MamaPop- Test Your Celebrity Mom IQ

04/25/2007 at 04:16 PM ET


By Lena ofMamaPop

Ok, y’all. You have properly shamed me. You are some die-hard celebrity-knowing bad mammer jammers.

Last week’s answer is (hangs head), as you know, Kim Fields! She is pregnant! Due in May! And you heard it here eleventh!

Congrats to Jennifer, Susan, Tracy, The Muse, Meghan, Lola,SweetDiva, Amy, Amaria, Maureen, Amanda, Michelle Nicole Brown, Cora,Amy H., Jamie T, Sara, Virenda, AmyC65, Amanda, Ann E. Mouse, Jenn,Jayden Elizabeth, Maya for making me feel smallish.

Now. I have pulled out the big guns for this week’s question! And I am confident that you shall be stumped. Read the full post…


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