Pax is on his way to becoming a Pitt

04/24/2007 at 07:58 PM ET

If things go as planned, on May 31st, Pax Thien Jolie will become Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt. Angelina Jolie filed name change papers on April 16th requesting the name change, ‘in order that her child’s last name will incorporate and be combinedwith the last name of her partner and be the same as that of her otherchildren.’

Pax, 3, was adopted from Vietnam in mid-March, joining siblings Maddox, 5 1/2, Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 11 months.

Source: Court documents via Us Weekly.

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ang on

do we know why angelina changed his name? i always time she goes to Asia or Africa, expect to see little poor kids jumping up and down goin’ “adopt me, ms jolie! adopt me! i wanna wear $200 sneakers and play in hotel rooms and have my photo taken every day for the rest of my life!” i cannot WAIT to see how these lil’ j.p. kids turn out. i mean, it’s not all bad news- mary-kate and ashley grew up in the spotlight & they turned out ok,i guess. tori was once asked by her hubby if celeb life was always like this & tori said no. celebmania is more intense now(thanks to the Internet & technology)than it ever was during the 90210 days.i’d be interested to compare a grown up celeb baby like rumer willis for instance & how much her pic was taken over the years & in 15yrs time, study someone like Sam Sheen & see the affects of increased media attention on such children.

Lori on

Aww that’s great. I think Brad and Angelina are great parents.

Lara on

Does he ever actually adopt the kids or do they just get the names change? If they ever break up and he hasn’t actually adopted some/all of the kids, I wonder what will happen with the names. Probably Shiloh will be stuck with Jolie-Pitt and the others will get to be just (the much prettier) Jolie.

Natasha on

I don’t know what would happen Lara, but I agree Jolie is a prettier last name than Jolie-Pitt

Adore1 on

Why do people always want to believe the negative about this family. The adoption process was started before December of 2005, its now 2007. Its on court document that he was the adoptive father to be. In the June issue of Newsweek Mag, (Heros of America) Brad stated that just before Shiloh was born/early May the adoption of Madd & Zaharah became official. Adoption records are not made public. Brad is the KIDs father for LIFE. And why would only Shiloh get to keep the name and not the other kids. Jeeze

gabriella on

I’m curious too, if it’s just a name change and if they break-up if he is legally the adopted father. Seems so confusing, especially without them being legally married.

Maura K on

The name change must be made public because the law dictates the request must be publicized in local newspapers. Adoptions in the USA are private. They are always private. We will never see the official documents of Brad adopting the children. Those documents are only available to the adoptive parents and children. However, Brad did confirm to Newsweek the adoption of Maddox and Zahara was complete before the birth of Shiloh.

Its funny how some don’t believe or want to believe that Brad has adopted Maddox and Zahara because they haven’t seen the official adoption papers. I have never seen Meg Ryan’s, Sharon Stone’s, Stephen Spielberg or Michelle Pheiffer’s adoption papers but I’ll bet my next paycheck their respective adoptions have gone through.

Adore1 on

Even if they were married, Brad would still have to legally adopt the kids inorder to have legal claims on them. So marriage means nothing.

Alioop on

How is Pax’s middle name, Thien, pronounced?

Lorus on

Those are ALL Brad’s kids. Why do people think if they split he’ll only see his biological child? That’s insane.
He applied to formally adopt Maddox and Zahara shortly before they left the USA for Namibia. I’m sure he’ll be adopting Pax as well.

Hea on

Why don’t they adopt together from the start? Is he not suitable according to these countries?

Sabina on

I say ‘Thien’ to rhyme with the name ‘Ian’, but I’m English, I guess it may sound different when Angelina et al say it to him.

Natasha on

I wonder that too alioop. Also Adore1, he’s only legally their father until they’re 18. Then they can do whatever they want.

Adore1 on

So natasha is Angie only legally their mother until they are 18.

NausicaaofWind on

I love that picture of Angie and Pax. From that angle they look alike. Anyone else notice that? Also, that’s a gorgeous angle on Angie.

Hea – Brad hasn’t adopted Pax because Vietnam makes it hard for unmarried couples to adopt together.

