Update: Spice Girl Melanie Brown welcomes baby girl

04/16/2007 at 12:44 PM ET

Splashnews_lela220307b_05_cbbUpdate: Rest easy, Fortuna haters. Mel’s rep told the Associated Press on Friday that that is not the baby’s name. Apparently, she’s still waiting for one!

Other sites have reported the name to be Nadine Bibi – however, that’s Melanie’s publicist’s name, not her daughter’s.

Update April 6th: Brit tab The Mirror reports that the baby’s name may be Fortuna Daphne Bay. The Mirror also reports that older daughter Phoenix Chi, 8, brought mom Cadbury chocolates to eat while she nurses the baby!

Originally posted April 3rd:Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown (aka Scary Spice) welcomed her second daughter early this morning. The baby girl, who has yet to be named, was born at 12:11am at St. John’s hospital in Santa Monica. Baby Brown weighed in at 5 lbs, 4 oz and is 18 inches long.

According to her publicist,

Mel had driven herself to hospital after experiencing initialcontractions and breakage of waters at home. The birth was straightforward and withoutcomplication. The baby is completely healthy with a good head of hair. No name has been decided on yet, and she is purely known as Baby Brown.

Melanie’s mother and daughter, Phoenix Chi, 8, from her marriage to Jimmy Gulzar, were present at the birth. Melanie’s mother said,

She is looking forward to catching up on some sleep. Both mother and baby are expected to leave the hospital in the next few days and are looking forward to going back home.

A friend told US Weekly that,

It was an easy birth. The baby’s light-skinned and beautiful. Mel is thrilled!

Eddie Murphy is said to be the father of the little girl, but he disputes this claim. The baby was born on his 46th . The same source tells Us that,

Mel said, ‘He can read about it.’ The baby being born on his is purely coincidence – Mel had anatural birth, not a Cesarean section.

Source: Extra, News.com.au and PEOPLE

Thanks to CBB readers Jade, Michelle, Steffi and Katherine.


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lucy on

finally eddie murphey is a right idiot!

Marilyn on

Hello! magazine says the baby was born in the early hours of Tuesday, April 3, but anyway, congratulations to her. I wonder what she’ll name her.

Ashley on

Congratulations to Melanie! I hope mother and baby continue to do well! I bet Phoenix is excited to be a big sister!


Kristin Winterhoff on

The baby weighed in at 5lbs. 4 ounces according to People magazine. Congrats to her!

A Non on

People.com says the baby is a boy.

They’re incorrect, then.

catherine on

Congratulations Melanie on the safe arrival of your new baby girl !!

Can’t wait to hear her name and look forward to seeing if Eddie Murphy really is the daddy , which I believe he is !

tink1217 on


Lorus on

Congratulations to Mel and Phoenix! I can’t wait to hear what name she chooses.

Hopefully now there will be an easy DNA test and Eddie Murphy will pay up!

J-LIn on

Congrats. I’m sure she’s beautiful.

gabriella on

Rumors were right it’s a little girl. Wow born on Eddie’s 46th birthday too. Baby was pretty small weight.

stephanie on

The baby was born on Eddie’s birthday!

Lola on

congrats to melanie. I too think Eddie is the daddy. A paternity test will tell.

MB on

Was the baby born early? That seems like a light birth weight…

Posh_Fan on

Phoenix was little too when she was born……bout 5 or 6 pounds.

Congrats to Mel! Yaaay another Spice baby!! I bet Victoria is right jealous LOL!

Becky on

Congrats Mel, I bet the baby is beautiful! Can’t believe the little girl was that small when Mel seemed to have such a big bump! Hope it is revealed soon that Eddie is the father which I am pretty sure he is! Looking forward to finding out the baby’s name 2!

Jen on

Marilyn is it not possible Hello are quoting local times for UK?

Ggirl on

How funny on Eddie Murphy’s Birthday. God has such a sense of humor!!!!! Of all days…

Emma on

Appearently Mel has named the baby girl Fortuna Daphne Bay Brown.

If the name was mentioned in the Wiki article you linked, it’s no longer there. What’s the source of the name? We can’t find it anywhere.

