Introducing Angel Iris Murphy Brown

04/24/2007 at 08:09 AM ET

Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown introduces her new daughter, whom she has named Angel Iris Murphy Brown, to the world in OK! Magazine UK this week.

Melanie talks about driving herself to the hospital mid-contractions, her answer to Phoenix about how Angel got in her belly, why she chose the name, if she uses a nanny, and all about Eddie.

Click below for photos and interview highlights!

On moving: Mel moved to the US to escape media attention in the UK during her pregnancy, living in a beach house in Santa Monica. Because of this, she said it ended up being, ‘the best pregnancy.’

On labor starting: It was so easy, she came nine days early (on April 3rd). My waters broke at home. Both my mum and Phoenix were out. I was by myself but I didn’t want to be dramatic and call an ambulance. So I just got into the car and drove to the hospital. If anybody could have seen my facial expressions as I was driving – every time I had a contraction they would’ve wondered what was going on! I have a great doctor and she really calmed me down. She told me to call my mum as the contractions were going to last for five or six hours. So my mum came over, Phoenix was there, and I called some of my friends.

On the birth: At midnight, I dilated from 4 cm to 10 cm in a matter of minutes – all of a sudden my baby was coming out. I had to call my doctor and she was running red lights so that she could come back to the hospital in time to deliver the baby. I’d been having lots of Reiki healing and I think it helped me relax. Sometimes you can create lots of panic and problems. I think she was just ready to come out.

I pushed and the baby was out in four minutes. It must have been the easiest birth. She was checked out and I was breastfeeding. It was that quick. I don’t think my mum even had time to cry. Phoenix had been asleep and was woken up by her newborn sister crying.

On rumors that Angel was underweight: She was 5 lbs. I think I do deliver small babies – Phoenix was around the same weight when she was born. She was a good, healthy size. I think a 9 lb baby would have broken me!

On Angel’s name: One of my friends is called Angel and he said it’s a nice nameto grow up with. And she is my angel,  she was my little angel throughmy pregnancy. Iris, as it’s my grandma’s name, Murphy because he’s thedad and Brown because I’m the mum! To be honest, every time I look at her I want to call her Phoenix because she looks so much like my other daughter.

Does she have a nanny?: No, I don’t do nannies. Thank God I’ve got my mothering instincts.

What does Phoenix think of her new sister?: She asked me how she got inside of me and I told her from love. She doesn’t need to know the other bit!

I think now that Phoenix, 8, is a bit older, it’s nice as she wants to help.

On motherhoodMotherhood definitely softens you. It just melts you.

On Eddie: Where do I start? Our relationship was amazing. The minute we met, the attraction was instant, we were just like a couple of kids together. We were so in love and the whole thing was just beautiful. When I look back I think we must have had the perfect relationship. We’d both been single for some time and we’d both written a list about what kind of person and relationship we wanted. I fit his list and he fit mine. Eddie brought out a lot of my feminine side too, it was an equal relationship and I never had that before – we were a dream partnership. I’m thankful that I experienced it. Click here to read more.

On finding out she was pregnant: It was amazing – we were in the bathroom with the pregnancy test and telling each other to look at the result. Eddie was over the moon. [Angel] was talked about and planned. It wasn’t like oops I’mpregnant. Nothing was rushed, we discussed everything in a mature way. Maybe I got a little hormonal. We had a few little disagreements. I was pregnant and hormonal and just wanted to have him all to myself. But he had to be responsible to other people.

On the breakup she never knew had happened: I came to England to see my mum for a few days as I wanted to tell her I was pregnant in person. Eddie had called reassuring that he loved me, which was good as moms worry. Then I got on the plane to go home, landed, and there is a whole sea of photographers. I thought, there must have been somebody really famous on this flight. And they were all for me. There were people shouting about a DNA test.

A friend and my press agent had called to tell me while I was on the flight. I was shocked and then I felt a bit disgusted. I tried to call Eddie and couldn’t get through. Then I got through and he said he would call me back and that was it. He never called back. I literally couldn’t understand what was happening. I thought he must have issues going on but I have nothing but love for him. Obviously something had gone on, but who knows?