I also wondered if changing Pax’s name means that Brad is legally his father, but does that really matter? Angelina and Brad are going to raise the kids together, whether they’re both legally bound to them or not. In the only way that counts, Brad is Pax’s father.

Marilyn on

In the only way that counts, Brad is Pax’s father.
Posted by: NausicaaofWind at Apr 25, 2007 10:17:11 AM

You speak the truth. Kate Hudson has a biological father, who she neither sees or talks to, but she considers Kurt Russell her only father. Kurt considers Kate his daughter and there are no legal papers to bind them unlike Brad with his children.
Leni Klum has only ever known Seal as dad and again there are no legal papers to bind them. Aint love grand. 🙂

Roxanne on

As a mother of many adopted children myself, I find many of these comments very distasteful. How dare any one of these posters assume things about Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt’s relationship. Adopting a child is not that different from having a biological child and all are treated the same by Angeline and Brad I am sure.
Upon a (knock on wood) seperation, Brad would still have visitation and parental rights with the children, all of them. As long as he has adopted them legally, they are his! It doesn’t matter how they came to be in the family, once they are in it- they are all family!
As for Brad only being the father until the children turn 18, that is just not true. That may be the case with foster care, but not with adoption. Get your facts straight before you criticize something that you know nothing about.


I don’t understand all the breezy dismissal of the importance of adoption (“Brad is already their father”, ect, ect). Sure formal adoption isn’t an issue IF the two parents are together and getting along. However in the event of a break-up or a custody dispute it’s extremely important to have actual legal rights to the child. My cousin just broke off a long term relationship with his fiancée and is now having a really tough time seeing the little he helped raised for 6 years. The girl was his fiancée’s child from a previous relationship and he didn’t adopt her when he had the chance. So now of course his legal rights to the girl are nearly non-existent and there’s little he can do now that his fiancée has barred visitation.

So I hope for the sake of those children that there was some formal adoption involved and Pitt isnt’t just tacking his surname on to theirs and thinking it’s enough.

FC on

Alioop, I believe they pronounce Thien “tee-en”. At least that how they said it on E! News when word of his adoption first came to light.

Josie on

Both Brad and Angie have stated many times that brad has adopted mad and Zee his publicist even gave a statement when tmz broke the news that it was true, in newsweek brad stated that the adoption went through before shiloh was born so just like the others above i am a little confused by all of the concerns about his legal rights when leagally they are his kids. As he has adopted mad and zee im sure he will adopt pax. I just find it extremly hiliarious how it seems we seem to believe the things we read in tabloids rather than what we hear from these peoples own mouths.

leni on

So I hope for the sake of those children that there was some formal adoption involved and Pitt isnt’t just tacking his surname on to theirs and thinking it’s enough.

No, he isn’t JUST TACKING HIS SURNAME ONTO THEIRS.. but some of these posts are a bit TACKY.
He has adopted Zee and Maddox and will be doing the same for Pax. He mentioned this in Newsweek, I believe. Why anyone thinks differently, is beyond me. Just another excuse to criticize two wise, loving, parents who don’t deserve it?

alana on

Adore1- Why do people always want to believe the negative about this family.


I wonder the same. I try and tell myself that they are probably just kids, and not grownups judging this way. (hope I am right)

Amy on

Why is Brad’s legal status in regards to the children even being questioned? He said he was going to adopt Maddox & Zahara. His publicist confirmed this. The completion of the adoption process was confirmed by Newsweek. Brad has stated many times he and Angie would continue to adopt so is it any surprise he’s going to adopt Pax too? The change of name comes first and the adoption 2nd. I’m not worried about Brad and Angie breaking up. If they do Brad has just as many rights to the kids as Angie. However, if Seal and Heidi break up, he has no legal right to Leni but no one seems to be concerned about that.

Annoyomus on

I agree with Adore1…Why do people have to keep criticzing this family? Brad and Angie seem like good parents to me. It is clear that they love their kids, and I admire how they are careful to protect them from the paparazzi. As for why they don’t adopt the kids together from the start….Most countries make it difficult for unmarried couples to adopt kids together. Anyway, congrats to the Jolie-Pitt family on the adoption of Pax! It is my hope that next they will have another biological child, but if they adopt again, that is fine with me, too!