Amanda Peet's pre-flight pump

05/01/2007 at 09:35 PM ET

Amanda Peet appeared on Live with Regis and Kelly on Monday, but itwasn’t an easy trip to the set in New York for her. Her daughter,Frances Pen, 2 months, with husband David Benioff, accompanied her, andit was a flight Amanda will never forget.

The actress recounted the pre-boarding experience of breast pumpingby the sinks in the public restroom in front of everyone and evenimitated the sound of the suction along with Kelly Ripa, much to Regis Philbin‘s embarrassment. Once on theplane, things didn’t get easier as she had to endure Frances’ uneasytemperament. Amanda ended up spending the majority of the flightwalking up and down the aisle lugging Frances in a sling or Baby Bjorn.

Amanda also discussed her one pregnancy craving — peas. ‘I needed to have pears. Little green peas with butter and salt. Out of nowhere, I started coming home asking, ‘Do we have any peas?’ And then it would be me racing home, like, "Where are the peas?!?’ But I was told peas affect the baby’s gas [through breastfeeding], so I stopped eating them.’

Source: Angela at Breastfeeding123

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Karen on

Why didn’t she just nurse the baby instead of pumping in public?

sarawara on

That’s just wrong, that we breastfeeding moms have nowhere to go but a bathroom to pump or nurse. No wonder so many moms, especially working moms, resort to formula 😦 Hats off to you, Amanda Peet, for doing what’s best for Frances.

Kat on

I’ve breastfed and bottlefed and honestly, with either method, I never saw the need to go anywhere unless it was to sit in a chair I preferred or something… and I certainly never pumped instead of feeding my baby.

However, remember how she said that Frances was having projectile vomiting?

She may be having reflux.

In some cases of severe reflux, they will recommend trying to pump and feed by bottle to reduce the gas.

Unfortunately, for my niece (how I know this is a recommendation sometimes), who is 5yrs younger than myself and her firstborn, that wasn’t enough and her baby didn’t stop throwing up her feedings until she started adding Enfamil AR (a special formula for reflux babies)… and even then, the spitting wasn’t manageable until she was also using a reflux medicine, pain medicine, and had stopped breastfeeding (the formula worked better)

So I wonder if maybe Frances Pen’s reflux is why.

OR maybe she was pumping after the baby’s feeding…

However, I do not feel she should have needed to go to the bathroom to pump, for whatever reason… she should have been able to do that right in her seat.