Alexa Ray Joel fires back at Perez Hilton

04/30/2007 at 11:05 PM ET
Update: Alexa has released a statement to Us Weekly, saying,

To paraphrase my father, he always said: ‘don’t take any crap fromanybody.’ I’ve had a lot of people advise me in this industry to get athicker skin and turn a blind eye to the vicious trends of the tabloidpublications and blog-sites, and their dangerous effects on youngwomen, and society in general. But if I were to follow their advice,and do nothing, I feel I would only be perpetuating something which Ibelieve to be fundamentally wrong. I stand by my original posting.

Originally posted May 1st at 12:05 am:Aspiring singer Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy and ChristieBrinkley, has responded to a recent post by Perez Hilton on Alexa,which maligned the 21-year-old’s looks, saying she’s "not bad,actually, just no supermodel." Alexa addressed the issue in her latestMySpace blog, venting her frustration with Perez, the mediaperpetuating a "supermodel" appearance and assuring that she’scomfortable with her "exotic" features.

I know it’s ridiculous, and I should have a thicker skin by nowand just plain NOT CARE, but I can’t help but be a little bummed outbecause the incredibly cruel, bullying Perez Hilton (this tabloid guywho calls himself the ‘queen of media’) just put up a horrible pictureof me on his site and basically in so many words called me ugly, orrather, wrote that I’m ‘not that bad, actually, I’m just nosupermodel’…
I just feel like saying: ‘YES, my mom and I look completelydifferent, and I’m OK with that. I like that I look unique, or more’exotic’–I don’t want to look like everybody else, and I also don’twant to look like a supermodel–I just want to look like ME!’
…I’m just so OVER being compared to my mom looks-wise! I’mhappy to have a lot of my father’s features (especially his eyes andlips)–I think he’s very handsome, and I’m quite sick of hearing peoplecall HIM ugly–I think he has a very soulful face–the face of someonewith character and integrity–who has LIVED, and has somethingimportant to say.
What hurt Alexa even more was when she stumbled upon another postdissecting her sister Sailor Lee Cook, 8, and she hates that ithas gradually become more commonplace for the media to "trash publicfigures (and their children) and call them all sorts of names JUST FORTHE HECK OF IT."
There was even some blogger on there picking a part the appearanceof my 8 year-old sister–it made me sick to my stomach to see that. She’sjust a little girl–and she’s my adorable, beautiful little sister! Icried my eyes out when I saw that, I was so disgusted.
Alexa also adds that her boyfriend adores her imperfections anddoesn’t understand why they’re not appreciated by the media, especiallywhen her mom doesn’t look like a "supermodel" 24/7.

…So if these imperfections are what our partners end up growing to loveso much about us, why isn’t this celebrated as a natural, human truth?Why is it hidden, and replaced with this false truth that everybody’ssupposed to aspire to look like a ‘supermodel’ (whatever looking like asuper-model entails–I have no clue). When my mom saw that Perez Hilton thing, she was like, ‘OK, what’s hispoint?–I have hundreds of bad pictures taken of me, and I’m asupermodel! Should I release them to the media so everyone can see thatNOBODY is perfect?’ (I love her for that).

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Meghan on

What a Beautiful and Intelligent young woman! Her parents must be so proud. Perez Hilton needs to look in the Mirror because he’s no Beauty! he’s a chubby little toad who wears make-up and idolizes Paris Hilton…need I say more about what a loser he is…I think not!

mollie on

Amen, to Ms Joel. Unlike talentless famewhores like Nicole Richie, this celebrity offspring has talent and is working her arse off to achieve success in her chosen line of work – music.

She doesn’t fall out of clubs drunk wearing no undies, she doesn’t rely on her parent’s fame, she works hard for what she loves, which is more than I can say for Parisite Hiltonm, etc

LaMama on

I think Alexa is beautiful. How horrible to be compared to your supermodel mother all the time! Alexa is a very mature and sensitive girl and I’m glad her parents’ raised her to embrace her individuality. Go Alexa!

