Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell in Pregnancy Magazine

05/14/2007 at 12:49 AM ET

Pregnancy_cover_005357_cbbAccess Hollywood host Nancy O’Dell, 41, who is expecting a baby girl with husband Keith Zubchevich in June, is the cover model for the Mother’s Day issue of Pregnancy.  In a six-page spread in the magazine, Nancy models summer pregnancy looks and chats about her pregnancy and daughter-to-be. The new baby will join big brothers Tyler, 11, and Carson, 7, from her husband’s previous marriage. Access Hollywood will air behind the scenes footage of Nancy’s cover shoot this week.

On cravings: I was craving baked beans at the beginning, big time. All of a sudden, if I didn’t have some baked beans, I was going to go crazy. So we went to the store and bought 15 cans, and the craving lasted one day. So now I have 14 cans in my pantry. Also, I was craving animal crackers one time, but they had to be the kind in the circus box.

Surprises about being pregnant: The chivalry that’s out there for pregnant women — everybody’s just so incredibly nice. They’re just willing to help you carry anything. They open up all the doors. The other thing that has surprised me is how many times you have to go up in your bra size. I used to complain that I wanted a little more and a little more. Now I’m like, ‘OK, they can stop now. They don’t need to grow any more.’

Finding out the sex: We’re the kind of people, if somebody gives a gift, we’ve got to open it right then. We just really wanted to know. We have two boys, so we kind of wanted to be able to tell them, so they could prepare a little bit too.


Click below for many more interview highlights and photos — including Nancy’s husband telling her he’ll let her know how to give birth!

Preparations for baby:I’m trying to read the books, and I have my friends telling me, ‘Oh this book is great, and that one is great,’ and other friends saying, ‘Don’t read any books — it will come instinctively.’ I have baby classes lined up, because it’ll be my first time giving birth. My husband says, ‘I know what to do, I’ll tell you what to do.’ But I want to know for myself too, I don’t want to learn on the fly.

Fears about motherhood: I have such a close and great relationship with my mom that sometimes it scares me. I think, ‘How can I possibly live up to this?’ Also, I feel like I don’t know all the little things. I have nephews and I’ve changed diapers a lot, but I feel like I don’t even know how to change a diaper right now.

Feelings during pregnancy: I have felt so good throughout the pregnancy; I’ve had a ton of energy. In the first trimester, I had moments where I would think of certain foods and think, ‘If that comes near me, I’m going to get sick.’ But I never ever physically got sick. I try and make sure that I get eight hours of sleep a night.


Pregnancy’s affect on her job: It’s been really helpful to the job. My boss says, ‘Put Nancy out front right on the red carpet, because everybody’s coming to her.’ They all want to come over and touch your belly or say congratulations. I’ve done Access now for 11 years, so I know all [the celebrities] fairly well. Nobody’s walking past me on the red carpet.

A change in personality: I stick up for my health so much more than I used to. If someone’s doing something that I know is going to interfere with how I feel later in the day, or if I’m concerned about the baby, I do come out like a mother bear. I’m normally very passive and Southern. But it’s just not me I’m taking care of anymore; there’s another human being in here, and if I need to go get my lunch, I’m going to get my lunch!

What kind of mom Nancy wants to be: I want to be a very, very involved mom with a child that knows I love them more than they can possibly imagine. That’s how it was with my mom.


On help from mom: My mom is my best woman friend, by far. I call her with every little piece of news I have. I get her feedback on everything. I know she has total unconditional love. I never in my life have felt like my parents were not there for me. I want my child to feel like I’m always there for them, no matter what.

Pregnancy’s affect on her marriage: It’s funny how your priorities shift a little bit when you do become pregnant. My priorities definitely shifted when I married my husband, who is the most wonderful man in the world. I’ve come full circle. Keith is such a wonderful man, and my stepsons are just unbelievably great kids, and I have a great career. On top of that, having a child is what makes me feel like, ‘OK, life is finally complete. I’m in exactly the right place.’


Source: Pregnancy Magazine Mother’s Day Issue

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Sophie on

What the!? Didn’t someone else have the EXACTLY same cravings? Who?!

Kresta on

For a 41-year-old pregnant woman, she looks just stunning.

MMB on

I think she had reported those earlier.
Reported what?

gianna on

She looks younger than 41, and looks great pregnant. She seems so excited, can’t wait to see her new girl.

Kaywil on

About chivalry and people being so incredibly nice to her: It’s because she’s 40+. I have spoken to several mothers who had the same experience I had where people didn’t open the doors for them because they either dared to get married in their 20s and have kids, or they were in their mid 30s but still looked to be in their 20s. Hollywood has set the trend for 40-year-olds having kids – now it looks strange to people when younger women have kids. Sad, but true. It’s like I have to yell “NO, I am not a teenage mother!!” And even if I was, should I be so ill treated? Sad!

Sheri on

I’m surprised she didn’t mention what it’s like being middle-aged and pregnant b/c alot of women are going to think it’s easy to get pregnant at 41. She looks great but there’s probably alot make up and airbrushing going but those boots and dressrt she has on are hot!

AllAngela on

I don’t think that the age of the mom-to-be has anything to do with chivalry. I am 31, almost seven months pregnant with my first child, and I look like I’m in my early to mid 20s. People have been so helpful to me – men, women and kids. It’s been wonderful. And so far I’ve received the best treatment from perfect strangers in NYC.

Joe Pinner on

Having known Nancy from the time she was Miss South Carolina to her wanting to make an audition tape for a “possible” career in television to her resounding success now, I say “Wunderbar”, “Congratulations!” Joe Pinner WIS-TV Columbia, SC

KarenC on

She is just so pretty.

It is funny that she had to have the animal
crackers in a circus box.

Diana on

Yeah I don’t agree that the chivalry is just because she is 41, I am 26 and people have been awesome to me being pregnant. Now I haven’t really had the experience yet of strangers being extra nice to me because I would guess that they wouldn’t know I’m pregnant yet, but people that I am not close with that know I am pregnant have been really really nice. Maybe once I am obviously showing to strangers I would receive a different response since I am often mistaken for 18.

Anyway Nancy looks amazing!

Kathrine on

To “Kresta” –

“For a 41 year old pregnant woman, she looks good” — ? How old are you, 15? Though 41 is a bit older to be pregnant (though definitely possible), it certainly is NOT old, and being pregnant also does not make women look bad – it makes them look beautiful. So your comment makes no sense whatsoever.

Linda Myers on

I enjoyed reading Nancy’s comments about her relationship with her Mom. I had the joy of being on a cruise last year with Nancy’s parents and aunt and uncle and really enjoyed getting to know her family. They are made of “the right stuff” to give her a good sound foundation to help her in building her own family.

Beautiful lady!