On her feelings and Eddie’s demand for a paternity test: I don’t feel humiliated. I think the only person who has humiliated themselves is Eddie. This baby has come from love, trust, and honesty.

I didn’t want to stress my body by having crying fits. I thought maybe I’m just meant to be alone during this pregnancy.

Half of me doesn’t know what he was saying [about the paternity test] as we both know this is his baby. We were on holiday with the family when I was pregnant, and we were looking at the [ultrasound] scans. I don’t think he even meant to say it. It was like I didn’t know that person who was going on TV and saying these things.

If he wants to do a DNA test, then do it. Step up to the plate and be responsible. I have no doubt that this is Eddie’s baby; I’m not saying we can’t do it, I’m sitting here saying, ‘Are you ready?’ For once in my life I’ve given up control.

His behavior was unacceptable and no woman should have to go through that. I want to show every woman out there that if it happens to them don’t even think about it. Be strong, you can do it and have a healthy baby. You will be fine.

I haven’t said anything throughout this whole thing. I have kept my dignity throughout. Somebody has to, because what’s been displayed out there is completely undignified.

On Eddie knowing about the birth: Eddie knew when I had gone into labor as my people had contacted his people. He knew when the baby was born. I still have had no response about what he is thinking and doing. But my child has the greatest cosmic sense of humor. She said, ‘I’m coming out now and it’s right on Eddie’s !’

On putting Eddie on the birth certificate: The baby needs to be registered and that needs the father’s signature. I’m not going to send in a birth certificate without the father’s signature. Every child deserves to know that its dad signed it. Imagine getting your birth certificate and one of your parent’s names is missing – that’s horrid.

Thanks to CBB reader Steffi and Boudica for scans.

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Liza on

Wow. “Eddie Murphy meet your daughter” I hope it gets resolved quickly and doesnt end up like poor little Dannielynn’s DNA battle. Good luck to her. 🙂

Sarita on

The baby looks cute, I don’t really like Angel for a name though but I love Iris!

I just don’t get why she names her after Eddie Murphy too, he dumped her in a brutal way and won’t even acknowledge the child, even though he knows it could be his! Unbelievable!

Lilybett on

Murphy Brown?! Hee hee.

Jen on

I too would have left Murphy off of her name. Why should he be acknowledged when he refuses to acknowledge her?

Other than that, she sure is a pretty little thing and Melanie looks gorgeous.

Summer on

She’s Cute!! Angel is a much better name then what was reported before.

Negra on

I think she named her Murphy to show him that this is his baby, and she is not ashamed that she had this child, I think she is ashamed that she wasted her time being with him. But in the end came this beautiful little girl who has no knowledge of whats going on. Mel looks amazing!

I never would of guess Eddie to be such a “dummy head”

but in the end its about the child not him. so he needs to get over himself and acknoledge his child.

Andrea on

Regardless of what has happened. I think that Mel is being an Adult about the situation leaving her differences aside and sticking to what she knows and what she believes in… which is that Eddie Murphy is infact the father of her child, and that is why she included Murphy in the child’s name. She is not ashamed and the flack that she has recieved from him…Good for her… I hope it all works out.

Heather on

Well…even if he won’t acknowledge that the child is his, if she is (and to be honest i have no doubt) she deserves to have her father’s name, even if he is undeserving of her. I much prefer the name Angel Iris, to Phoenix Chi. I’m looking forward to the DNA results Murphy requested. I hope he apologises and crawls back to Melanie for access to his daughter

amy on

What a beauty!

sweetdiva on

Why should Eddie Murphy acknowledge a child that he doesn’t know is his? Yes it very well could be and a paternity test will prove that.
Melanie had better be certain that Angel is a Murphy or she will have such egg on her face in the end. I’ve seen it happen and it is a bad scene.

@Lilybett – (giggle) I picked up on that too!

J-LIn on

Beautiful picture.

