Britney Spears and Sean Preston at Millennium dance studio

05/09/2007 at 12:54 AM ET

Classicsportshoes_1948_62899828Britney Spears, 25, and her son Sean Preston, 19 months, were spotted leaving Millennium dance studio on Tuesday afternoon. More photos at x17online. Sean wears Knuckleheads button down in rockabilly baby blue ($38) and Converse All Stars in white/carolina ($22).


Image by INF Photo.

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Christina on

What the hell is Britney wearing? And he actually looks like his father… Lets hope he doesnt get her style or bad ways!!

Eleonora on

Oh he is getting so big!!!Very cute!

Autumn on

No offense to Britney, but with that outfit on, while holding her baby, for me the Metallica video for “Turn The Page” comes to mind…

Rii on

Good to see her with at least one of her kids. Though Sean Preston looks a bit awkward and stiff on her arms.

Britney Fan on

Awww sean preston looks so cute!! He looks like he has just woking up. Hes so adorable its nice to see Britney looking so happy. I love his shoes. Please post more pics of Britney and sean.

Jennifer on

He looks so different but he still is an adorable little boy. I would love to see what little Jayden looks like. Britney well she……..never mind.

Melissa 7/7/78 on

Whoa. That’s Sean Preston? He looks so different! Still cute though!!

crazytalk23 on

you know, there is one thing about brit that i wish she could keep going – her nails! they look lovely today and other days they are a bloody mess (literally) where she’s chewed them or peeled off her acrylics. hands really tell you something about how a person takes care of themselves!

SPF is getting big! i wish we could see the other one!!

LaMama on

Sean is losing his baby fat and starting to look like a little boy. Cute!

I still don’t understand why she’s keeping Jayden under wraps after 8 months.

Sarah on

Wow! He looks completely different!! But still totally adorable!! And Britney looks good too. Cant wait to see Jayden.

Ashley on

I can understand why she might keep Jayden under wraps. When Lucy Lawless (Xena Warrior Princess) gave birth to her second son and third child, she decided she didn’t want the press taking pictures of her children, because of the latest kidnapping stories around New Zealand. Well, her daughter was often photographed, because she was already in her mid-teens, but the boys were still tiny. Though, in this case, that wouldn’t speak for why Sean’s always out, and Jayden’s at home. Perhaps she’s just worried about what might happen if she takes them both out, considering what happened when the paparazzi got too close, and she nearly fell down with Sean when he was still pretty little.

Layla & Finn's Mommy on

I’m worried that we don’t see her with Jayden because of something more serious. We have all heard about her PPD and it seems from her comments after rehab that she hasn’t really dealt with it. Maybe she has yet to bond with Jayden and dose not want to be around him because of the PPD. I have seen this happen to women I know. Their second child is born but they wish they only had the first. That can be a major part of PPD.

gabriella on

Sean looks so different than he did a few months ago. He looks just like Britney though, and his hair got darker. Very weird she never showed Jayden even the most private celebrities are seen out once or twice with a baby, especially when the child is 8 months already. Doesn’t make sense how Sean can be showed constantly but Jayden isn’t, wonder if health wise Jayden is ok you never know.

leigha on

Sean does look completly different, but Why is Britney always in that outfit?

estherpanda on

This little boy is adorable but Britney… she’s despertaly looking for attention and it’s quite pitiful ! I really hope that someone is helping her with the kids..

Devon on

Sean looks just like Britney! He’s a gorgeous little boy.

As for Jayden, I’m not sure what I think the story is there, hopefully he’s alright and that Britney is just being cautious with him. Perhaps she is waiting until her divorce is final (can’t remember if it is or not) so K-Fed cannot try and get anymore money of her.

TracyG on

He’s a cutie…

I’m guessing Britney is wearing that outfit because she just came from a dance studio? Rehearsal maybe?

I too, wonder about her PPD. I don’t think though that she’d even be interested in SP with just makes you want to get away from ALL your kids (trust me, I had it for a bit it was AWFUL!)

