Bridget Moynahan at the grocery store

04/25/2007 at 01:17 PM ET

Actress Bridget Moynahan, 36, was spotted out food shopping in Brentwood, CA. Bridget, who’s just hitting 6 months along, picked up some flowers along with her groceries.

Source: Flynet

At what point in your pregnancy did your belly button pop out (if it did)?

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momtoone on

Mine was out really early, around 16 weeks. And I was barely showing.

Amber Smith on

Mine never popped out. Not even with twins. That part of my belly just got flat.

Jenny on

Thank you for the picture of Bridget. I am glad she wasn’t smiling or touching her bump as some people have been saying she’s showing off her Brady baby.

She looks great! I hope she adapts to the So Cal weather soon cuz she will be HOT! I remember being extremely hot all the time even during the winter.

My already outie belly button was visible at 3 months! It’s so cute! Good to see her so content.

Callen on

Around 6 months with my son. And about 4 1/2 with my daughter. Bridget looks great pregnant. Not saying she should stay that But she does look great!

Babymama on

Mine showed early too. My doctor said it was because I had an umbilical hernia. I swear my belly button was the first thing to “pop”.

Spiff on

Mine never did…it just got kind of flat.

ghgh on

bridget is a w h o r e who tried to t r a p tom brady…glad it didn’t work! i hope the baby i s n ‘t his…

stacey on

mine never popped ~ i have the deepest belly button on the planet. i’m a freak

Keri on

Mine never did stick out!

ankhle on

Never. Not for either kid. I was really bummed!

tink1217 on

Mine never popped at all!!! Not with my first ir second child. I expected it to, but it just never did. I guess I am a REAL innie!!!

Carrie on

You know, my belly button NEVER popped out. It did become flush with my skin, but never became 3-D or showed through any clothing. And I measured 42 weeks with both of my 39 week pregnancies, each with 9+ lb boys. I guess it’s just not meant to be with me!

jan on

I think the other photos – from Flynet – of Bridget shopping are much nicer. Did you pick this one just to show her belly button? In any event, I think she looks amazing for 6 months! Although all pregnant women are beautiful, I truly think Bridget looks exceptional.

I chose this one because I thought the ones actually inside the store were a bit more invasive and made me uncomfortable. And yes, the visible belly button is a good conversation topic!

Liza on

I had the same experience as Carrie, mine never popped out and I actually had 37-38 weekers that were 9 pounds and I still could stick my finger into my bellybutton. (Gross, I know.) Not meant to be for me either! Oh well!

TwinMom24 on

My belly button never popped out when I was pregnant with my twins and I was SO glad! Mine is kind of sensitive and I think it looks gross when they pop out like that!

Tammy on

Mine never did pop out, although I think it became almost flush. I have a really deep one too, yuk! Hers looks really big, but I’ve seen pictures of her when she was modeling in bathing suits and I think hers is an outie of sorts.

Does anyone else think she looks really tired and even sad? I saw some pics the other day of her actually carrying some bags of groceries and they looked so heavy and all I could think was, Tom Brady is an a**. Oh well. It is a little scary that someone was snapping pics of her in the grocery store. You can tell she isn’t aware by the expression on her face.

landroverdisco on

Mine never popped with either of my pregnancies. She looks great but like the last poster mentioned, she does appear to be sad and a bit weary. I imagine she is a feeling a range of emotions and pregnancy tends to exacerbate things. Tom is such a foolish cad!

Callen on

This question is for Jenny! What have ppl been saying about her smiling and touching her belly? Anyways this is her child also. There is nothing wrong with rubbing your belly and smiling. Your embracing motherhood and enjoying the pregnancy! Jeez I rubbed my belly when I was pregnant. I always played a lttle game with my son. I would rub and tap my belly, and he would kick me wherever I touched.

momtoone on

Maybe she looks really sad because she has paparazzi all of a sudden following her everywhere, and speculating that she’s trying to “show off Tom Brady’s baby”. So when she smiles in pics, she’s gloating. And when she doesn’t, she sad and depressed. How about…. the pics they posted were meant to make her look a certain way. You know on the cover of tabloids, they always show a picture of an actor/actress looking really p*ssed, “Angelina is leaving Brad”. Yeah.

lily on

She looks great! You can tell she is not aware of her pictures being taken. I don’t think she looks sad, but I think she looks tired and weary.

I agree CBB the store pictures looked invasive. I look forward to seeing her baby pictures! Love her belly button, mine never poppped out!

TwinMom24 on

I don’t think Tom Brady is a cad. Just because she’s pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean he should run back to her. After all, she did announce her pregnancy after they had broken up.

Jenny on

Callen, there are a lot of blogs out there with very nasty comments about Bridget. They accuse her of being overly proud because she’s carrying “Tom Brady”‘s baby and always having a hand on her bump. They say her clock was ticking and she tried to trap him, etc. I wouldn’t go looking for those blogs if I were you, it’s quite upsetting.

I have limited myself to just this site for info about Bridget.

SY on

I’m like Liza, my belly button seemed large, I swear it was like the Grand Canyon of belly buttons. This occurred in both pregnancies and I too had 9 lb/22 inch boys each time! BTW, my belly button is one of the things that really never went back to normal, my husband is a bit freaked out by it’s deepness.

Callen on

Thanks Jenny!

oliviaa on

Jenny, I could see that. Really upseting. A few days ago I sent CBB three photos of Bridget looking great on Coach Fragrance Launch to Benefit EBMRF when she poses with Brook Shields and (I guess) Grier. I dont know why CBB haven’t posted it. Maybe they havent received it. You can see it on

We haven’t posted it because we don’t have a contract with that photo agency. If you’ve seen it on another site, they’re most likely using it illegally. Also, the email you received back when you sent something in to the tips box says that we do not use everything we receive – we get over 50 emails to that box a day and to post everything would be impossible. In this case, we would have loved to have posted the pics, as Bridget looked beautiful, but we can’t due to photo agency restrictions.