Virgie Arthur tries to prevent Larry and Dannielynn Birkhead from leaving The Bahamas

04/26/2007 at 11:24 PM ET

WwwreuterscomVirgie Arthur has filed an appeal in a last ditch effort to prohibitLarry Birkhead from returning to the United States with Dannielynn HopeMarshall Birkhead. According to a source,

Virgie filed a last-minute appeal to try to keep Larry in the Bahamasso now he has to be in court Friday. Virgie wants money, so she’s notletting the issue go.

On Wednesday, a Bahamian judge granted Larry permission to leave theBahamas with Dannielynn on the condition that he returns for a June 8court date.

The source adds that the recent turn of events shouldn’t affect Larry’s plans to depart the island this weekend.

Source: OK!

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Heavenly_hibiscus on

Granny is not doing herself any favours.

Bren on

This women is dispicable! She obviously wasn’t a good mother to Anna so why is she going through all this trouble for this baby? She didn’t even see Daniel from the age of I believe 11? She needs to give it up.

LaMama on

I agree with Heavenly_hibiscus. Larry has been more than generous in stating that he will allow Virgie to have a relationship with Dannielynn. But I can’t help but wonder if she’s going end up souring him on the idea after all these shenanigans.

Joy on

Dear MS/MRS/MS/MRS.MS/MRS Appeals,

how awful of a grandmother you already are.. first you said ” Larry is a good guy” why are you doing this if you said such?after he was found out to be the real father you are acting now as if he is not such a good guy….. you held up your own daughters funeral you flunked. if you get any custody at all i hope larry appeals this so his mom can too :} :] :}

LaLa on

This woman has no shame. She hadn’t been around Daniel since he was 6 to 8 yrs old. Since the death of Daniel she has planted her butt on his grave for an exclusive interview, insinuated after his death that her own daughter w/Stern was to blame and could be responsible for his death, was caught lying on the witness stand including memory loss and the tears on cross examination, tried to halt her daughter from being transferred to the Bahamas for her burial, tried to stop her burial the day of her funeral, showed up late for the funeral, shoveled dirt on her daughter’s grave like an obsessed fiend on the day of the funeral she tried to stop, stomped upon her daughters grave after the dirt episode showing complete disrespect, and now wants joint custody of this child with the biological father. She is a disgrace. She has shot herself in the foot and her actions have proved it time and time again.

emzi on

I feel so sorry for that little girl. I badly want to believe that someone is looking out for her, but so far all I see are money-grabbers. Larry, Howard, Virgie. The poor child has nobody in her life who cares about her, they are all just interested in the money. That family is so transparent.

Aleah on

I feel very sorry for Dannielynn to be the centre of so many legal battles. I hope she’ll grow up to know only that her dad fought for her and that she won’t get to know the ugly, money-driven part.

Shannon on

The media and various “sources” made Howard K. Stern out to be the bad guy in this whole situation. I’m more convinced that Virgie is the bad guy. At least Howard bowed out like a gentleman, Virgie on the other hand is just dispicable. I didn’t know Anna but I’d be willing to wager that she wouldn’t want Dannielynn to have anything to do with this woman.

P Dawn on

She should be sooo ashamed of herself…Of course that would mean that she understood what that word meant, and obviously she doesn’t. Just incase things don’t go Larry’s way, heaven forbid, he should be making copies of all of the goings on regarding this case to show Dannilynn when she gets older. That way she will know and better understand just what a horribly despicable witch Virgie truly is. I am especially fond of the last part…”Virgie wants money, so she is not letting the issue go.” Well, I got news for you, I want money too, but never in a million years would I use an innocent child to try and get it. No wonder Anna wanted nothing to do with her!

I truly hope Larry wins everything and then I hope he completely shuts that witch out of Dannilynn’s life completely! I would really watch out for that psycho though, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a kiddnapping or accident involving the baby just as retaliaton on Virgie’s part. What a truly horrible woman!

TracyG on

There are no words to describe how dipsicable this woman is. How low will she go?

Money hungry, that’s what she is. No doubt!