Megan on

Good for her. I can’t stand Perez Hilton.

Kat on

WTF? She’s gorgeous. Especially compared to the billion blonde bimbos out there like Paris Hilton (who has a very square face, and a huge nose – frankly, I doubt she’d get an ounce of attention if she didn’t parade around like a skank all the time, because her looks sure aren’t special).

Danielle, Celebrity Baby Blog on

I think Alexa is beautiful. Perez has probably forgotten that beauty is not limited to blonde Barbie doll types like his best friends Paris Hilton and Tori Spelling. Beauty comes in all colors and shapes and sizes.

Stephany on

Go Alexa! I really despise Perez Hilton and his total blog and the commenters on there. All they seem to do is pick on celebrities! Get a life!

She seems so happy and content with herself. And I admire her for that. It must be so hard to be in the Hollywood scene and have to contend with all the nasty blogosphere crap.

Cathie Kun on

Good for Alexa Ray! She is beautiful and a perfect mix of her parents looks. I’m sick of these websites that aren’t happy unless they are humiliating someone. News is one thing but for someone to decide who is/isn’t attractive based on their criteria is ridiculous. And to pick on an 8 year old child? Must make them feel better about themselves.

DWS on

Right on Meghan! Anyone that idolizes Paris Hilton needs to seek help! I don’t understand where Perez or any of these other people that bad mouth what celebs look like, ESPECIALLY children, when they need to look in the mirror themselves. They must be so insecure and hateful they must tear down someone else to make them feel better.

Alexa is a beautiful, poised and sophisticated young lady. I think it is wonderful that she is saying all of this. Her parents did a great job with her!

PinkRoses on

Just goes to show that celebrities are people too…people with feelings just like the rest of us and those feelings can be hurt. I can’t imagine living under a microscope the way celebs do during an age when so many bloggers take their issues out on anyone and everyone by being so despicable, mean-spirited and, many times, untruthful; or just create rampant rumors to gain media attention. I think Alexa is a beautiful, well-spoken (and I’ve heard very talented) young lady. Her parents should be proud of her, as I’m sure they are.

PinkRoses on

Oh, don’t get me started on Perez Hilton…Pffft!

jashmom on

Has Perez looked in the mirror lately? He’s no looker by any means!!!

Good for Alexa standing up for herself and her little sister. I can’t believe she’s 21 already. It seems not long ago Christie was pregnant with her. She’s become a smart and beautiful young woman.

Hilda on

Alexa is beautiful, I’ve always thought that.
What if a supermodel had a child with deformities and birth defects, then what? Would that child be put through this cruelty. This enormous headed neon tootsie idolizes Paris Hilton, and she’s a big fake. Hair dye, contacts, breast implants,& lee press on nails. The only original thing to her are her herpes. What if he picks on a vulnerable person and sends them over the edge? They could develop eating disorders or get unneeded plastic surgery or worse yet, commit suicide. Whoever said bricks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me obviously didn’t live in todays internet world.


I used to read Perez’s blog occasionally but his rabid meanness turned me off his site for good. He’s a miserable human being and in light of his own appearance he has some nerve picking apart anyone’s looks. Alexa Joel is a pretty and obviously intelligent young lady. All she needs to do is continue to hold her head high, and realize that the opinions of bottom feeders like Perez mean nothing.

Sarah F. on

Bravo to her! I avoid reading most of the blogsites at all costs. I love this one but I prefer to stay away from those that allow random cruelty!!

Zoey on

God I HATE Perez Hilton. He only has nice things to say about people who pay him off… either financially or generally help to get his name out there. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours kind of reporting. Alexa is obviously too smart to have ever done a THING for Perez, so of course he’s going to write nasty comments about her. He’s despicable.

And seriously? I always thought Alexa Ray was GORGEOUS. Like /enviable/ gorgeous. And now I can safely add mature and well-spoken to her list of features as well!

