her body.

And to the poster who said that Josh doesn’t get a say in this: If she’s this open with the press about her feelings I’m sure she’s shared it with him as well. And no I don’t think he should get equal say in this, not when he’s getting the easy end of the deal.

Christina on

Yay! More overanalyzing the choices and soundbites of a fellow sister. LAY OFF! Jeez! You just can’t make some women happy unless you proclaim long-lasting, deep-seated desire to birth six thousand babies from your own womb. Everyone with half a brain knows exactly what she meant. Why are women so friggin’ CATTY about the reproductive choices and preferences of other women? She was making a JOKE.

As for me, I was in the room when my best friend was in labor – for 18 hours. My desire to not have a biological child is PLENTY informed. Maybe Katherine Heigl has been in the room when someone gave birth – maybe she’s seen the same National Geographic special I saw in health class of a woman hanging off a rope in a mud hut somewhere in the middle of nowhere giving birth – who knows, and who cares? She’s plugging her movie and she made an off the cuff remark. Lets start second guessing her relationship with her FIANCEE as a result. LOL. Incredible.

Lauren on

I posted already, but to respond to the claim that Katherine is basing her fears of childbirth on an “uninformed performance”-Katherine said in an interview that producers made her go through a crash course on childbirth to prepare for her role, which included watching a graphic video of a woman in labor, after which she says she joked to Josh, “Will you still marry me if I don’t want kids?” She is also a cast member of a medical drama (Grey’s Anatomy) and her character has gone through her share of birthing experiences in addition to giving her own daughter up for adoption. I would hardly call her “uninformed”-does she need to go through the process herself against her will in order for her to be considered informed?
And I agree with Sarah: I’m sure she’s shared her plans and feelings with Josh if she’s willing to share them with the media, so why accuse her of making up her mind for them and insinuating that the marriage won’t last? Some of the overanalyzation here is pretty ridiculous.

Erin on

Why do people assume things? You really don’t think her future husband feels the same way? Come on.

Dawna on

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Just because one has the “equipment,” doesn’t mean one is obliged to use it.

I think Katherine does plan to get pregnant eventually because if she truly was adamant about not getting pregnant she would have taken the medical intervention route (i.e., tubal ligation for her and vasectomy for him).

Anyway, I think it is nice Katherine is publicly saying she plans to adopt. Goodness knows there’s millions of children around the world, many of which are in the USA, that are in need of a loving parent or two.

Richie on

Just some info…Katherine’s sister is adopted and she was there for the birth of her sisters children.

Also these comments were taken from a press junket..and she was joking and laughing when answering these sort of questions again and again. It was meant to be a light hearted discussion about the movie which is a comedy about getting pregnant. People are seriously taking what she had to say far too literally.