Gillian Anderson on her children, Oscar and Piper

04/17/2007 at 09:21 PM ET

Actress Gillian Anderson, 38, recently chatted with the Scottish Sunday Express about her children – daughter Piper Maru, 12 1/2, and son Oscar, 5 months. Although Oscar was born three weeks prematurely in November, requiring a short stay in the NICU, he’s just fine now – and eating up a storm. Gillian says,

He’s a real bruiser. He is a very big lad and eats a lot. Usually he eats every two and a half to three hours, but last night, after he had just had a bottle 45 minutes previously, he seemed like he was hungry again. My partner [Mark Griffiths] and I were looking at each other and all of a sudden the baby started looking over towards where the bottle and milk were and he kept turning his head that way. I thought he couldn’t possibly be hungry again so soon. But I made him a bottle and he gulped the whole thing down.

[Oscar isn’t] sleeping through the night but he is very mellow. He doesn’t cry so much but when he is upset he just kind of yells at us.It is really funny. He goes…’aaaaah!’

Gillian also talks about how her daughter Piper has always come first for her, saying,

A lot of the decisions that I have made, and purposely have not made, have been as a result of the schedule with my daughter. She is a child of divorce and there is a schedule. It has actually worked extraordinarily well, but it has been very important for me that my work takes away from my time with her as little as possible.

Unfortunately it is not always possible. Something that you have already committed to gets moved.But it is a good place to start…always putting time with her first. It has caused some hassle here and there and it has been something that I have really had to stick to my guns with.

Actually, I have a period right now where I might be entering into quite a bit of work and for the first time she is excited about it. Now she wants to be part of it.

Source: Scottish Sunday Express

Thanks to CBB reader Sara.

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sara on

LOL, that was quick! I *just* sent this in!

But yeah…I love her lil’ Oscar-bottle story!
“He just kind of yells at us”


*Sara A.*

Katie on

“Did I not make myself clear?”

Aw, that story is cute. I love Gillian so much. That “work” she’s talking about better be the new X-Files movie or someone’s gonna pay.

sara on

haha, fellow Philes have invaded I see…

Toni on

Yes Sara they always do.

I love this story on Oscar! Especially the bit where he keeps looking over to the bottle!! lol

“oi get me my bottle!!”

Anna on

I absolutely love Gillian and am always so excited to see her on CBB! I’m sure her children are beautiful–I wish we could see more pictures of them. And I agree with the previous Philes; her next project better be XF2!
Admit it, she just wants to play house… 🙂

sara on

*Rubs hand in evil way* I see my plan is working!

Emily on

Yay, fellow X-Philes. I get so excited every time I see news about Gillian on CBB. I’m glad that I’m not alone. And I love this particle article.

Sara–is there a website link for the article? I’m just curious!

PerMani on

She has 2 more movies Helen and No One get off in this town, i dunno when the XF2 movie will be begin shooting.

I have to agree her comments about “little oscar” are too funny lol.