Britney Spears out with Sean Preston and Jayden James

04/26/2007 at 09:32 PM ET

3034242597pBritney Spears, 25, brought her sons Sean Preston, 19 months, and Jayden James, 7 months, to her dance studio rehearsal this afternoon. Jayden was in his infant seat, covered by a yellow sweatshirt, but Sean Preston was on Britney’s hip – his hair is really thickening up.

Sean Preston wears Polo Ralph Lauren Kids Sail EZ Canvas ($35).

x17 Online has more images at their site! Just Jared also has images from earlier in the day.


Photo by x17 Online purchased for use only on The Celebrity Baby Blog, Inc.

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MuffThumb on


naw just kidding.

I dont understand why Britney has no qualms about showing Sean, but keeps Jayden shielded. makes no sense.

Heather on

oh my gosh, Sean Preston is such a cutie! I really want to see Jayden for once though.

Megan on

Sean Preston is so cute! Look at his outfit with the little vest/shirt combo…TOO CUTE…he looks so much like his dad! I understand people wanting to see Jayden but honestly, some of the accusations around it–it seems in these pictures, it was rather bright–they seem to be keeping him out of the sun and shading him with the blanket…seems pretty normal to me…very cute pic if SP…such a cutie he is! And I am sure Jayden is just as adorable!

ann on

No qualms about showing Sean? Well since he really hasn’t been seen in over 3 months I’ll say she’s not thrilled to show him either. People say she should learn from her mistakes and maybe she did. She had Sean out a lot when he was a baby and it only lead to drama and more drama. Maybe she is trying to protect Jayden from that. there is really no point or no way to hide a toddler that has been seen hundreds of times from the media. if she covered sean up people would call her crazy like micheal jackon.

Lola on

I think Sean looks like Britney.

Colleen, author of Near Mama's Heart on

They look so good! I have always loved Brit and I am hoping things get better for her.

Laura on

OMG how cute he got! I can’t believe how big he’s now such a cute boy.
Britney lookk good I love her dress.
I love to know where I can find Sean P’s little outfit, especially those shoes I love them!

angelbaby33 on

The only thing I will comment on is the infant carrier. I have three kids and know the warning labels. Once a child hits 26 inches OR 20 lbs. they cannot be in an infant carrier anymore. At 7 1/2 months old, I would assume that Jayden would have outgrown that carrier. You can always tell which parents do not bother reading the warning labels when you see them carting around a 10-12 month old in one!

JoyJoy on

I agree with Ann

JoyJoy on

One more thing I am glad to see he is in a infant seat. That can only mean one Great thing he is rearfacing like he should be. At least she is using a car seat.

Mary on

He is quite different from some months ago.. it doesnt even looks him. Cute though. I dont have problem with her not showing the little one, just with the fact that she doesnt hold him ever.

Kelly on

In response to angelbaby33’s comment…….

I read the labels and directions on all of my kids things and all three of my children were in their infant carrier until they were one years old. My kids are very average sized but they were neither 20 pounds or 26 inches before they were one.

I have had a home daycare for the past 10 years and more of the infants I have cared for and in their infant seats at one than ones that are out before age one.

Sean is not a big child so I am sure that Jayden should still be in his carrier.

greenmtx on

aww she looks happy with him. he looks so much older than the last time we saw a picture of him!

Barbara on

I think that Britney is hiding something from the public about Jayden. It could be something like a birthmark, a deformity or maybe even something like down syndrome. There really must be some reason that she has never let anyone take photos for her fans or anyone else for that matter to see. I know just after Jayden was born Brit and Kevin were having so much trouble and something was said that Brit didn’t want photos taken because she would have to give Kevin half of the money. Well the divorce is final now so it shouldn’t be a big deal at all to have photos taken.

Lola on

Maybe she wants to keep Jayden’s looks a secret. Or maybe she wants to keep people talking. Who knows what the reason is. This is Britney we are talking about. She is definitely unpredictable.

Lorus on

Most infant carriers go to 22lbs and the height is more of a guideline. A baby outgrows an infant seat when there is less than an inch of shell above it’s head.
He could be over 22lbs at 7.5 months since a lot of babies these days seem to break the 20lb mark around 5-6 months. However he could be petite like my daughter who was 19.5lbs, fully clothed, at a year.
Just because she still has him in an infant seat doesn’t mean she’s using it correctly inside the vehicle.

Glad to see she’s looking happier. She’s been through a lot and hopefully the bad times are behind her.

ann on

Haha come on now! You can’t say he is too big for the car seat just to have reason to complain when you can’t see him at all. Also just because she’s “never” seen holding him doesn’t mean she NEVER holds Jayden. We haven’t even seen him out in public that much and when he is he’s always in his car seat. Those things are very heavy and Britney is a small woman. Better to have the body guards carry it then risk falling down with it. I also doubt there is anything wrong with the kid. Kevin said she was keeping him private because she wanted “something that was only hers” and that she didn’t have to share with the world. We saw a grainy shot on him once before and he looked normal.

