Britney Spears and Sean at dance studio yesterday

05/01/2007 at 05:19 AM ET

Britney Spears took her older son, Sean Preston, 19 months, with her to the Millennium Dance studio yesterday. Also with them, is Britney’s constant companion, cousin Allie. Little Jayden James, 7 months, was left at home.

3034242597pSean Preston wears Polo Ralph Lauren Kids Sail EZ Canvas ($35), and Knuckleheads rockabilly paisley shirt ($29).


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amy on

does anyone else think he needs a haircut?

ann on

Poor little guy looks sleepy. So cute. His hair is a bit long. Though I kind of want her to let it grow long. Kevin had long hair for a while…. I can imagine the complaints though.

pink.lioness on

It’s great that Britney spends time with Sean, but what about Jayden? If I had my children for only three days every week, I’d want to spend every second of that time with them…

Jessica on

It would be nice to see her holding her children herself. It seems they are always in the arms of someone else. Like they’re just tagging along. My husband and I can never get enough of holding our little girl (before she wants down!). Something has always bothered my about Britney when it comes to her children and I can never quite put my finger on it.

melissa on

The three days a week is tabloid rumors from Star magazine. Not even a GOOD tabloid. I don’t know why people are so quick to believe everything they ever read. Nobody knows the custody arrangement, but considering TMZ says she would eventually get the bulk of physical custody even though she’s sharing custody with Kevin and they are half way reliable I’d go with them over STAR. It’s obviously looking that way since she’s taking the kids out more.

People need to stop picking her apart. This is 2 minutes of her day with the kids and you think she never holds her kids. Sickening.

LaMama on

I agree with pink.lioness. It’s almost as if the kids are an inconvenience to her. It would be nice to see her be a little more of a normal mother like Jennifer, Brooke or Heidi. Those women value their careers, but the children come first. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see Britney put those beautiful boys above herself for a change.

madison on

I’m with Melissa – these pictures (all of them on this blog, not just the ones in this post) only represent a quick snapshot of their day. For all we know, the other moms who seem to spend more time with their kids – they may hold them while in public and hand them off to a nanny at home. Unless we are with them all day, I don’t think we can judge who are the attentive moms and who aren’t.

tink1217 on

more britney bashing I see. I saw pics just a few days ago of britney carrying Sean. AND with Jayden in his car seat. Give me a break people! This girl could save the world and people would still find fault with her. I am glad she is getting her career back on track AND spending time with her kiddos. The kids look great and they also look happy. None of us know what its like to be in her world. Why don’t people stop hating her and start HOPING she continues on her new path. Maybe someday soon when she is “sober” for awhile she will get the kids more often. As far as I am concerned Kevin parties more than Britney does and always has.

TwinMom24 on

Amy, I’ll tell you who needs a haircut. Kate Hudson’s son Ryder. Every time I see him, I think it’s a girl.

Sean Preston is so cute, IMO. I agree with the other posters who said you’re only getting a brief snapshot of Britney’s day.

And so what if other people carry her kids? Like someone said, maybe these other so-called “hands-on” celeb moms hand their babies off to nannies behind closed doors.