Battle over 'Shiloh' perfume looms

04/26/2007 at 02:30 PM ET

A French perfumer who plans to market a "woody scent with a faint whiff of patchouli" under the brand name "Shiloh" will have her work cut out for her.  Angelina Jolie has filed paperwork with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office indicating that she will oppose anyone who attempts to register and use the name for commercial gain. 

Since January, Angelina and her 11-month-old daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt have requested — and received — two extensions for filing a formal opposition to Hors La Monde’s planned "Shiloh" fragrance.  But Symine Salimpour, owner of Hors La Monde, claims to have planned to use the "Shiloh" name in connection with her perfume in excess of two years;  Noting that the name has Hebrew roots, an insider close to Salimpour — who is a citizen of both France and Israel — insists that,

It’s a spiritual thing for her.

Source:  Life&Style Weekly 

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Nicky on

Oh geeze, give me a break … isnt there already a song and book with Shiloh as the name?

This is like Paris H’s rumored wanting to trademark “that’s hot”

Bobbilynn on

That’s kind of ridiculous on Angelina’s side. Shiloh isn’t JUST her daughter’s name. That’s like someone wanting to use ‘Victoria’ for their daughter’s name and Posh suing for that. It’s a NAME.

Kristen on

I’m sorry– but when exactly did she claim the rights to the name? Clearly it’s not being named after the baby.

That really rubs me the wrong way. She doesn’t OWN the name. It’s not a trademark.

Sabina on

I’m an Angelina fan and have been for years, but this is ridiculous. ‘Shiloh’ as a name does not belong to her, it’s like trying to stop a perfumery selling a product named ‘Sarah’. Plus the name Shiloh was famous long before Angelina had even adopted Maddox. It’s in the Bible, it’s a breed of German Shepherd, it’s the name of a band, a novel, a film and countless towns and cities in the USA. If the perfume was called ShilohNouvelJoliePitt then she may have a case, but otherwise, no.

J.M. on

I don’t get it….Angelina doesn’t own the name SHILOH, and infact there are other people named that. So do we ban all perfumes with names of celebrities or thier children? Better take all the APPLE and VIOLET scents off the market!!!!! LOL

aspeth on

Love Angelina, but I would be quite surprised if she won this one. The name Shiloh is unusual but Brangie didn’t invent it. 🙂 Sure, the parfumier could be cashing in on the celebrity appeal of it, but that would be hard to prove.

Then again I don’t really know how the law works when it comes to patenting names

Dela on

Wow I agree with the rest of you, Angelina does not own that name. The first thing I thought of when it was announced that Shiloh was the baby’s name was the the movie/dog named Shiloh lol

Clare King on

I think this is rather extreme, Shiloh as a name is no that unique and if they wanted to patent a name of their child, then they should have invented one. It is even unfair to the perfume maker to waste his time and money litigating so I hope the story is fabricated but it sounds true. I don’t trust life and style.

Yes, normally something from Life & Style would by filed under Rumor, but since court docs were filed it seems to be true. Angelina must believe the perfumer intends use the name Shiloh as it is known now to make a profit.

Sarah on

I totally agree. There are plenty of people named shiloh in the world. Patenting a name such as Penn Jillette’s Moxie Crimefighter is one thing, where it’s highly unlikely anyone else is named that. Angelina is just trying to use her celebrity power in a ridiculus way.

Sam on

Angelina Jolie, stop trying to copyright your baby’s name, shes not the only baby with that nam, and start taking care of her. Christ.

angelbaby33 on

Just to let you all know, I patented the word “the” so if you could all please refrain from using it, it would be greatly appreciated!!!!! Or, at least give me a monetary gift of some sort if you absolutely insist on using it. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Angelina is ridiculous!

Adi on

Nothing Angelina can do. She have to read trademark rules and regulations. If Angelina Jolie did’t register name “Shiloh” as trademark for parfume making purposes or made any parfume under name Shiloh…than it’s too bad. And furthermore, you can only register trademark for the product if you actually MAKE the product…I did’t see any “shiloh” parfumes around, did anybody else? I doubt it.