I also can’t believe I defended her twice. But come on now, give the girl a break already.

sil on

imo she doesn’t show Jayden ’cause she’s waiting to make an official photo of him and be paid for it….I used to like Britney, but now I think she is not a good mother, but that’s only my opinion, maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, Sean is adorable.

lanie on

Here’s a question – how come everyone refers to the older boy with both his names, “Sean Preston”? I have a middle name too, but nobody calls me by it – is this what he’s been named, ie two first names followed by a surname, or is Preston actually his middle name rather than a second first name? I guess what I’m asking is whether his parents call him “Sean Preston” or “Sean”. Does anyone know?

Because we don’t know for sure what they call him – Britney has said Preston, Kevin has said Sean…so we just put both until we know for sure.

tink1217 on

once again somebody has to post a negative comment about Britney(the car seat isue). It IS good to see some commenting on how cute the kids are though, instead of just negative things! I am sooo glad to see Britney out with the kids again!! She looks really happy! She is looking great and I hope she is doing well!

Diana on

OMG are you kidding me, more speculation that there is something wrong with the baby because she doesn’t want to show him to all the world. Haven’t we been through this already with Suri, HMMM that turned out to be WRONG! Give me a break.

Maureen on

Leave her alone about the carseat. They make at least one version of the Graco with a little higher weight and height ratings. However, Kelly, if your kids were not 26″ at a year, they are not average sized. That is not even on the chart for either gender. LOL I know because my little girl is VERY tiny and she was 3rd percentile at a year being around 28″.

Oh, and he’s not being covered by a blanket. That’s a sweatshirt. You can see the writing on it and the hem on the bottom if you look at all the pictures.

I’ve heard that we don’t see Jayden yet because she has a contract with People for the first photos, but she’s waiting for that until she releases her album. The album has been a little delayed by the ummm recent events.

Kelli on

This girl can honestly not win. She could give $2 million dollars to charity and people would STILL find something wrong with it. People were complaining earlier this week that she hasn’t been with the kids; now they are complaining that she is with them but only holding one or not showing the baby or who knows what. No wonder she had a mental breakdown; I would too with the constant nit picking that some people do to her.
And the infant carrier thing; my son is already out of the infant carrier and in a regular car seat BUT I still have the carrier in my car for when we go to the store or anything so that he has something to rest in.
Sorry for the rant, I just get tired of her getting picked on when she is trying to redeem herself.

Emma on

I’m so happy to see Britney looking so fit & healthy again AND with her children. Lets hope she’s turned the corner now emotionally and can get on with her life and with being a good mum.

Jessica on

It’s good to see her out with her boys and smiling to boot. I hope that she keeps it up. Especially with all of these crazy stories floating around about her not wanting her boys or wanting to be a mother.

As far as the car seat issue goes, my daughter was in a rear facing car seat until she was one years old. The warnings usually say “until the child is 20 lbs. OR at least one years old”. She hit the 20 lb. mark right around her first birthday and only then did we turn her seat to forward facing(we switched from an infant seat to a convertible seat at about 9 months because she outgrew the height limit). I too remember that it was reported if pictures of Jayden were taken and published and Britney profited from it, Kevin would get a percentage of those profits. I don’t blame her at all for wanting to keep Jayden out of the view of camera lenses as long as she can. Of course when he gets to be Sean’s size she won’t be able to do much about it, but for now as a mother I understand if she’s concerned about people shoving cameras in his little face. He’s her child, it’s her choice and we as the public are not entitled to a view of him.

kerrie louise on

hi its kerrie from belfast well britney is a great and fantastic girl i think wat she does in life is her buisness and no body elses i think every one who has left a cheeky remark ahould keep it to them selves wat britney does in life has nothing to with any one but herself and wat ever is going on with jayden is her business not all you ramdon people get a grip and a life

angelbaby33 on

The only reason I commented on the infant carrier is because my peditrician made a big deal about switching my kids to a convertible seat, still rear facing until they hit the 20lbs and 1 year mark. According to it says- Height limits may be listed in the owner’s manual. Otherwise, rear-facing babies in an infant seat are too tall if the top of their head is within one inch of the top of the carrier shell.
I assume that means because they are not able to fully ptotect a baby in an accident if they are too tall. Almost all infant seats that I looked at were 26 inches and a lot of babies, especially boys, have usually hit that by Jayden’s age.
When it comes to personal preference, I have never complained about anyone. When it comes to safety for the kids, I was just commenting that she might need to pay attention, that was it!

Kay on

I do think that Sean is so adorable! I find it odd though that no one says much about Jayden being 7 months never seen… but Suri was three months when shown and everyone made a huge deal…..

Shmoo on

My son was in his first rear-facing seat till into his 13th month. He was quite small but grew at an appropriate rate, and was 25th percentile by two. He’s now 5 and 50th.

Stéph on

It’s good to see her with her kids. It’s been a while since the last time. She looks great.

Lorus on

The MINIMUM for forward facing is 1 year AND 20lbs. Here is a good link to read about why keeping your babies rear facing longer is ideal.

J.M. on

All I can say about the carseat is – ATLEAST HE’S IN ONE!! If he wasn’t people would be complaining that he’s too young to be in a regular carseat.

