Alec Baldwin to appear on The View

04/25/2007 at 03:08 PM ET

The first in-person public comments from Alec Baldwin in the wake of his angry phone call to daughter Ireland Baldwin will most likely come Friday, when Alec appears on The View.  According to TMZ, the actor is scheduled to discuss ‘parental alienation’ with the hosts of the show, including Rosie O’Donnell, who earlier this week expressed sympathy for Baldwin’s position in his bitter divorce from actress Kim Basinger.

He’s very much of a tortured father who feels alienated from his own child…He’s trying to connect to this kid. has a partial transcript of the interview, in which Alec says,

Obviously calling your child a pig or anything else is improper andinappropriate and I apologize to my daughter for that. There’s nothing wrong with being frustrated or angry aboutthe situation. It’s the way you do it, and as peopleoften do in this world, I took it out on the wrong person. In my own case, with this message, I had never done this before in my life.

Alec typed up an entry on his site earlier this week, explaining his actions.

Sources:  TMZ, Associated Content


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angela on

It isn’t a phone-in segment; he actually will appear on the View. the segment has already been taped and many people have said that it probably didn’t help his reputation much.

Rose on

Trying to connect with his own kid?? By verbally abusing and threatening her? It’s just my opinion, but it seems very likely that Kim has been keeping Ireland away from him BECAUSE of his obvious anger management issues! What mother wouldn’t do anything they could to protect their child??!

yogadaisy on

Yeah, what better way to connect with your daughter than to call her a “thoughtless little pig” and “brainless”.

Way to go, Alec, your daughter should be running into your loving arms any minute.

mel on

Unless you have intimate, personal knowledge of the entire situation, no one here, not even I, has the right to judge what Alec Baldwin did. Don’t try to tell me you haven’t lost patience with your own child and said something you regret. I’ve never called my child any derogatory name, but then again, I haven’t been in his situation. And for those don’t have children, well, I think it’s laughable to even comment on this topic.

PK on

I agree with pp’s.
It’s a shame the custody battle has been horrible, but the only ones to blame are Kim and himself. If you’re upset with your ex-wife, don’t take it out on the kid.
He just keeps making up excuses.

niquey on

the name calling was out of matter how you try to shake a stick at him…knowing his situation or not has absolutely nothing to do with it…he was wrong…yes he’s human..ill say that much…but that doesnt excuse it..i think he should get a good publicist to help him out so he can get pass this

amylamy on

yes it’s true that we probably don’t know the full story here, but as a 21 year old, if either of my parents had talked to me that way even once, i probably would not have much of a relationship with them now. yeah my parents would yell at me and i would yell at them but that’s pretty normal. calling your eleven year old a thoughtless pig is absolutely disgusting in my book. even if she was being rude, it’s probably due to the situation her parents have put her in, and him yelling at her like that is only gonna hurt their relationship even more.

pink.lioness on

It appears to me that Alec is trying to shift the blame for his – imo, inexcusable – behaviour to others, especially to Kim. Even IF it was her who leaked the story (which we don’t know) it was Alec, and not Kim, who said those things to his child. Constantly badmouthing Kim isn’t likely to make him any more popular with Ireland, though. It seems that Alec is playing the victim role and he probably believes it himself, too. I don’t doubt that he loves Ireland but he doesn’t seem to be acting like a responsible grown up at all. Sadly, some parents are just oblivious of the emotional damage their behaviour can inflict on their kids.

millie on

As someone dealing with divorcing couples I can tell you for sure that, even with best intentions, things can get out of hand pretty easily. Not because parents don’t love their kids or are evil people. The stress and trauma of not being able to contact your child when scheduled and ordered by the court can be a lot to handle, particularly if it happens repeatedly. I hope none of you has to go through it. I’m surprised nobody comments on the issue of her mother’s entourage releasing the tape to the public. While Alec’s message was spoken in a moment of frustration and anger, for which he apologized, Kim’s action seem deliberate and calculated to cause him maximum pain. Never mind how the distribution of this tape affects Ireland.

Maybe people aren’t commenting because Kim has publicly denied doing it?

J.M. on

I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and listen to what he has to say. What can it hurt? I am more mad at the person who leaked the tape rather then what he said. I def. think it was wrong of him to talk in that tone and use those words to speak to his child but like an above poster said we don’t know what goes on in their lives but we all know how quick we are to judge.