Tina Fey talks about Alice's birth

04/30/2007 at 11:15 PM ET

Tina Fey had quite the ride to the hospital en route to giving birth toher daughter, Alice Zenobia, now 19 1/2 months, with husband JeffRichmond.

I ended up on all fours in the back of a taxi with my husband on the way to the hospital.

Thoughthat sounds crazy, Tina says the birth itself went along smoothly,thanks to the help of Stadol, a narcotic generally used to reduce pain,and an epidural, which are the first drugs the comedienne has evertaken.

I had a very lucky and good experience. Once I got in the hospital, Ivery quickly accepted Stadol, which is a narcotic. A lot of women wouldsay it’s bad to do that because you are giving your baby a narcotic.But she’s fine. She’s really, really fine. When I woke up, somehow Iwas almost completely dilated and the nurses were congratulating me.Then I had an epidural, and I was lucky that it was a good one andeffective. I always knew I wanted an epidural. I am not a daredevil. Ihad lived a drug-free life until that moment. I had never done anyrecreational drugs, and I felt like I had saved them all up for themoment when that baby was coming.

Previouslya "drug virgin" because she heeded Nancy Reagan‘s advice to abstainfrom them, Tina wants Alice to know that important little fact.

I have had surgeries before when I’ve been unconscious, but I havenever used any kind of recreational drug. I want to be on record sayingthis, so my daughter can see it one day in the future. I have neverdone any drugs! I am extremely square and obedient in nature!

Tina says it’s been hard working on 30 Rock and being a mom, but she’s lucky she’s able to bring Alice to the set.

I try to have Alice visit the set 1 or 2 days a week, which is nice.She comes for a couple of hours at lunchtime. It’s good, but in someways I feel bad because I look around at the crew, and their kids haveto stay at home in day care. So I feel a little bit like a spoiled brat.

Source: Women’s Health

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