Julia Roberts doesn't like being pregnant

04/25/2007 at 07:07 PM ET

Splashnews_thny150407a_001_cbbHeroes star, Eric Roberts, brother of Julia, says his sister’s pregnancy is going well, except for one little thing – she’s not a fan of being pregnant.

She’s great. I just don’t know that she loves being pregnant. It’s a lot of work!

Julia and husband Danny Moder will welcome a little brother, reportedly, for Hazel and Phinnaeus, 2, in June and Eric already has plans for his first visit.

We’ll make our annual hospital visit and hang out.

Source: OK!, May 7 issue, pg 29

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greenmtx on

wow…I never realized that was her brother!

ChristineM on

Wow thats kinda sweet. I thought they were estranged?

sonya loveless on

i love julia roberts she is doing great with here kids

Hilda on

After being on fertility treatments, her not liking being pregnant,doesn’t make any sense!
So many women would like being in her shoes. Please be careful and choose your words !

Leslie on

I am pretty sure she is estranged from her brother Eric, but does speak with his daughter Emma who is 16 and an actress. Perhaps she said it in jest?

Autumn on

I didn’t know they were estranged, although I’d imagine that Julia’s relationship with Eric’s daughter Emma has probably helped her relationship with her brother on some level too.

Even if Julia had fertility treatments for her current pregnancy, I could imagine that she might dislike some of the symptoms of pregnancy (swollen feet, backaches, etc.) sometimes. Plus having two-year-old twins while being pregnant with your 3rd child can’t be easy for any mother at times, even Julia Roberts, I’d imagine! lol!

Kelli on

I think it is unfair to criticize Julia for saying that she doesn’t like being pregnant. I didn’t like being pregnant either; I am thankful for the end result of the pregnancy but the actual pregnancy part, not so much. It is a personal opinion.

stephanie on

nobody i know enjoy being pregnant. everything became ten times larger, mood swings, gas, weird things going on down there. but they love the kids that come out of it to death and hey, it doesn’t stop them from having a gazillion of them 😉

Ashley M on

Well, Julia wasn’t quoted as saying she doesn’t like being pregnant. Her brother was. I think the way he said it just made it sound like she’s tired – understandable!