NausicaaofWind on

I’m thoroughly revolted. I. Cannot. Stand. Virgie. She’s doing everything in her power to sabotage Dannielynn’s chances at a good life.

But I’m not worried. There’s no way that judge is going to take her seriously. And Dannielynn has both Larry and Howard looking after her. Both her daddies are going to give her what Anna never had – unconditional love, a stable environment and a good education. I trust them both to keep her away from that gold-digger.

Jessica on

It’s going to be such a relief when the day comes that Larry and his daughter make it back to the states to start their new, long awaited lives together. Virgie can appeal all that she wants but I have strong feeling that this appeal will go nowhere just like the others she has filed in the past. She’s just wasting everyone’s time and money. She is a grandmother, not the mother of this child. To be a grandmother to a child is a great priviledge, not a right and she’s ruining her chances to have a positive and involved relationship with either Larry or Dannielynn. He’s her father and has every right to bring her home and raise her as he sees fit.

Jessica on

Well, MSNBC is reporting that Virgie’s appeal was denied and she was even fined $3000 because it was deemed a frivilous appeal by the Bahamian judge (remember when Howard was fined $10,000 for his own frivilous appeal?). Larry’s just waiting on Daniielynn’s birth certificate (the newly revised one) to come back so he can get ready to leave on Saturday. Good news!

Natalie on

no judge in their right minds will give her any sort of custody after the stunts she’s pulled! it’s obvious she just wants the money, and knowing Dannielynn will get all of her mother’s money, of course she wants custody!

that woman needs to fall off the face of the earth… do everyone a freakin’ favour

FC on

Virgie Arthur is beyond pathetic. She’s just looking for a get-rich-quick scheme and it’s failing. And, this whole thing of her trying to get guardianship and thwart Larry from leaving with HIS daughter is ridiculous. It’s like since she had very little to no contact with her grandson and he died, then Anna, whom she had no control over whatsoever and drove her out of her life, she wants someone she can control who won’t talk back. Dannielynn fits the role to a tee. She’s an infant she could easily spin lies to about her mother, control her, etc. She couldn’t control her daughter so she wants to take Dannielynn and see what she can do. She’s disgusting.

I hope Larry really thinks about ever letting this woman be in Dannielynn’s life. If he does let her see his daughter for whatever reason, I would hope they’re supervised visits. She’s not right in the head at all.

Chicki on

Does anyone else think it’s strange that Larry decided to change the baby’s name from Stern to Birkhead, while leaving her mother’s dead ex-husband’s name attached? (Dannielynn Hope Marshall)? Sounds a bit like he may be on the money wagon after all!! If you want to change her name to make a point, why not drop both names?

Kelley on

I have to say how much this woman angers me. I have been in a legal situation with my children’s “grandparents” (I use that term loosely) and it is absolutely disgusting that this woman thinks she has any right to gain custody of this baby. Just like giving birth does not make you a mother, your children having children does not make you a grandmother. I hope for the sake of Dannielynn this woman is never allowed near her. Absolutely appalling that this woman thinks she has any right to her “grandchild”.

NausicaaofWind on

Chicki – Anna Nicole Smith’s real name was Vicki Lynn Marshall. She kept her husband’s last name after he died, and she wanted to pass it on to Dannielynn (certainly she wasn’t going to use the surname of her abusive stepdad). (Smith was the name of her first husband; that’s why Daniel’s last name is Smith.)

Judy on

I hope for the sake of the baby that Larry keeps Virgie far away from that precious child. I do hope he lets Howard play an important role in her life as I believe he truly loves the baby as if she was his own. He has suffered so much loss and he can give Dannilynn so many memories of her mother that will be beautiful as he loved her mother dearly. Instead of 3 men and a baby we can have 2 men and a baby:) Virgie is the most dispicable woman I have ever heard of. She is just pure trash and needs to be barred from ever being near the baby. She will write a book expecting a big windfall of money but I hope she does not sell even one copy.

brenda tingler on

i’ve always kept up with anna and i love her and miss her. virgie is insane. she should give up and should be ashamed of herself. i’m proud of you, larry, and dannielynn looks just like you. i always knew you were her father! you are doing a great job as a father to her!