Giveaway: Win Elvis Costello's re-released albums!

05/01/2007 at 07:20 AM ET

Ecbo4approval10000_cbbEcrr_cover4approval1_cbbUniversal Music Entertainment presents the release of The Best of Elvis Costello: The First 10 Years and Rock & Roll Music today. The two albums are rock-themed collection of hits, key album tracks, b-sides and previously unreleased rarities. New papa Elvis Costello‘s first 11 original albums are also now available digitally, marking the first time they will be available for digital downloads and mobile tones. These 11 original albums will be available for download exclusively on   Elvis Costello & The Attractions for 30 days before they are made available to all the online partners. The albums will also be released in their original versions as digipaks with booklets and obie sleeves.

You can buy The Best of Elvis Costello: The First 10 Years and Rock & Roll Music at Amazon right now.

Two lucky Celebrity Baby Blog Readers will be able to win Elvis Costello’s albums.  One newbie Elvis Costello fan will win The Best of Elvis Costello: The First 10 Years and Rock & Roll Music and one diehard Elvis Costello fan will win his first 11 albums. Giveaway ends Thursday, May 3rd at 5 pm.

To enter to win The First 10 Years and Rock & Roll Music:
Post a comment with your real email address and why you want to win. (If you don’t want your email displayed, enter a website in the URL box.)

To enter the win the first 11 albums:
Post a comment with your real email address and the name of your favorite Elvis Costello song. (If you don’t want your email displayed, enter a website in the URL box.)

Not sure if you like Elvis?  Listen to his classics:

Alison Windows Media Real Audio
What’s So Funny ’bout Peace Love & Understanding Windows Media Real Audio

The releases come in conjunction with Costello & the Imposters ten city tour presented by Visa Signature®, spanning from the House of Blues in Los Angeles to the Nokia Theatre in New York City. Click Continue Reading to see if Elvis Costello will be playing in a venue near you.

The tour kicks off on May 2, 2007, with performances throughout the month.  For tickets and information about Visa Signature benefits associated with the tour please visit

Visa Signature Tour Dates:
Wed     May 2         House of Blues       West Hollywood, CA
Thu      May 3         Warfield,                 San Francisco, CA
Sun       May 6         The Filmore,            Denver, CO
Tue      May 8         The Myth                Minneapolis, MN
Wed     May 9         House of Blues       Chicago, IL
Fri        May 11       The State Theatre   Detroit, MI
Tue      May 15       Avalon                    Boston, MA
Wed     May 16       Nokia                     New York, NY
Fri        May 18       9:30                        Washington, DC
Sat       May 19       Electric Factory       Philadelphia, PA

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Natalie H on

I would love to win this album. I love his music!!!

Chris Wright on

Man Out of Time

Liza on

I want it!
Elvis Costello’s music takes me back to a simple, fun, exciting time of my youth. My favorites include:
Radio, Radio
Everyday I write the Book (loved that video on night tracks!)
Watching the Detectives
What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love, and Understanding
If you haven’t seen 200 Cigarettes it is a must. There is an awesome Elvis Costello theme throughout and when Martha Plimpton licks his cool glasses I can relate.
Plus, he is married to Diana Krall.
Totally the coolest music.
I want that album!

Jay Nagy on

My favorite Elvis Costello song is “Black & White World”.

Sarah F. on

I would love to win this!

My husband and I are huge Elvis fans. When we first started dating he made me a mix tape (haha!) with Elvis Costello’s “I want you” on it. I remember feeling it was such a passionate and intense song, which is how the beginning of a relationship is, right?

At our wedding, we danced to Elvis Costello as well as Diana Krall.

When we were 4 mos. pregnant with our daughter, we went to an Elvis show (the last concert we’ve been to other than the Doodlebops) and she was kicking the whole time! =)

amber on

Watching the Detectives is my all-time favorite song.

lily on

any time i hear ‘angels wanna wear my red shoes’ or ‘alison’ i flash back to being a kid in my dad’s wood paneled station wagon. he used to offer me a dollar if i could find and sing the baselines in songs. elvis costello will always be one of my favorite musicians because of the intense connection his songs have with my childhood. i would love to win these cds.

Lisa on

I love Elvis Costello!! I want to win all his albums. I can’t narrow it down to one favorite – some of my favorites are:

Brilliant Mistake

Pump it Up

Watching the Dectectives

I absolutely love his music and my 17 month old daughter does too – she claps her hands in the car when I play him!