Aleah on

Angel Iris is a very pretty name, and so is the baby. I hope for her sake that Mel and Eddie can work things out.

PinkRoses on

She is one beautiful baby, whether she’s Eddie Murphy’s daughter, or not.


I doubt Melanie would have been this adamant if she had even the smallest doubt about Murphy being the father. She’s not a stupid woman, she has to know that a simple DNA test could bust her if she’s lying. And this type of behavior isn’t new for Murphy; he has at least two children whose existence he simply ignores.

At any rate she is a beautiful little girl and Melanie looks radiant and happy.

tan on

Awwww she is beautiful.I hope they get this stuff resolved.Mel looks beautiful as well.I think I love her with straight hair vs. the curly hair.

Andrea on

AOn Tuesday, Brown, who lives in Los Angeles, explained the name in a brief statement released through her London reps.

“Angel, as she was my little angel through my pregnancy,” she said. “Iris, as it’s my grandma’s name, Murphy because he’s the dad and Brown because I’m the mum!”

It was added to the post already, but sometimes it takes awhile to show up!

LaTonya on

Aw! She is so precious!!! So adorable! I don’t blame her one bit for putting Murphy’s name on the birth certificate. If she knows who her baby daddy is. Then she knows.

Yonni on

Aww..How adorable! Congrats to her, and her family. What an “angel”…I think it fits her.

FC on

I love the baby’s real name, and she sure is a little beauty. Both she and Mel look beautiful. For Angel’s sake and for Mel’s, this paternity thing needs to get resolved soon. I’d hate for this little girl to grow up without a father, even if Eddie is acting this way. I’m willing to bet Eddie is the father because I can’t understand why she’d lie and end up making herself tabloid fodder and hurt her little baby girl.

Anyway, here’s to hoping this thing gets resolved soon. 🙂

Steffi on

Angel and Phoenix are just adorable! Melanie looks truly gorgeous!

Mariyn on

Maybe Eddie is the only man she’s been with for a while so she could be certain it’s his.

Natalie S. on

Wow Melanie looks beautiful!

Christy on

Beautiful pictures, and a very interesting story.

Scherriea/The Bahamas on

men do that foolishness all the time..i am not judging him and saying that he doesn’t have just cause to question paternity, but this type of thing is so has happen to my mom twice with 2 out of 3 of her girls, i being one of them…i grew up knowing that m grand dad was my father figure and i can’t imagine knowing anything else…i know my biological father, and i am close with his family, but i have a father..a good whom i am very proud of, and who have the qualities that i have sought after in a man..and i have found in my husband.

Erin on

Angel looks just like Phoenix when she was a baby! Such a cutie! I’m so happy for Mel but really angry that she is being put through this – I don’t understand why Eddie would do this to her or the baby. So sad.

Phoenix is the spitting image of her father and I can’t believe how big she is. It doesn’t seem that long ago when she and Brooklyn were born! I’m getting old! LMAO

jing on

oh my! those are some of the most beautiful mother/baby pictures i’ve ever seen! melanie looks absolutely gorgeous and the baby is just precious. i wish them all the best.

Stephany on

Those are beautiful pictures! All three look so beautiful.

I love how Melanie has acted in this whole situation. She is being an adult and being mature. I love how she put Eddie’s name in Angel’s name. 🙂

Melanie seems completely sure of the paternity. Now Eddie just needs to stop being such a baby and take the DNA test.

gabriella on

Cute baby, and she looks like Melanie. That seems to be Eddie’s habit denying kids, maybe he should get fixed so that he doesn’t keep making babies, if he really doesn’t want them. Anyway beautiful pictures.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

Angel Iris is a really cute name.

