Kerry Lucas speaks about losing her son

04/24/2007 at 08:33 AM ET

Australian model Kerry Lucas recently opened up to Women’s Day Magazine for the first time since losing her son, 5 month old Leonardo, in a tragic drowning accident last year. Kerry said that losing her son has caused her heart to break in a way that she says will never heal. She explained,

To bury your own child is the worst suffering that could ever happen to any parent. After losing Leo, I felt so empty that there were days when I felt like a ghost in my own life.

Leonardo died after his mother turned her back briefly while on their walk, to answer her cell phone. His stroller rolled off the trail they were walking and into the water, where he drowned shortly after. A similar case happened just last week when a little girl’s grandmother was pushing her on the same trail and her stroller rolled off the trail and into the water and she drowned, just as Leo did.

These untimely deaths have prompted the South Australian Government to order a safety audit of the entire River Torrens Linear Trail. They have agreed to consider all safety measures while an assessment of the trail is completed. In addition, the government is also looking into the strollers used as well – both were three-wheeled joggers. They’ve issued a warning that even though we assume all three-wheeled strollers are made for jogging, they’re not all the same. Some have small warnings that they’re not to be used at increased speeds. Other were tested and the fold/collapse lever was mistaken for the brake. The Australian government is looking into having much stricter standards for design or at least warnings.

Kerry agreed to do this interview to bring attention to this problem so others can possibly be saved. She is donating the money she received for the interview to SIDS and to the court appeal.

Source: The Daily Telegraph

Thanks to CBB readers Erin and Lilybett.

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Lilybett on

The government is also looking into the strollers used as well. Both were three-wheeled “joggers”. They’ve issued a warning that even though we assume all three-wheeled strollers are made for jogging, they’re not all the same. Some have small warnings that they’re not to be used at speeds. Other were tested and the fold/collapse lever was mistaken for the brake. They’re thinking about having much stricter standards for design or at least warnings.

I personally think the three-wheeled and thick tyred stroller are great… but just because it looks like the equivalent of a suburban-mum’s 4WD off-roader, doesn’t mean they’re all practical.

Autumn on

That’s so sad for not only Kerry, but also that other family. I felt bad for Kerry when she lost her son a few months ago, to such a bizarre & tragic accident, although I remember others held some skepticism about her parenting skills since the accident was so seemingly unique. But now, OMG it happened AGAIN to another baby?!

I definitely agree with the local Australian govt. re-evaluating the grade of that trail, looking into installing a guard at the edge of the water to (hopefully) prevent any more strollers from toppling in, and then if there’s nothing more to physically do abut the trail they could at least place warning signs about using jogging strollers on that particular trail.

I would imagine more labels on or a redesign of the jogging strollers is a strong recomendation, however that would be a safety issue people could champion to the manufacturer, rather than the government imho.

Maybe even Kerry Lucas and the grandmother who lost her grandchild could be the spokeswomen for that issue, who knows?

PinkRoses on

I have wondered frequently how Kerry Lucas is doing. I lost an older son in an accident (not a drowning) and you never get over the loss, grief, and pain and you truly never heal. You somehow learn to cope enough to go on as best you can, but I understand the feeling of being a ghost one’s former self. No matter the cause of death, it’s a parent’s worst nightmare. I hope she has a good support/belief system in her life. This tragedy makes me so sad. The fact that a similar drowning has occurred again is great cause for looking into the trail and water’s edge safety AND the safety of the strollers/joggers with regards to improvement in design and/or attaching a more emphatic warning label. The most one can hope for is something good to come out of these tragedies so that it doesn’t happen to another infant.

M on

PinkRoses- Sorry for your loss… I cannot even begin to imagine losing one of my boys’= even thinking of it is unbearable… hopefully some good will come of this as in (1) awareness, (2)accomodaitons made to the trail and or (3) better instruction and or safety features on the strollers… hopefully some good…

JosieK on

First of all, to PinkRoses, blessings to you darling. I’m so sorry for your loss. I can’t even begin to imagine or understand your pain. May God continue to guide and comfort you and your family.
Also what a horrible mishap for these people. A horror movie couldn’t do this justice. I really hope that an investigation is underway to why this has happened to not one but two babies. My thought and prayers are with Kerry and the poor grandmother as well.

Bella on

I found this story just so sad. And reading the full article made me feel for her and her family all the more.

On the original post a lot of people seemed to be suggesting post-natal depression (what it is called in Australia) played a part. I hope that this article goes a long way to dispelling that theory.

I can’t imagine losing my son but I can imagine it would be so much harder having people wonder…

Prayers for little Leo and the other baby recently lost.

Lola on

When I read this I almost cried. So so sad.

dopeydwarf on

Thanks must go to everyone who has made comments of support in relation to these events. As a close personal friend of Wes and Kerry, I know of their daily torment. For people to express such warm caring thoughts for the family is very touching and one I will be sure to pass on. Thank you again.

Hank on

this lady essentially killed her own kid, and yes it is her fault. Instead of ignoring her child, and talking on the phone, she should have been fully engaged in the safety of her child. She was so distracted, she didn’t even hear the pram hit water, notice it was gone, or anything.
This is clearly her fault, and I don’t feel a bit sorry for her. “safety audit” my raw red butt. How is this the government’s fault?
Oh, anything to avoid accepting personal responsibility….

Sally on

No offense, but a phone call isn’t nearly as important as a child. Why you’d turn your back to your child over a call is beyond me. I’m sorry for her loss but that little boy should’ve been first priority.

Tessa on

OMG I can`t imagine such a tragedy happening.I don`t have children yet but just thinking of the same thing happening to my nephew or one of my friends` babies makes me shiver.This is a really sad thing that happened and I hope that the grandma is not blamed or rejected by either of the parents of that little baby cause I can imagine the suffering she must already be going through since she must feel that the responsibility of the child`s safety was in her hands.I`ll keep both Kerry and the other family in my prayers-God bless!!

Meltd0wn on

I feel for the poor kid that had such a distractive mum. “briefly” and “cell phone” don’t belong in the same sentence. The story should have read as such: “mom heard cell phone ring, lost all sensibility and left 5 month old son in stroller unattended for half an hour and suddenly realized baby had gone for a swim while waiting for mom to rip the searingly hot cell phone away from her sweaty ear”. This kind of accident reminds me of the idiots texting while driving and crashing into the stopped vehicle in front of them. Was the mishap criminal? Quite possibly. The law defines manslaughter as one who causes another’s death because of negligence. Was she negligent? yep! She has suffered enough and probably feels like an idiot, which she should, so prosecuting her for manslaughter would just be adding insult to injury. Mums, if you’re easily distracted, can’t hear a stroller moving towards the water, can’t hear a big splash and tend to forget all about your baby whilst gobbing away on the cell, please use a different hole than the one made for creating babies.

Meltd0wn on

To the weblog author: Yes, I’d say my original post to Kery’s face. This weblog seems to be moderated towards the sugary, feel good comments instead of allowing people to voice what they really feel. Please don’t hesitate to my original submission. Yes, I realize it’s a year after the fact but I’m a bit slow on the news over here.

susan on

My heart goes out to Kerry and the grandmother that also lost her grandchild. I can not imagine the pain you all go through. May god be with all of you through this tragedy. God Bless. There should be no question as to what has to be done with the strollers as well as the trail from which these accidents have happened. Stay in touch with god and he will help you through all of this.