K. Lyn Baker on

I Want You

Haley Zol on

My all time favorite is probably New Amsterdam, followed closely by Talking In The Dark.

Shana Chacko on

I LOVE Elvis Costello – he is my all time favorite singer! I am pregnant right now & if it’s a boy, Declan (Elvis’s real first name) is a serious contender. It’s hard to choose a favorite but if I had to pick one, I’d say “Almost Blue” is mine. I also love Shipbuilding, Accidents will Happen, I Want You, The Only Flame, Tart, and covers like She, A Good Year for the Roses.

Do you know that Napolean Dynamite was actually a pseudonym that Elvis Costello used on the B side of one of this albums?


joss on

my favorite elvis costello song is “mystery dance,” a very early song he did. i love how writerly his lyrics are, his exploration with angst, contradiction, gentleness and anger, and how he’s evolved from a young rocker kid to a successful musician. he’s just great!

Allison Croce on

I want to win because I love Elvis Costello. My favorite song is Alison, because that is my name and I loved hearing my name in a song growing up.

Allison C.

Lauren R. on

I love Elvis Costello and have loved him for 30+ years now. I named my older daughter after him. She (and now my 2nd daughter) both have been humming along to him since being in utero…My older daughter sang a child version of Deep Dark Truthful mirror at 10 mos. As for my favorite, the list is so long. Angels wanna wear my red shoes or the spike record, maybe 7 day weekend, maybe Oliver’s Army. Also love the scarlet tide and god give me strength. Love how he has evolved as a musician and continues to create. Will see him on May 16th!

Ryan Johnson on

My favorite Elvis Costello song is “Rocking Horse Road” off the 1994 album Brutal Youth. But my favorite song off of the first eleven albums is, hands down, “Beyond Belief” from Imperial Bedroom. There are a LOT of runner-ups, though….

Matthew on

My favorite song? “Uncomplicated”

It’s me and my girlfriend’s song for four great years now. Elvis was the first artist I got her into – we’ve been trying to afford these awesome re-releases ever since!

Pamela on

I am a HUGE fan of Elvis!

We had such a hard time choosing which song to use for our wedding, because there were so many Elvis songs that were so romantic and really spoke to us. We ended up using “She”, because it was used in the movie Notting Hill, and my husband is English (and I’m American). That coincidence made a hard decision easy.

Natalie on

My favorite Elvis Costello song is I Hope You’re Happy Now. I also love his cover of Burt Bacharach’s I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself.

Jeff on

I have been a huge (at times, fanatic) Elvis fan for going on 30 years. It is impossible to pick a single song–or even album!–that is my favorite, but for the sake of this contest I will name THE BEAT, from This Year’s : a haunting, melodic track that is too often overlooked amidst the other more famous and celebrated songs on that classic record.

Jayne on

The best Elvis Costello song? Difficult to choose between Alison, Radio Radio, Watching the Detective…

Kenton Hall on

Elvis Costello’s music hit me when I was 15 years old and I bought a cassette of Mighty Like A Rose. Halfway through “Invasion Hit Parade” I suddently knew that 1) it was okay to be smart, angry and bewildered by the world around you and 2) what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

The path of my life was changed by Elvis Costello. And the music… well the music saw me through depression, divorce, raising children, screwing up royally in seventeen directions at once and also soundtracked the manic dad-dancing I indulge in when I’m happy.

Favourite song? Impossible.

My favourite at the moment is “Bedlam” from The Delivery Man.

Kenton Hall

ward on

New Lace Sleeves

Chuck on

Favorite EC song is:

Oliver’s Army

Scott on

No Action.

Jason on

Just one favorite song? Can it be done?

“Sulky Girl” is an epic… The whole ‘Get Happy!!’ album plays in my head like one fantastic rollicking tune… And “I’m Not Angry” kicks major booty…

Today I’ll say my favorite is “Brilliant Mistake” [As featured on the new Hip-O Records reissue ‘King Of America’! ­čÖé ]

Thanks for this contest! When does it end?

Today at 5 pm!

Heather on

Everyday I Write the Book.

elaine on

favorite song: radio, radio
close second: everyday i write the book (because it has quite possibly the most brilliant lyrics EVER)