T.B on

This site also lists the baby’s name as
Fortuna Daphne Bay


Natasha on

Ew. Horrible name.

tink1217 on

Fortuna? Interesting name. Oh well, another celeb baby name! Its just great the baby is healthy and they are doing well. Wonder when we will know that Eddie is definitely the daddy??

Heather on

Daphne Bay would have been cute but I don’t like Fortuna.

lillie on

Fortuna? That’s just cruel!

Lara on

Fortuna is horrible, even little Apple Martin is going to pick on her. It’s too bad, because Daphne is lovely and quite underused. Bay is also very pretty and hasn’t been seen much since the fifties. Daphne Bay Brown would have been delightful and refreshing.

Lori on

Oh dear. I had hoped she’d give the baby a normal name but what can you expect when you have Phoenix to keep up with 😉

Congratulations anyway

Callen on

Gosh Cut of the For part. the kids name is Tuna! She might ditch that part. And name her Daphne Bay Brown.

sam on

Fortuna? Isn’t that the name of the gypsy/witch in The Last Unicorn? Not a pleasant visual image.

Nicole on

I may be crazy, but aren’t you supposed to stay away from chocolate during nursing. Supposedly gives the baby a stomach ache or something…As far as the name, I’m not surprised. Crazy name from a crazy lady. And you totally know Eddie’s the daddy. Can’t wait to see how long it take for her to get it done….Poor Dannielynn is 7 months old and still doesn’t have a daddy.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

I don’t like the name at all!!!!

Marilyn on

Fortuna is a last name. Daphne would be okay for her first name, though. All I think of is tuna fish hearing the name Fortuna. I hope The Mirror is wrong.

stephanie on

Yeah, the name first appeared in a wikipedia article. I think it’s another Sutton Pierce.

ang on

congrats to mel & phoenix & yup victoria will be soooooooo jealous LOL

ps.if this is the correct name, her middle name should be cookie. if ur gonna have an unusual name, may as well go all out!

lulusass on

Poor little thing,thats so UN…fortuna…TE!

Loop on

I love the name Fortuna – its unique and rooted in roman mythology and probably has some meaning for Mel. Congrats to her!

gabriella on

Fortuna Daphane bay, don’t like that name at all, but than again her 1st daughter’s name isn’t cute either. Oh well to each is own, can’t wait to find out if Eddie is the daddy, I think he is.

Nicole on

Welcome 2 the world..Baby Brown..I refuse to except the name Fortuna..Ugh..but i was surprised at Phoenix..so i guess noone ever knows what’s going to pop into Mel’s head. One more Spice baby to go (Emma’s)Untill they get back together..wooo hoo. Yep and I wonder was any spice girls present for the birth..like maybe Geri???

Nina on

I’m having issues about the whole “light-skinned” comment. When black babies are born, most of them are all light and get darker as their skin is exposed to the sun. So, she may get darker as she gets older. That may also put a spin on some of the animosity on Eddie’s part.

PSB on

I thought the light-skinned comment was weird too. Aren’t most black babies light-skinned at birth? Also, it’s just a weird thing to mention–one wouldn’t normally comment on the shade of an Asian/White/Latina baby’s skin.

eabdeb8176 on

People.com reported the baby’s birth on Tuesday April 3rd the day the baby was born. They never claimed that the baby was a boy. I make a point of visiting both People.com and Celebrity Baby Blog in the morning to catch up on the latest news. The original post is still on their site.

It was reported last friday (I don’t remember the site) that the baby’s name is NOT Fortuna Daphne Bay.

When they initially posted the birth, in the middle of the night, yes, People.com did have up that it was a boy. They changed it very quickly though. They did the same thing with Liv Tyler a few years ago too – People.com said she had a girl, then they changed it to a boy when they got a better source!

And the name not being Fortuna Daphne Bay is why the post has been updated and bumped up. 🙂

Alicia Griffin on

Congradulations! Hey I have a name for Melani’s baby. Are you ready everyone? Since that baby’s father is reportedly Eddie’s – she should name her… EDINA. Kinda has a cute ring to it, huh?

Andrea on

Don’t know if the case is the same in US as in UK but don’t you have to have the babys name for the birth certifcate?!
If, as reported, she has put Eddie’s name on the certificate surely that means she has named her daughter? They found Suri Cruises and Grier Hammonds!!