You go Alexa Ray!! Keep exposing Perez Hilton for the scumbag he is!!!

pink.lioness on

Perez Hilton sucks. I went on his site a couple of times but there’s nothing there but negativity and hatred so visiting his site is basically a waste of time.
I feel with Alexa. She must be incredibly hurt and angry. Alexa, if you read this – don’t let some spiteful people get you down. You are beautiful, and so is your family!

Sam on

I just saw the recent pics of Alexa (the last I had seen of her was from her childhood) and what can I say? She’s absolutely beautiful, physically AND morally. Reading this interview, I can’t believe what a soulful & mature young lady she is. And she has so much dignity…I bet Perez hilton don’t even know what theses words mean!

Sam on

If I hear another man compare a woman to a supermodel I’m going to scream.

What a pathetic human being “Perez Hilton” is to criticize ANYONE. I mean, have you SEEN him??? It’s so ironic that 90% of the fashion/supermodel industry is run by gay men who have these very specific standards of how women should look. We pay them to dress us up in baby doll dresses (Marc Jacobs) or impossibly high heeled shoes (Manolos) but most of these guys look like crap on a stick.

J.M. on

People who berate other people usually have insecurities in themselves. Why else would someone have a blog where he bashes and trashes other people. I’m not saying that sometimes he’s not on the money with certain things but I think Alexa is a beautiful young women and should be very proud of herself. She shouldn’t pay no attention to Mr. Perez Hilton and his ignorant comments. He likes it when celebs comment about what he says so it’s best to just not pay any attention to it.

Lisa on

This is awesome. This windbag needs to not make money dissing talented people, of which he is NOT.

getting out of hand on

he is nothing but a time bomb waiting to explode…this crosses the line of entertaining to plain old harrassment…
join us in our quest…

halifaxhoney on

This is the exact reason why I don’t read Perez Hilton. He is very mean spirited. I very rarely look at his blog unless there is a link to the post like in this entry. Sometimes I wonder if he thinks mean is funny. I don’t.

Trent from Pink Is The New Blog has the right idea. He pokes fun at people but he is never mean and never attacks people like that.

FC on

Perez certainly has no room to talk. He talks way too much trash and loves up on the sleaziest of celebs (who have no business being celebrities in the first place) just so he can be a somebody. And since that isn’t enough, he wants to trash on some of the classier celebs who have done nothing to him at all. It’s like so he won’t feel threatened, he picks apart celebs just for kicks. He’s nothing but trash in my eyes.

There’s not a single thing “ugly” about Alexa Ray. I think she’s beautiful, and she’s got the talent and brains to go along with it. I think Perez is just jealous. He needs to go cry in his glass of milk elsewhere.

gaston70 on

Bravo Alexa!!!! People need to stop making these awful comments about children who did not ask to be famous. The things people say on blogs about these kids are abusive and down right disgusting. Whatever happened to protect the innocent or human decency? I’m glad Alexa is standing up for herself and her little sister. She’s addressing the issue, and by doing so, refusing to take the abuse. Well done!

Sophie on

Whatever. She and her sister look adorable on her myspace pics, looks like they love each other and have a great time. So Sailor is not a perfect looking blond child, but the smile on her face says all it needs to. Can not believe someone can be so… rude. Some people are pretty others are not. That’s not all there is to a person. Too bad so many morons can not understand that.
By the way Alexa has a good voice.

Angel on

Good for Alexa for speaking out! She is an absolutely beautiful person – inside and out. No, she doesn’t look like her mom but one doesn’t have to be a blue-eyed blonde to be attractive. It sounds like Christy and Billy have done a terrific job with this remarkable young lady.

madam pince on

Alexa has it all — she’s beautiful, talented, loving and not barhopping like some celeb kids we could name. Perez Hilton’s attack on Alexa has gone over a like a lead balloon on his blog — even his most devoted fans are appalled.

