Rumor: Melanie Brown requests child support

05/01/2007 at 08:29 PM ET

The Sun is reporting that former Spice Girl Melanie Brown is seeking child support from Eddie Murphy, her ex boyfriend and the man she says fathered her nearly one-month-old daughter, Angel Iris, in the amount of £3,000 ($5,847) a month.  She also reportedly wants the comedian to buy her a house.The magazine adds that the former singer is considering doing a tell-all interview, because she says a major show in the U.S. has shown interest.

Source: The Sun


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HilaryHilary on

Hmm, I wonder how true this is? 3,000 pounds a month really isn’t that much for someone like Eddie Murphy.

lilkunta on

CBB it would be nice it u all would convert for us.

I think dollar is worth dbl(2x the amount) lbs . . or is it Euros?

3000 lbs is $6,000 dollars monthly right?

Ivy on

soooo has eddie murphy been proven to be the father?

Simone on

What about a about a paternity test first since Mr.Murphy doesn’t believe the little girl is his and then go from there???

A lot of mothers would be happy to get any child support at all…I would never request a specific amount regardless on how much the father makes or has.

I hope this is false b/c this doesn’t sound like a woman that has nothing but love for her child’s father.

Lorus on

I think she’ll wait until the paternity test is out of the way. No point in going after child support if the “father” is disputing paternity. Plus she’ll get a heck of a lot more than that if this does end up going through the courts.

Gesine on

If it´s true I think she wants to speed up the paterny test a bit…. if so much money is involved Eddie will finally come up with the necessary “samples”…. 🙂

madison on

Let’s just say this story is true, and he is the father – sounds like a pretty good deal to me. A house and close to $6K a month? It’s child support, not alimony. And I’m sure that would be just the start since the baby is just an infant now – plenty of expenses to come later that I’m sure he would be on the hook for. $6K a month to financially support an infant in my opinion is fair – but maybe I’m crazy.

giedre on

it looks like she had a baby with rich and famous person to make money,it is very cheap.she must be desperate for money.

She’s rich and and famous herself – I doubt she needs his money!Sounds like she’s just trying to make sure he acknowledges the baby.

sarawara on

I agree. She’s well off in her own right. She’s not a gold digger. She and Eddie were together until he left her to begin dating Tracey Edmonds, ex-wife of Kenneth Baby-face Edmonds, and then publicly humiliated her by incinuating that she was with more than one man. She is trying to prove a point. Regardless of that, if Iris is his baby he needs to provide for her and Melanie. Period.

sweetdiva on

This story doesn’t ring true to me. Don’t know the rate in CA, but in NY the support rate is at least 17% of the non-custodial parent’s salary (unless they can prove indigent).
Most moms don’t put in a specific request for a home unless they are unable to provide one for their child. A house, Mel? Come on already!
Mel doesn’t strike me as the gold digging kind. Seems like an improbable rumor…kind of like the one floating around that Eddie Murphy had a vasectomy after the last baby? Possible but not very likely.