Natasha on


Bobbi on

The baby is beautiful, and I hope that all is resolved quickly – she deserves to have a father in her life. My only guess as to why Eddie denied her as his own was because he really wasn’t ready for a(nother?) child and it freaked him out. She’s a beauty, and Mel looks beautiful, too. Phoenix looks like Mel as a child =]

Melissa on

I’ve been a spice girls fan for AGES. I had the honor of meeting Melanie in July 2004. She was the nicest lady you will EVER meet! I think she’s so adult in this whole situation, and I have no doubt that he’s the dad. She’s not the kind who sleeps around. I’ve always had I had a lot in common with each one of the spice girls… now I’m not kidding. The day Angel was born is my birthday AND my middle name is Iris. Awesome! And Beautiful Baby too

Sarah on

Angel is very cute, Phoenix looks just like her dad and Mel looks amazing. She’s a hot mama.

Step up to the line now Eddie.

Stefanie on

These pics are really beautiful. Mel looks really good now, nothing like in the pregnancy pics. It looks like she got a lil nice family, even without Eddie.

Simone on

She is a doll and looks adorable very beautiful baby,I envy her i have 13 more weeks to go until i can hold my baby girl.

Over here in Germany you cant give your child the father’s last name or put him on the birth certificate if you are a single mother.

Andrea on

What a way to stand up for what you believe in without giving up your integrity and dignity. She has got to be one of the strongest women I have ever read about. She has poise and a sense of self. By the way that she has carried herself throughout this whole ordeal, you know that those girls are going to grow up to be such powerful women. The pictures are BEAUTIFUL. Good for her… regardless, she will be Okay, and I am glad that she did this interview… it just makes Eddie look even more foolish.

Trina on

I hope that once the test results are…Maury reads them ” Eddie, you are the father”…LOL.. No on a serious note. When you have children by someone you can’t factor in your feelings…It’s about the children and what’s best for them. If he is the father then she should have his name and his name should be on that birth certificate. It’s not about Mel or Eddie it’s about baby Angel. So Eddie take care of all your children even if that includes little Angel. Next time protect yourself and it won’t be an issue. ~This from a Single mom raising a son who has his father’s last name rightfully. Even though his father never questions paternity…he still hasn’t signed his birth certificate and that hurts!

emma on

What wonderful pictures and a great interview. Mel is a fantastic person and she looks absolutely gorgeous, her strong Leeds accent is the best too! Best wishes to her and her beautiful girls

Zbella on

I am impressed with Melanie’s attitude and actions through out her pregancy. Good for her. She is a wonderful mother and I wish her the best. Congrats on baby Angel Iris! Simply beautiful.

Julie on

Mr. Murphy.. I think you need to step up and do what you have to do. This baby is yours and she is telling the world. Honestly I think this child is better off without an a**hole like that. He knows ‘Angel Iris “Murphy” Brown’ is his. He needs to step up and do what he “feels” he has to do. I wonder what did happen anyways.. why the change of heart from him and why did he do it while she was on a plane. WHAT NERVE!!

What is wrong with all the men out there these days? I had this same situation happen to me. Except I didn’t have the whole “getting off the plane with swarms of paparazzi on me butt”. Aren’t there any good men out there anymore?

You go girl.. Congrats on the baby! She’s BEAUTIFUL!


I have been through something very similar. the fact that this child’s paternity is a question is stupid in itself. Since DNA testing has become so popular, it is used as an excuse by most men to prolong their responsibilities to their children. I thought all was well with someone I had known over half my life but when i uttered the words ‘I am pregnant’, you’d thought i’d hit him over the head with a hammer!…which later proved to be an excellent idea. It takes two and I didn’t feel like he should have questioned my child’s paternity because he knew all too well the comings and goings of me and he also knew he was in my face most of the time! just seemed unfair with all i had to worry about now there is some nonsense. in my opinion she did well and damn right the baby has his name…this woman is no fool and he is prolonging that test because he has realized how stupid he has been and the public shame is going to be more than he wants to deal with. i would only ask him if it was all worth it when he opened those results! how pathetic! and they think only the regular blue collar men do it…all of them have the tendency to do this and it sucks big time!

ariana on

that baby is gorgeous…she’s so brave to defend herself in the mag…she’s very proud of her children and she seems like a good mother…i wish her luck…and that baby does look like eddie…he needs to step up!

