Virgie Arthur continues to fight for Dannielynn

04/24/2007 at 10:09 PM ET

Larry Birkhead and Virgie Arthur will square off again in a Bahamian court Wednesday, at a hearing which could conclude in Larry being cleared to return to the United States with his new baby daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead

But if Virgie has her way, Larry won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, according to TMZ, which is reporting that Dannielynn’s grandmother has requested that the child remain in the Bahamas until Larry enters into a joint guardianship agreement.  In addition, Virgie wants to be named sole guardian in the event that Larry dies while Dannielynn is still a minor.   

Source: TMZ

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gabriella on

She is so annoying. He had said she could see the baby as a grandmother, but he wanted to raise his daughter, as she should. If Anna was alive she wouldn’t even be anywhere near the baby, Anna couldn’t stand her mother and hadn’t seen her in 12yrs. Also Virgie has no right to say she wants Dannielynn if something happens to Larry, Larry has a mother, sisters, brother, he chooses who will take care of his child, if he isn’t around, not her. Hope he gets her daughter, with no joint custody with Virgie.

Angie on

Why is Virgie assuming that Larry will die before she does? She should just drop this custody thing and just be a grandmother. It’s not like he won’t let her. Why does she have to be in control? I understand that the baby is the last thing she has left of Anna Nicole, but man, this is not the way. On one side I can see her fighting for custody so that she is guaranteed a part in the baby’s life. However, on the other side, It seems that she just wants custody of the baby’s inheritance. If she gets partial custody or visitation rights, I’m sure there will be selling photos of her. her family, with the baby to all of the magazines.

ang on

this whole situation is sick. proof that adults can be just as selfish as children.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

virgie is one sick individual. Who cares what the Bahamian courts decide? the ruling is not going to last once they reach US soil.

Natasha on

That money hungry monster! Virgie doesn’t really care about that child. She has a lot of nerve after all that poor man went through to get his daughter. Anna Nicole Smith would be rolling in her grave to know that her mother is trying to get any kind of custody of Danielyn. Anna and Virgie were estranged for a reason I’m sure.

Melanie on

I just think this is the most ridiculous thing in the world…no matter what time of relationship Larry and Virgie have (best friends or enemies) that is HIS child. HE decides who she see, who is a part of her life. It would be one thing if Larry was an unfit parents but clearly he isn’t…he has just been given the chance to finally reunite with his don’t see grandmothers all over the world taking the parents of their grandchildren to court to guarantee custody…that is why children have PARENTS…and Larry is Dannielynn’s PARENT, therefore he decides what happens in her life…Virgie should just drop it because Larry has already said she can have a role in DannieLynn’s life…and that’s more than she would have if Anna Nicole was still alive. If I were Larry, this whole custody thing Virgie is pushing would just make me not want her to be a part of my child’s life more…grow up Virgie, be an adult, and stop dragging this on…if you really loved your granddaughter, you would knock off the immature, irresponsible act and let your granddaughter get out of the spotlight.

Lorus on

The only good thing to come of this is that Virgie will be owing money for lawyer’s fees for the rest of her life. That’s what she gets for going after Dannielynn’s money! Since we all know that’s why she wants the baby!

P Dawn on

I think Virgie needs to reevaluate why she wants this child so much. It certainly isn’t because she is her granddaughter. If that were the case, she would have been trying to get custody/guardianship when Anna was still alive. It would be one thing if the baby was just staying with someone who wasn’t related to her (like Howard), but since it has been proven that Larry IS the father, it makes no sense whatsoever why she would be pushing this so hard….oh wait, that baby is worth a small fortune, yeah, it does make sense now…DISGUSTING! She should be ashamed of herself!

Weezer23 on

She never made any effort to be there for Anna Nicole and now that Anna is gone and Dannielynn is now the one in question for all of J.Howard Marshall’s money she’s going to try to manipulate it to her liking but in the end you can’t deny that Larry is her father and Anna is her mother and as Dannilynn’s father Larry should respect Anna Nicole’s wishes that she does not want Virgie Arthur apart of her daughter’s life.

