Suri Cruise celebrates her

04/24/2007 at 09:08 AM ET

When the Holmes-Cruise family was spotted attending Grier Henchy‘s  blowout on Sunday, many wondered what Suri, who turned one the same day as Grier, had done for her own . The answer? A low-key celebration at the Cruise home on April 18th.

The family had a pizza and cupcake lunch, then Suri received presents such as an outdoor playset, books, balls, and dolls. Tom and Suri, who’s walking and talking, kicked one of her new balls around the yard before cracking open dragonfly and butterfly piƱatas. Joining them was Katie’s mother, who had flown in from Ohio.

Source: People

What was your child’s first  party like, if you had one for them?

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niki finch on

happy bdai suri have a lovely bdai

Heather on

My daughter’s 1st bday party was fun. Her birthday is at the end of july when it’s extremely hot so, we had a Monkey/Jungle themed pool party. We invited all her little buddies from her playgroup and they all got(including mommies)to play in the pool, sandbox, have a BBQ and eat a big purple monkey cake that I made. It was a fun day and memorable for her 1st bday. The first one was a biggie for us…her second was a lot more low key and her third will be just as low key.

Sarah on

My daughters first birthday was very low key. We live so far from all our family, and had just moved to a new state, so our celebration was just us. We had a Little Mermaid theme. Both of her Grandparents sent presents which made for a lot of gifts! She opened her presents, then cake, then a much needed nap, and to end the evening we went to Sears to have her picture taken.

PinkRoses on

My first daughter had two 1st birthday parties…one at home with just one little friend (and his parents) and a few family members and another in our home state where most of our family members live. Both were fairly low-key (it was a cold February, so we couldn’t do much outdoors); she was very shy and on the reserved side, so she didn’t really seem to know what was going on, but loved sticking her fingers in her cake and licking it off. Everything was girly pink…hee hee. My second daughter had one big 1st birthday party because we had moved back to our home state and everyone was there…friends, family, neighbors, people from church and it was June, so we had a barbecue outside and a lot of fun outdoor activities and everything was done in every color of the rainbow. She dug into her cake with both hands, put it in her hair, threw it and laughed the whole time. She was the more outgoing of the two, so each had 1st birthdays that reflected their personalities.

Elisabeth on

We went over the top for my daughter’s birthday party… and it was a disaster! We had it catered, rented tents, tables & charis, had 3 cakes and special made cookies that matched the invites (theme was hot pink, orange, and lime green flowers and polka-dots). I live at a ski resort and one never knows what the weather will be like. It was August, so I was expecting it to be nice- but it was 39 degrees and we had snow! The kids were freezing, no one wanted to be outside and we had way too much food. Next year- I’m going low key!

Tiffany on

For my daughter’s first birthday in September, we had a luau theme. Everything was hot pink, lime green, orange, yellow, and blue. We had lei’s for all the guests and goodie bags for the kids with mini lei’s, paper umbrellas, etc. We had a cook-out with a hawaiin theme, pork with pineapple and such.

Amber Smith on

Happy Birthday Suri & Grier!!

My twin’s first birthday was Care Bear themed. HUGE mistake because apparently some people only buy toys of the birthday theme so they got tons of care bear things that never got used because they didn’t who they were! They had pizza, deli sandwiches and juice. They didn’t eat the pizza.

My 3rd sons first birthday was tonka trucks. He got a ton of trucks but that’s okay because that’s all he plays with anyway. we had turkey and cheese roll ups, a veggie and fruit platter, and cheese and meat tray.

Ashley P. on

My son’s 1st birthday had about 50 people consisting of family and close friends. We rented out a clubhouse and had salad, pizza, breadsticks, and other snacks. We ordered a cake (chocolate) and I baked cupcakes (vanilla). It was last Novemeber so we couldn’t do anything outside. I set up a craft table for the kids with crayons, markers, coloring books, and everything to decorate their own bookmarks and doorhangers. They loved it! It was a blast, but we’re not having another big party until he turns 5…too much work!

TracyG on

Because we waited so long and tried so hard to have a baby, our son’s first birthday was a blow out! We had 60 guests (family and friends and all their kids) and had a wonderful time. It was out in our backyard and the colours were blue and white. The cake was blue’s clues and he got lots of lovely things for gifts. Tons of clothes!

We had a buffet lunch that I did all myself which included hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, chicken wings, chips and salsa, veggies, fruit and lots of other things too. Everyone had a great time and so did we…

We haven’t had a big party like that one since and this year he’s six, so it will be smaller.

die eule on

Happy belated birthday little cutie! You’re my favourite!

a.j. on

Suri = Tom Cruise clone

Therefore, not too cute. At all.

leira on

my son had 2 grand 1st bday parties on my parents roofdeck condo and the other one at my in laws home..we all had a great time

chrissi on

My daughter turned one april 17th and on the 21st she had a party, with bouncy castle, ball pit, sand pit, paddling pool, pop up tents and toys for the youngest babies. It was so much fun. 12 children were there ranging from 9 months to 9 years old and all were well behaved. There was lots of healthy snacks as well as the cheeky bits of chocolate but it was so much fun.