David and Victoria Beckham 'apoplectic' over press release

04/26/2007 at 09:59 PM ET

Becks_450x338An attempt by fashion house Ralph Lauren to draw attention to its ‘Wimbledon’ children’s clothing line is drawing the wrong kind of attention from David and Victoria Beckham, who are angered that the label used paparazzi pictures of their children wearing their garments. 

Eight-year-old Brooklyn Beckham and his 4-year-old brother Romeo Beckham were photographed in their ‘Wimbledon’ blazers as they were leaving the christening of Bluebell Madonna Halliwell, Victoria’s goddaughter, on April 22.  Ralph Lauren promptly crafted a press release which featured the images, boasting that the Beckham boys were wearing Ralph Lauren, and provided information on where the clothing could be purchased. 

According to unnamed sources, the couple went "apoplectic" when they learned of the promotion.

Neither of them gave their consent for this — as far as they were concerned they went to a friend’s private christening with their kids.  It’s one thing if they are on a red carpet or at a showbiz bash, but this is just totally ridiculous — and totally irresponsible.

24-hours after sending out the release, Ralph Lauren issued a follow-up statement, clarifying that the images were used without the authorization of the Beckhams and that "attention to the children is not endorsed."

Source: Fametastic

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PSB on

Wow. That’s really scummy. Why couldn’t they have just asked the Beckhams for permission? Gross. Guess victoria will start dressing them in something else now.

purplelisa on

I would have gone ballistic on them. That is so low of Ralph Lauren. They should have better judgement than that.

Lola on

What does apoplectic mean?

Greatly angered. It also has meanings related to stroke. http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/apoplectic

stephanie on

this is not the first time they’ve done this and it won’t be the last. CBB’s visitors contribute info on strollers and clothes but how do you think magazines like Us Weekly get their baby clothing info?

Diana on

That is totally wrong. The Beckhams permission should have been requested, maybe he figured they wouldn’t and went ahead to do it anyways.

MiMi on

They- the “Beckhams'” need to get over themselves! They know that everytime they step one foot out of their house- they are going to be photographed, even if their kids are with them! They wanted this “life”, they asked for it- now they must “deal” with it!- even the “downside” of it, these two really irritate me- always wanting it their way… once the photos were taken- they were up for anyone out there to “use” them… GET OVER IT!

Emma on

Does Madame Beckham not realise that, with the life she choses to lead, she is exposing her boys to things like this daily. If it wasn’t Ralph Lauren it would be someone else. For someone who makes their fortune by giving every last little detail of their life to OK! Magazine it is extremely hypocritical to complain about their lack of privacy. Also, they were at Bluebell Halliwell’s christening where Victoria & David must have known cameras would be – maybe if they’d been photographed at the hospital then they’d have a valid point. And Victoria wonders why people don’t like her!!

TierneyJay on

emmma – victoria hasn’t given an interview to OK! magazine for 4 years, the interviews they claim to have with her are made up – they just take quotes from her 2001 autobiography or the ‘exclusives’come from a close source – and if you believe them your believe anything!

bluebells chritening was private and the only shots of the boys were of them getting in and out of the cars – it wasn’t like they were paraded up and down.

The beckhams have never once sold pictures of their children – brooklyn appeared in one of their wedding photos in ok! magazine back in 1999 but there hasn’t been any such things since then – so the beckhams have every right to say that ralph lauren cannot encourage the use of pictures of their children. Since romeo was diagnosed with epilepsy british publications have all agreed to not print pictures of the boys anyway – or at the very least they blur out the childrens faces.

so before people go off on one i suggest they get their facts straight first.

Linda on

I’m absolutely shocked that people think it’s the parents fault that a company sold their childrens pictures as publicity. So would any of you be ok with it ? Then I’d be even more disgusted. They told people look at these pictures and here is where you can buy more. I would be really mad. I can understand why the company would want to use those pictures but you must ask for permission. I would so go after the company. How disgusting of Ralph Lauren to not ask for the parents permission to spread pictures of the kids around.

And really, I see no harm if they want to protect their kids from that sort of stuff. I applaud them. That’s wrong stuff. I read they asked the press to not take pictures of the kids at school because other parents and children were disturbed by it. My how horrible parents and people they are. The press probably shouldn’t be at the school, especially when the rest of the parents are complaining about it.

But I guess some people would rather see all kids flaunted on covers and what not.

stephanie on


every single picture you see on the cover of OK! for the last four years are either old or photoshopped. horribly, at that. their latest cover: http://img406.imageshack.us/img406/4057/568xu9.jpg ARE NOT EVEN OF THEM. they’re look a likes!

they never once complain about the paparazzi or get violent, and people who only see the pictures should also see the unedited videos and hear the vile things they said to get a reaction. their kids are off limits. i’ve said this in another board and i’d say it again: even if it’s someone like Jordan (who really does sell pictures of her kids to OK! regularly) if she ask people not to take pictures of her kids, it should be respected.

pb on

The Beckhams are the most overrated hyped up arrogant people around. They bring these problems on themselves & then blame others for it. Responsibility begins at home – instead of numerous shopping & self-PR trips abroad, why not stay at home & be a normal mum to your boys Victoria? But of course your “career” takes priority over everything. If you continuously over-publicise yourselves you can’t blame freeloaders for taking advantage.