Ana on

Oh, there are places named shiloh, so as there are things and other people (number that probably raised up after she was born). Imagine if now I decided name a perfume Sarah and every Sarah decided to sue me?! Come one!

Megan on

Oh please. I have a friend named Shiloh. She’s in her 40s. Clearly she had the name first, maybe she should sue the company too *rolleyes*

Kris on

I admire AJ’s humanitarian work, but this is ridiculous! When I heard that she named her kid “shiloh” the first thing I thought about was the children’s book and movie. If anything she should be paying Phyllis Reynolds Naylor money for the use of the name. As for the perfume’s name, she can’t prove the perfumer wants to name it “Shiloh” to cash in on her kid. Even so, what about Zahara “Marley”-I don’t hear the estate of Bob Marley suing Angie for naming part of her kid after a famous reggae musician. Does this mean that everytime my husband refers to his deodorant as “pit roll” I’m supposed to be sending a royalty to Angie and Brad’s kids?

Heavenly_hibiscus on

Oh dear LOL
Has she also filed papers to patent Maddox, Z and Pax?

y on

I agree that this is totally ridiculous if it’s true. And by the way,as an Israeli I just want to point out that Shiloh doesnt mean anything in Hebrew 😉

pink.lioness on

Does that mean nobody is allowed to use the names ‘Maddox’, Zahara’ or ‘Pax’ either? What if my own name was Zahara and I’d want to open something like ‘Zahara’s diner’? Or all those people named Shiloh in the world, would they all have to ask for Angelinas permission first?

I love Angie and her family, but that goes too far.

TracyG on

My friend’s cousin is named Shiloh and she is in her late 20’s..I guess she could “sue” Angelina for using “HER” name???

Angelina just keeps getting stranger and stranger as she adopts more kids. First changing Pax’s name and now this? What’s next..all the people who have babies named Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh must change their names?

It’s RIDICULOUS!!! Angie needs to give her great big head a shake.

Lauren on

And fans wonder why so many people dislike her. She may not be wearing blood around her neck, but she still has more than a few screws loose IMO. This pathetic attempt at patenting her daughter’s name only helps that argument.

Summer on

lol she is taking it too far. I had a dog named Shiloh & what about the book?

Emily on

Yes i agree with you all, you can’t own a name HOWEVER! She started the name patenting thing to stop websites and the such counting down to when Shiloh was of legal age. This might be extreme but it comes from a place of protection.

Annoyumus on

I agree that she is probably going a bit too far trying to patent Shiloh’s name! HOWEVER, I wish everyone would stop criticizing her for changing Pax’s name! It’s not like it’s that unusual for adoptive parents to change their kid’s name after adopting them, even if the kid is three years old, like Pax! I have a cousin who has two adopted kids, and he and his wife renamed both of them when they adopted them, even though they were five and eight when they were adopted! Angie may have actually done Pax a favor by changing his name. Had Angie decided to keep his orginal Vietnamese name, he probably would have run into a lot of trouble with it as he got older. After all, most Americans are not very familar with Vietnamase names. Also, has everyone forgotten that she also changed Mad and Z’s names when she adopted them? Okay, so they were both 7 month old babies at the time, but the point is, she changed their names. I bet she will also rename any other kids she adopts.

Shiloh on

Well since my name is Shiloh and I’m well over a year old, or however old her daughter is, I find it ridiculous that she thinks she has the right to trademark this name. Not saying the perfume was being named after her child, but if it were, what’s so wrong with someone trying to make a profit?

Liraz on

To y:

I’m Israeli, too, and you are wrong that Shiloh does not have a meaning in Hebrew. Shiloh is a word from birchat ya’akov (The blessing that Jacob gave to his children before he died) in b’raishit (Genesis). There is it is generally tranlated “to he whom it belongs.” (some believe that shiloh is a reference to the mashiah (messiah) – it also refers to peace.) It is also the place where the mishkan (ark of the covenant) stayed until the beit hamikdash (The Temple) was built. In Ephraim. (I’m religious, so I’m familiar with the biblical connections) Angelina needs to go sue the Bible, too, I guess, and I guess Israel, too.

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