NausicaaofWind on

Virgie think she deserves Dannielynn, after how much she damaged Anna? What she deserves is a kick in her face. What kind of greedy sadist would stand in the way of a father and his baby?

I remember last Friday, when Howard and Larry left the courtroom, Howard sure looked irritated and told the reporters, “Well, Virgie Arthur is proving herself to be…. (pause) The person Anna always said she was,” and then he walked away. That made me laugh. You could tell he wanted to call her every name in the book, but displayed quite an act of restraint. He sure made an effort to hold it in. That was funny.

TracyG on

Any self respecting INTELLIGENT judge will not let this “woman” anywhere near that baby girl! I hope after this, Larry just tells her to buzz off and that she won’t even see her as her maternal grandmother either!

Virgie always seems “shady” to me. She wasn’t anywhere around when Anna and Howard were together and Anna was alive, so why does she feel the need now? Her daughter DESPISED her and didn’t want her anywhere near them. Does she think that Larry doesn’t know that? Howard sure does…

IMO, she doesn’t give two hoots about the baby or being her “grandmother”..what she wants is to be her “beneficiary” and get the money that Anna never allowed her to have. Virgie seems to feel entitled to that money and that baby just because she’s Anna’s “mother”…but that doesn’t make her a good influence or person to have in the baby’s life.

I hope to God, that Larry wins full custody and Virgie gets nothing..she is a shark and a gold digger.

TracyG on

Oh, and another thing I forgot to say…

What makes Virgie think that Larry, a healthy, young guy, is going to die before she does? Sounds a bit “fishy” to me. I also hope that Larry names HOWARD or his family Dannielynn’s guardians.

Carol on

I fear Larry will have to go through another custody fight once he gets back to LA. The Bahamian court ruling will not stick in the U.S. Bahamian law is close in ‘type’ or ‘style’ to Great Britian. But, if Larry is faced with another custody fight, I hope a judge simply lets Virgie know that the only thing she can legally do is visit as a grandmother. It’s better than nothing.

Natalie S. on

I am no way saying that I know a lot here, lol. I have read that Bahamian laws are a lot different than many realize. Since Dannielynn was born in the Bahamas ~ Virgie may get her wish because according to the laws there, they hold the “maternal grandmother” in high regards because I guess she’s just that a “grandmother”. Virgie “may” have a case. Again i’m not saying she should get custody or even joint.
I do hope the Bahamian courts side with Larry, I mean Virgie would have to prove that Larry is an unfit/unstable parent, (She’s no proof of either).
As bad of a rap that Anna got throughout the years & her death, one thing is certain, Anna wasn’t lying about Virgie.
Virgie has proven she is just looney tunes in my opinion.
And why on earth would Larry put Virgie down as sole guardian if he should pass away? Is Virgie hoping Larry would die sooner than later? If Larry gets custody, (I know we all hope that) & Larry mysteriously dies suddenly ~ then Dannielynn is safer being brought up with a pack of wolves or Howard K. Stern than Virgie. That’s my opinion.

Larry when you win custoday of your daughter ~ take Dannielynn and hide.

M on

My GOD!! Isn’t it awful enough that ANS own life was embroiled in court battles for years on end… is that also what baby DL has in store for her own future? History repeating itself? For her sake, I truly hope that LB turns out to be a solid, responsible, loving and nuturing father to her- she desperately needs some sort of stability in her already turbulent life… As DL’s bio dad- he has the legal, moral, and ethically right(s) in making any and all decisions for HIS child until she is 18… it appears that LB and his family share a bond- wouldn’t one think that he would make stipulations that if something happened to him, that DL would have security within his own extended family? Why does ANS’s mama think that someone NOT related to her by blood would guarantee her guardanship of the baby over someone whom he loves, trusts, repects, shares his own beliefs, etc… and is part of HIS BLOOD Family! This makes me insane! The bloody nerve of some people! VA needs to GO AWAY! She should be thanking her lucky stars that LB has said he would appreciate her being a grandma to DL… does she not “get it” that she is only being allowed access to her grandbaby because her own baby- ANS is dead? She doesn’t need a reality check- she needs a reality clonk on the head! I truly hope for LB and baby DL’s sake that they are able to come home and start building their lives together as a father-daughter duo… enough is enough…