Tanika on

My baby cousin is ssooo gorgeous! Melanie also looks nice and i enjoyed this article, it really showed her take on all this and the fact that Eddie needs to step up!!!

Maya on

Mel looks so pretty and the baby is cute. Eddie Murphy should step up to the plate and stop being so immature. He should just take a DNA Test. I think the baby looks like him. God bless you Mel and Angel.

Melanie on

Absolutely beautiful! Mel B has carried herself with class and dignity throughout this pregnancy. What lucky little girls to have such a mom. Eddie, shame on you!

JoyJoy on

Go Mel that is how to sock it too him.

Lynne on

Well Mel l have to put my hat out to you you did good girl, keep it up you don’t need him, cos he let you down at the time you needede him most.
And this is to you EDDIE as a black man and such an high profile person l am disgusted with you 100% and to think another woman went out with you she does not have any SHAME you could have waited will she stick around l would not want her to be a step mother to my little girl. Knowing she step in, use condoms next time your not young. (boys will be boys)

Ronni on

I must say she loves her daughters and is not a shame of them, too bad Eddie is acting like a little kid, but he always has. I know she will take good care of Angel and Phoenix and love both her daughters with all her soul. She doesn’t need Eddie, but I can understand Melanie wanting Angel to know her father. Stay strong girl!!! (your beautiful)

Angela on

Eddie is quick to play and except them dam animals he better get it together and take care of what’s really his that’s ashame how we have men out here that knows that this child is his and will deny it in a minute and look this is a star that has the money to take of his baby but why would she be lying and desperate for him to be the father she has her own income, nice house, she has money so what would she be gaining by lying that’s ugly and Eddie Murphy is acting ugly is it because he is dating Tracy he should be denying that because that was someone elses WIFE he is spending time around her children what goes around comes around and what kind of woman would let a man not take care of his responsibity……..Eddie get it together

Denesha McGee on

That is a beatiful baby and if he’s the daddy then he needs to be a damn man!

sara on

lol im glad im not the only one that caught “murphy brown”!! but i think she has handled everything with class… and eddie you need to grow up and be a man!!


Eddie Murphy is a jerk! I dont know why she would have unprotected sex with his “how you doin” behind ANYWAY! shes lucky all she got was pregnant.

Ive always loved Mel B..shes my favorite Spice Girl. I admire her for having such a positive attitude through all of this. She is a strong woman. Im glad she put his name on the birth certificate and gave the baby his name..she is making it he cant deny his child even if he tries. and if by chance he dies shes making sure her baby is covered when the inheritance gets distributed! GO MEL!

And I dont know how he can deny his baby…the baby looks like him..she has his lips! I love that she was born on his birthday! That is hilarious!

Tracy Edmunds is a moron..I would never want to date a man who denies his child. If he does that to Melanie, she’d do the same thing to Tracy….or some other jerk move. A woman has to be pretty desperate to KNOW her man is an insensitive jerk and still be with him.

Eddie Murphy is a drag queen..I cant stand him!

adnerb on


People, People, People, why do we get so caught up in caring about wanna be celebs and who they’ve slept with. So what, Eddie doesn’t want to acknowledge the child. He’s not the first nor will he be the last.

Mel you’re not the first women that ANY man has denied paternity nor will you be the last.

This is what happen when you’re not married. If your relationship was so much of love, and trust, why didn’t the two of you get married?

Two babies — and different Daddy’s.

Dawn on

Adnerb, you don’t need a marriage license to have love in your relationship. Eddie is a piece of dirt who has been able to keep it on the down low that he has done this to other women…he deserves what he gets and I hope that Mel sticks it to him for the sake of her little girl.

Quit making Mel out to be a slag, she was MARRIED to the father of Phoenix. It isn’t like she plays along with every man in the western hemisphere.

Amanda on

How can any man not want to see or acknowledge this beautiful little girl. She is gorgeous, and will need a father.

The way he dumped Mel was brutal, he should have been a man and sorted it out with her properly instead of just ignoring her phone calls and going off with another woman.