I personally prefer her dark gorgeous look to her mom’s California-girl prettyness, and am glad to see Billy Joel’s features so prominent in her.

Her mom and dad have much to be proud of with this fine young lady, and it sounds like she has a terrific boyfriend. Stay proud, Alexa, and put PH behind you!

Olivia on

It makes me laugh when we all say we don’t judge people on their appearance, blah, blah, blah, and then someone writes, “I mean, have you SEEN him???” meaning Perez Hilton. Sure, criticise HIM but not her???

Hypocrisy at its best.

And I read Perez as well as this website, and I’m not going to be all high and mighty.

Sam on

Olivia, I’m sorry you feel that it’s being “high and mighty” if someone is called out for being a jerk if he pokes fun at someone’s appearance, esp. considering he’s not the best looking man in the world.

I’m so over these mean-spirited, unfunny, Howard Stern-wannabe blogs that pass as “entertainment”. If that is how you choose to pass your time, fine. But my take on it has nothing to do with being “high and mighty” for ME; that was my opinion and I stand by it, thanks.

TracyG on

Oliva, the reason people are commenting on HIS looks is because he trashes the celebrities’ looks. He REALLY should look at his OWN flaws first, he IS not perfect himself. (In fact, I don’t even find him remotely attractive)

Perez Hilton is a celebrity-wannabe hack IMO. His only talent is his abilty to trash others and he so DESPERATELY wants to be included in the “inner circle” that he resorts to a tabloid blog to do so. His fifteen minutes were up a long time ago…

madison on

I applaud what she did – calling him out on his terrible behavior. Unfortunately though, Perez probably doesn’t care that its negative publicity; he seems to thrive on all types of publicity. He really does cross the line on a regular basis. It’s the attacking of innocent children that gets me. Say what you want about some of these celebrities who create all the drama around themselves – but leave the kids out of it. It’s just so inapprorpiate. Hopefully his 15 mins of fame will end soon.

Claire on

you say that you moderate comments but you allow people to criticize how perez hilton looks. i find this horrendously hypocritical.


Glad to see she continues to stand up for herself and I’m also glad that she took that bottom feeder Perez to task. But a part of me hopes she lets it rest after this. Perez Hilton is your classic attention addict; he thrives on it whether the attention is positive or negative. So I hope Alexa doesn’t continue to inadvertently feed into his need for the spotlight. She’s made her stand and I respect that but IMHO, the best thing she can do from this point on is to ignore him; there’s nothing a needy attention addict hates more than to be a non-issue.

Lola on

Good for Alexis. I don’t like Perez Hilton either.

TwinMom24 on

Alexa Ray Joel is very attractive, in my opinion…… MUCH prettier than that bird-faced, wonky-eyed, skank Perez Hilton is so obsessed with.

Latanya on

Perez is a shallow, pathetic wannabe that never will be. Good for you, Alexa!!

lisa on

Alexa … you are gorgoeus and tell Perez Hilton to go F@#K himself. Good luck with your career!!

Nayda on

Just wanted to say I spend the afternoon sitting with Alexa and her family at the Mets Game and I found them to be very nice and polite. She is a very beautiful girl.

Josie Helen on

I think that there are a lot of shallow people in the world, and this posting by ”the queen of whatever” proves it! Christie Brinkley was absolutely beautiful and still is! and i think that most women would love to look like Christie. But lets not forget that Billy Joel has a lovely face, it’s so spiritual and you can tell he has a big heart, he has lovely eyes (which Alexa has) and is sooooo cute (ya just wanna pick him up and look after him) well thats how i feel anyway……. I would be very very very proud to look like such a talented and intelligent human being. Alexa has a beautiful unusual face that is very interesting, just like her song style and i think people should respect her for that! And as for the posting on Sailor Lee, i think thats very disgusting because the girl was eight years old, too young to understand and you know… every child should never be treated that way especially by the media!