Larry Birkhead can leave Bahamas with baby

04/25/2007 at 05:25 PM ET

MSNBC is reporting that today’s hearing in the dispute over custody of baby Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead has concluded with a Bahamian judge declaring that Larry Birkhead can, indeed, return to the United States with his daughter.  The ruling is a defeat for Dannielynn’s grandmother Virgie Arthur, who reportedly hoped to keep the baby in the Bahamas until a shared custody agreement could be reached with Larry. 

As soon as Dannielynn’s passport can be corrected with her new name, she is free to leave the island she has thus far called home.  When asked if Larry would be in the Bahamas this weekend, Larry answered ‘no,’ according to MSNBC’s Donna Gregory.  When asked if Dannielynn knows that he is her father, Larry reportedly said:

Yes, and I have the love marks to prove it.

Source:  MSNBC

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FC on

I’m glad he’s able to leave with Dannielynn and start their new life together at the home he’s been decorating for ages to bring her home to. I just hope this means he’ll be able to have some semblance of peace and quiet now that this little dispute is over with.

And I sincerely hope that he and Howard keep Virgie Arthur away. She’s nothing good, and she won’t do the baby any good.

Natalie S. on

Congrats to Larry..Finally he and Dannielynn can be together ~ Where she belongs!!!

tink1217 on

great news!!!!! now they can begin their life!! I hope they are happy!!

Natalie on

oh YAY!! about time!!

i hope those two have a nice PEACEFUL life together, they’re such a cute family! 🙂

Kim on

Love marks?

NausicaaofWind on

YES YES YES!! Finally! This should’ve happened months ago, but better late than never! I have great respect for Larry for fighting tooth and nail for his rightful child, and for Howard for owning up.

I can’t help thinking that Larry and Howard were both victims in all this. They both loved Anna, and Anna was obviously not an easy person to love. I think that’s why they get along so well.

All that concerns me is that lowlife beast Virgie Arthur. She’d better go back to her hole and never bother Larry again.

Lilybett on

Love marks sounds a little odd- like an old-school hickey. Does he mean that Dannielynn is biting? or drooling? or something like that?

Tara on

I’m glad for Larry and I do Congratulate him on getting to take his daughter home were she belongs,she is so cute. I don’t get vergie I wonder if she realizes that she is just the grandmother and not the child’s mother or father. As far as shared custody goes I don’t see how any grandparent can get shared custody exspecially when she doesn’t even live in the same state. I hope that Larry also keeps vergie away from little dannielynn, her grandmother did nothing to help guide her own daughter so exactly what type of raising does she think that she can provide or help with?

Becky's Daughter on

Sounds like everything is coming together nicely for Larry. Good for him.

I figured that by “love marks” that he meant scratches. Heaven knows that when my daughter was an infant that she scratched me up a bit while we snuggled or played together, even when her nails were trimmed.

mom4bob on

I hope the courts take into account the wishes of Dannielynn’s late mother. Anna Nicole kept a wide berth from Virgie Arthur for her own reasons, and those reasons should continue to be respected in Anna Nicole’s absense.

(Personally, I get the impression that Virgie Arthur is a conniving and hugely dysfunction person, but that’s just my opinion.)

J.M. on

I think “love marks” can go either way. Maybe Dannielynn’s teething and just likes to bite anything she can get her hands on including daddy’s hands, neck, nose, chin whatever! that makes him feel like she just is comfortable enough with him. And maybe Larry leaves his love kisses all over Dannielynn to show how much he loves her. I don’t think the “love marks” should be taken literally.

mom4bob on

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention how thrilled I am for Larry and Dannielynn! LOL

ang on

this kid will be in the spotlight forever, i believe. next news article will be dannielynn’s 1st b’day (if there’s no drama before then)and then all the milestones, she’s walking, talking etc then dannielynn starts kindergarten and so on.she may even be homeschooled, i don’t know but u can bet she will get picked on by other kids for not having a mother(simply coz that’s how kids r).and then someday,she will inevitably hear about her early months of life somehow. best wishes to her & to larry-hope they can both stay sane-ish.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

I think Dannielynn could live a normal life. The media has already lost a lot of interest in this story. Anna herself lived for several years at a time out of the limelight. She reappeared when she wanted to.

Dannielynn is so sweet. Hopefully Larry has already had his share of fame and wants to raise her quietly.

D. on

What wonderful news! Long time in coming too. I still don’t understand this whole Virgie wanting joint custody or guardianship. She’s not the only grandparent, you know.

Karin - United Kingdom on

I am so pleased for Larry. Out of all the men Anna Nicole was involved with, Larry seems a decent human being – it is a shame Anna did not see this. It is as if she was brainwashed by someone!

I hope Larry and his daughter will have lots of fun together and live happily. Good Luck.

Sandie on

It seems ludicrous for Virgie to threaten a potentially messy custody dispute in a foreign country unless Larry agrees to give her full custody should he die while Dannielynn is still a minor.

Survivor custodial preferences often change over time. Larry is reported to be the desingated custodian of his sister’s children. I would assume that he would feel more comfortable desinating survivor custody to family members or others whose parenting styles he has personally observed such

Also, Larry may very well end up marrying someone who would become the only mother Dannielynn knows. Shouldn’t that woman be considered the custodian?

trudy on

Best wishes to Larry & Baby.
Hope your lives will be everything Anna would have wanted.
Good luck with the parenting.

lea passero on

GO,GO, Larry, the rest of the world can have peace just knowing that baby girl is with the rightful father&dad, The so-call grandmother needs to stay out of their life, all she wants is MONEY, Larry all he wants is his baby girl that is it, all the love bites is everything he cares about, he loves his baby girl/ with baby he will still have a part of Anna Nicol with him @ all times. His love is very strong for baby/ always will be with Anna Nicol. CONGRATS, LARRY/BABY-Lea Passero