My niece was in her carseat until she was a year old. My one nephew was in his until he was 14 months old. Both kids were under the weight requirement and were safer in their infant seats.

I think Britney looks happy, thin, and getting back to a healthy image. I am still not a fan (never was) but I wish her the best.

I do however wonder why she has never showed Jayden. She never had problems prancing Sean around town unsheilded from the media. Is she just trying to do things differently this time. Trying to pull a Tomkat and bam when she’s ready for an album release she’ll show his face just to gain more publicity? I mean Sean P was on the cover of PEOPLE mag when he was a few weeks old. So at 7 months it’s odd we’ve never seen anything other then his feet!

Summer on

Sean Preston is getting so big & very cute! I’m sure Jayden is just as cute. I’m sure she wants to do a photo op with him, when the time is right.

tam on

I think he is cute too, but what is with his hair?? Did she shave it about his ears?? He has so much hair everywhere else except there.

Kelley on

I can’t believe I am about to do this. But here it goes. I am going to defend Britney. I think hell has frozen over. This is in reponse to angelbaby. I wouldn’t assume that Jayden has outgrown his seat. At 7 1/2 months old there is no problem with him being in that seat. My daughter was in an infant carrier until just after her first birthday. I read the directions and was following the recomendations. My daughter was 17 pounds at a year old and my doctor and a friend who works for CAS both said that I was using the correct car seat. Now that I have defended Britney I have to say something bad to even out the world. What the heck was she thinking wearing that outfit???

mom on

and just what is so wrong about defending Britney? When and if the girl is doing well and being reasonable, I think it is only appropriate to accept it and acknowledge her improvement…not nitpicking for small negative things like “omg, I hate her outfit!” or something. When it comes down to it, we all have different tastes in clothing. Some women like frumpy sweatshirts, others like to wear glitzy business suits…etc. I personally thing business suits on women are ugly, but I would never say that about someone else because fashion depends on the person and they are entitled to their own style of dress.

People REALLY REALLY try to overanalyze Britney and bring her down for the smallest things. When she went to use a public bathroom (mind u, WITH shoes and appropriate attire), everyone was yelling and screaming about the fact that she was going into a bathroom and conspiracies launched about that she was doing drugs in there… -_-

I mean, gosh people, get a damn sense of yourself. I’m sure everyone in the World has, at one point or another, used a public bathroom.

The girl can seriously not go out and walk on the sidewalk without comments on either:
1) no kids with her
2) ugly hat
3) ugly outfit
4) ugly boots
5) weird facial expression
6) past events
7) not showing her real hair
8) being an attention whore (WTF? if she’s just doing normal things like shopping or walking…do we seriously expect a 25-year-old woman to lock herself at home all day?????)
9) or something else preposterous.

You people are all very sad and funny at the same time. I wonder how perfect your lives are… :rollseyes:

Ashley on

Regarding the carseat, my daughter is 1 month younger than Jayden – and still in her infant car seat and I have no plans of changing it anytime soon. She fits right in her seat, with room still to grow. However, just wanted to add, that guy carrying the carseat must be really strong. No way I’d carry my daughter in her car seat – way too heavy!

Angela on

my god daughter (no kids of my own… yet… whole other story) at 15 months still could have been in her carrier, she is petite, eats everything, but is now just over twenty three pounds, and 26 inches. Her car seat was rated for 22 pounds, and 26 inches, Evenflo. It looks as though he maybe in a graco safe seat, which now hold babies up till 30 pounds and 32 inches. Truthfuly I am just happy to see that he is in a car seat.

TwinMom on

Re: Posted by: mom at Apr 27, 2007 10:10:00 PM
You people are all very sad and funny at the same time. I wonder how perfect your lives are… :rollseyes:

LMAO!!! Well said! :applauds:

Clementines on

The younger kid pixs are suppose to make a profit for K-Fed so he’s kept outta sight.

Kelley on

What is so wrong with defending Britney? Well let me tell you. I could never defend her before because she has done nothing that I can agree with. But after reading a comment about her “incorrect” use of car seat I felt the need to defend her because for once she is in the right. As for my comment about her outfit? I have the right to judge and say what I wish about anyone I wish to do so. You may not like what people have to say but we do have the right to say it. I am sure people judge me and I am sure Britney judges other people. (Actually heard her do so)It is human nature. I was not mean in what I said just asked what the heck she was thinking. I never said I was perfect but I do know I have made better choices than her.

brittany on

it looks like she is using the graco quinn carseat you can tell by the amount of green on the top this carseat hold babys up to 30lbs and 32in

jamie louise on

Sean is such a little cutie!
I think he looks a lot like britney. I cant wait to see jayden i bet hes a cutie to. I think everyone needs to back off of britney. After all she has just been though a hard time. Keep the pictures of sean coming hes so sweet.

Lila on

They have a new carseat made by century/graco, which I am sure Britney could afford, that is for children 30 lbs and 32 inches tall!

Ellen Wartinbee on

At least the boys are now safe in their dad’s hands that is important.