Coco on

This woman pisses me off. Like in any other custody case (even with the Elian Gonzales case) I believe that a child is to be with their biological father/mother if they prove to be a fit parent, which I believe LB has proven since he has been fighting for DL since ANS was pregnant and alive. This woman has done many horrible things to ANS (which she admitted in an interview) such as knowing that ANS was being sexually abused…and NOT DOING A DARN THING ABOUT IT! How messed up is that? If any judge is willing to give this woman custody there is something wrong with this world!

I usually don’t get this involved in these things but it’s really ridiculous.

FC on

She doesn’t have a pot to piss in. The woman isn’t doing this out of love or because she wants to do what’s right for the baby, which has already been done. She has a father who loves and is caring for her, and I know she still has Howard and his family looking out for her, and I know they love her just as much. What does she need Virgie for?

She’s all over the place, trying to be buddy-buddy with Larry, trying to get sole guardianship of a baby of her estranged daughter’s, who didn’t want her anywhere near her baby for good reason. Now that Anna’s not there and Dannielynne is entitled to inherit some of her mother’s estate, she wants a cut anyway feasible, even if that means going through a little baby who doesn’t deserve this treatment.

And earlier she made the statement about being a loving grandmother? Loving grandmother? Pish! I know a loving grandmother and she isn’t one. She’s out for herself and no one else.

Lydia on

omg she has no right to even see little Dannielynn anna didnt wnat her to have anything to do with her daughter. She should just back off and let Larry take his daughter home with him, with whom she belongs

Give-Vergie-A-Break on

People on these boards have short memories:

Howard K Sterns name is on Dannielynns Birth Certificate.

Per Bahamian Law Howard K Stern is the LEGAL father of Dannielynn, which gives him total control over Dannielynn welfare and finances.

Now that Larry Birkhead has been proven to be the BIOLOGICAL father of Dannielynn, the Court still has to establish paternity rights which need to be transferred over from Howard K Stern.

Howard K Stern is co-operating to have this done without any drama on his part via the Courts.

You may say that makes Howard K Stern a nice guy, but his niceness comes at a price, as with Howard K Stern everything comes at a price, that’s why he is a lawyer !

From earlier reports Howard K Stern wanted the boat he bought the day Anna died, a house in the Bahamas they were in the process of purchasing (not Horizon).

He also wanted to retain his financial interest in Dannielynn, remain executor of Anna Nicoles Estate, a percentage of the future payout of the Marshall Estate, etc etc, etc, etc, etc.

Howard K Stern has got himself legally tied to Dannielynn and Anna Nicole like you wouldn’t believe and how is he related to either of them ?????

So before you all go huffing and puffing how greedy Vergie is and how unreasonable her demands are and she is “only” the grand mother, put yourself in her position for a moment !!

How would you feel if a complete outsider had legal and financial control over your children or grand children ???

Your daughter and your grandson were deceased in his presence and he is holding your granddaughter hostage.

His cooperation with the biological father is conditional the grandmother not be part of the grandchilds life.

Virgie Arthur is fighting with her back against the wall !


Lindsay on

what i think is dannielynn should have some part in her grandmother life because who knows how long virgie got to have them pracss monments with her grandchild

Valerie on

Vergir I am with you all the way! That is your grandbaby and she belongs with you, Birkhead and Stern are money hungry bastards ans will just use the baby fir their own fame and fortune, Poor Dannielynn needs a stable home enviroment with kin that love her as much as you do. I pray for you and your battle to gain custody