I’m in the camp that says maybe she learned her lesson bringing SP out very young and all the crap that she endured with the fall, the driving incident and the highchair thing and just decided to not show the world JJ until he’s older. Or maybe, like someone else said, JJ has a medical issue?

J.M. on

I agree with Tracey maybe she’s afraid that she’ll get caught accidentally having a mishap with the other baby. So she figures if the baby is never out she can’t be harrassed. And SP does look different but still cute.

J. on

Does anyone know the actor David Morse? He’s publicly made it known that he doesn’t want his kids photographed; because he’s the celebrity, not his kids. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of his children, and no one complains about that!

Layla & Finn's Mommy on

I just want to add that I don’t think there is any validity to the argument that she wants to keep JJ out of the press. If that were true she would keep SP out of view as well. What difference does it make if we have seen SP before? The photogs don’t harass her any less because they have seen him before. If she wanted to keep her kids out of it she would keep them BOTH out of it. I really don’t think that is what is going on here.

Oh, and I currently have PPD and it IS NOT the same for everyone. I hate to admit it but, when I am not on the medication, I would much rather spend time with my oldest. It does not always make you want to get away from all of your children. For me it makes me feel like our new son is an intrusion into what use to be a perfect life with our daughter. (This is hard for me to say here so please no bashing as it is an illness I am being treated for and not under my control.)

Josh on

Yup, have 2 admit Sean and Britney 2gethr is a sweet image~~

ang on

yup brit’s been dancing that’s why she’s wearing that i reckon….

ps.good luck to ya layla & finn’s mommy-i don’t have kids but i’ve heard it can be scary. is brooke shields’ book helping at all?

Bella on

Sean is very cute. He looks so much older with all that hair!

I am very interested in seeing Jayden photos as well but I think that Britney is just keeping him out of the public eye until he is a little older. Besides it would be hard to be out with both a 19 month old and an 8 month old – especially being constantly surrounded by photographers as she is. They practically stalk her!

Layla & Finn’s Mommy – I think that what you have written is very honest and you don’t need to justify your feelings. If anyone was intending to ‘bash’ you for writing it, they just don’t understand the condition – their problem, not yours. I wish you the very best.

TwinMom24 on

Layla and Finn’s Mommy, my heart goes out to you. I think I have some idea of what you’re going through. When I had my twins 6 years ago, I think I went through some degree of PPD, although I was too ashamed to go and seek help for it. Good for you for getting help! And good luck. 🙂

me on

J. –

I would think since hardly anyone knows who David Morse is, no one really cares if his kids get photographed, no offense. Britney’s fame is on an another level.

Imagine if Gwen Stefani or Jennifer Garner said they didn’t want any pictures of their kids taken, do you think the paparazzi would comply. I don’t think so. They’d still take pictures of their kids because there is a demand for them.

Lola on

A mother shouldn’t dress like that.

ann on

I think Jayden is fine. There were some grainy pictures of him months ago, and he looked like any other baby. Sean is not out that often either. But he’s older and I’m sure likes to get out and play more. She’s dancing that’s what she’s wearing that. She’s going from the dance studio to the car. I don’t think it matters as long as she seems to be living a clean life. She seems to back on track and I hope things are working out for her.

Layla & Finn's Mommy on

Thank you all for your kind comments.

ang- I have yet to read the book but I am planning to. Finn is just 4 1/2 weeks old and it’s been so crazy. I have zero time to do anything. I am lucky if I get a shower (I know, ICK).

brattyfemme on

I want to know why Brittany never takes Jayden out in public that is ridiculous not spending time with the new baby,she is such an unfit mother if she only spends it all with Sean Preston them kids deserve a better life then with her,she’s beautiful but I really don’t like her

lyly on

I think Sean is very cute. Brit’s getting back…and her outfit is only ‘cos she’s leaving a dance studio that’s all. ‘A mother shouldn’t dress like that.-Lola’ I think she’s only doin’ her job. Don’t be so stupid please.