Larry and Dannielynn Birkhead back in the US

05/01/2007 at 11:13 AM ET

Larry Birkhead and his daughter Dannielynn Hope, 7 1/2 months, arrived in Fort Lauderdale, FL, at 10:30 am after leaving the Bahamas this morning.

Besides the legal issues, it’s been a tough week for Larry, as Dannielynn has been teething. She’s been drooling up a storm, but her two bottom teeth have come in, and Larry thinks he sees a top one ready to poke through.

Source: Access Hollywood

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brass on

I really really hope he’s excited to be her daddy and is not using her for his fame and her money. I hope it’s genuine. That little girl has been thru enough already…she needs stability and TONS of love!

Lisa on

Don’t worry, I think Larry’s totally going to rock as a father, he has been fighting way too long and hard for her. I’m so glad they are back, I bet his family cannot wait to meet her. I do wish he would stay in Louisville though, that is my hometown and its beautiful there.

pink.lioness on

I’m so happy for Dannielynn and for Larry. I’m sure Larry will be a terrific dad!

preesi on

Video of them taking off here

Yonni on

Wow…now that we can see more of little Dannielynn you can see that she really does look a lot like Larry. I really hope for the best, and wish them a lot of happiness because the poor little baby has been through more than she even knows already.I truly hope and pray that Anna and Daniel watch over her from above.

Natalie on

I am very happy for them both. I am glad that they are together. It seems like a long road ahead of them but I think that Larry will be a great dad and he really loves her more than anything. I truly believe he loved Anna just as much too!

Jennie on

the media is going to be crazy here in louisville today thats for sure!

Summer on

I’m glad he got his daughter in the end. He is already a great father he fought for her more then a lot of single fathers. I feel a bit sorry for Howard K. Stern I don’t agree with everything he has done but in the end he did the right thing. I hope Larry lets him still visit Dannielynn..

Marissa on

I’m still not too sure about him. Only days after it was confirmed he’s her Dad, he has a photo shoot done with the baby and her picture is plastered in a magazine. The first day she’s in his custody, he’s posing for the paps. I know alot of people don’t like Howard, but in the aftermath of Anna’s death, we did not see the baby at ALL. He kept her out of the spotlight, which is probably best for her at the moment. I’m not too sure about Larry’s motives yet…but maybe I’m the only one.

J.M. on

I think anyone who comes into Dannielynn’s life is going to be questioned about their motives. The difference with Larry is he said all along he was the daddy and he fought for the baby way before Anna’s death and even Daniels. He knew deep in his heart he fathered that child. I think he’ll be a great dad and we have to give him that chance. I too wasn’t thrilled with the photoshoot. I thought after all this he should just run away with that baby and try to keep her out of the spotlight but maybe he was just having a proud daddy moment and wanted to show her off to the world. But the truth is…who really cares?! Not to sound insensitive but this has been an on going case for months and I’m glad it’s somewhat over with. All these people just trying to get in the media (Vergie, Howard, etc). I hope Larry takes Dannielynn, secludes her somewhat from the harsh celeb world, and tries to give her a somewhat of a normal lifestyle.

Carrie Jo on

Isn’t Larry a photographer? It would make sense that considering his own profession he would be a lot more open to having photos taken of himself and Dannielynn.

Summer on

Also with all his legel bills I’m sure he is going to need that money. I’m not sure how much a photographer makes but probably not enough for all his bills.

Kristie H on

It was just on our local news here about larry birkhead arriving in louisville around 1pm today. I am so thrilled he has brought her to his home state, so she can meet her Kentucky grandparents 🙂 I live about a hour and a half away from louisville.. I am sooo happy for him…and I wish the best to him and his sweet beautiful daughter Dannielynn!

sarah on

I’m glad he did the photoshoot with her. I think it was great for the both of them. He has fought since Anna first said she was prego, he’s been saying it since the beginning. If he had not done a photo shoot people would speculate that he isn’t caring for her, yada yada yada. It’s great to see a man fight so hard and be so proud of a child, if only all the other men in this world wanted their children that bad. Yes celeb life is harsh, but compared to everything else in their lil world right now, a few camaras dont seem that bad. Good for them, and Good luck to them. How cute that he is talking about her teething, such a Mommy thing to do.

Happy for M & P on

I see a lot of his features in Dannielyn. She is so cute.

pink.lioness on

The photoshoot wasn’t such a bad idea. I imagine Larry was so thrilled with finally getting his baby that he just wanted to show her off for everyone to see, like ‘look, that’s my baby, here she is and she is mine, like there was ever a doubt and see, she looks just like me, and the whole world shall know how proud I am to be her daddy’!

I’m sure now they got that photoshoot ‘out of the way’, he can concentrate on getting to know his baby daughter – away from the media – and on being the best daddy in the world to her.

Natalie on

YAY!! i’m so happy for those two! it’s about time!

and good luck to daddy Larry with the teething lol