Tori Spelling opens up about her weight gain during pregnancy (and how she plans on losing it)!

04/24/2007 at 08:30 AM ET

Torispelling1aNew mom Tori Spelling did an interview recently with Entertainment Tonight‘s Steven Cojocaru, about the 40 pounds she put on during her pregnancy with Liam, 6 weeks, and how she plans to lose the weight. Tori said that while she was pregnant,

I went back and forth. I would have some days where I wouldfeel really proud of my tummy and walk in front of a mirror and beamazed by it … and I’d have some days where I felt like a whale. Igained weight in places that I didn’t know I could ever gain weightin.

Tori joked that she was hoping her weight gain had to do with water retention and the baby himself, that most of it would drop off after Liam was born. To her surprise, not all of it did. Tori now is faced with what millions of women face after having a baby: losing the weight. Her goal is to get back to her pre-pregnancy body of 115 pounds. The program she chose in helping her reach that goal is NutriSystem. When Steven asked how she decided on this plan as opposed to other weight loss methods, Tori said,

There are so many different programs I looked into. Programs where you have to go to a weekly meeting; and you don’t have to do that [with NutriSystem]. You get a counselor who is readily available to you, and you can call her whenever you want, but it is not like you have to go and sit through a boring meeting.

This is all new territory for the actress who has never had to diet before.

I have been lucky, I don’t know if it was genetics or age. I would eat healthy at times and pig out at times. But I never had to go on a strict diet plan.

At least she’s not going at it alone. Tori’s husband, Dean McDermott, is also going on NutriSystem to lose his ‘sympathy pounds.’

Tori will be in Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday talking about her new ‘little man,’ and how motherhood is treating her thus far – she says, ‘I’m on cloud nine 24 hours a day.’

Source: ET Online

Thanks to CBB reader Angela.

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felicia reilly on

I don’t like the way Tori talks about ‘those boring meetings.’ Unfortunately not everyone is as lucky as she has been. Those meetings she refers to have helped millions of people!

maminka on

Kelly Ripa was approached by a company to endorse their weight loss product, kudos to her in turning them down (story posted earlier on CBB). On the other hand Tori is endorsing and actively promoting her chosen weight loss program in her post baby interviews, hmmm, wonder why?

Erin on

I contemplated Nutri System to lose the post partum weight, but they don’t allow you to take part if you are breast feeding.

Hmm, Tori is breastfeeding. Or was. I wonder what she’s doing.

ang on

maybe they have a new or altered program she can do? having tori endorse their product is worth any changes they may have to make. tori’s not stupid,she is very cautious with herself & liam & whatever she chooses to do, good luck to her! i know first-hand how hurtful weight taunts can be & when ur tori & u’ve been called every name under the sun for the past 18yrs it’s the last thing u need!!!

gabriella on

She will lose the weight, she already lost over 20lbs and she only gained 40lbs while pregnant, that’s not so bad. Plus she is working out and dieting already.

Summer on

I think it’s too bad that hollywood moms act like the have to be a small size right after giving birth. At the sametime I hope Tori gets to weight that she likes.