Gwen Stefani: If you had paparazzi outside your house, you'd make sure you looked good too!

04/12/2007 at 03:04 PM ET

Gwen_stefani2_180Songstress Gwen Stefani, 37, appears on the May cover of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. In the issue, the mother of Kingston James McGregor Rossdale, 10 months, chats about struggling with her weight, nursing, and what she thinks of Gavin as a father. The highlights:

On looking good out in public: If you had paparazzi outside your house, you’d make sure you looked good, too. I was dying to get out of the house [during my pregnancy], but I had to sneak into the back ofmy brother Todd’s car – eight months pregnant – and lie down on thefloor. Just so we could go to Target.

Losing that post-pregnancy weight: It’s so much work afterward to get the weight off.  I thought I was going to throw up [the first time I went jogging after Kingston was born]. If youjust do it, it comes off. And when you’re nursing, like I am, yourmetabolism is like whoosh!

You’re sleep-deprived, but you have this crazy amount of energy because of all those hormones. I’m scared what’ll happen when it all stops. what it’ll feel like, going back to the regular me.

A lifelong struggle: Seriously, though, it’s very boring and embarrassing and I hate talking about it, but it’s true. I’ve always been ona diet, ever since I was in the sixth grade. It’s an ongoing battle andit’s a nightmare. But I like clothes too much, and I always wanted towear the outfits I would make. And I’m veryvain. [laughs] I let myself cheat once or twice a day with acookie or pizza.

On Gavin as a father: I even wrote in a song, ‘You seem like you’d be a good dad.‘ [From ‘Simple Kind of Life’]. So, yeah he’s lived up to my expectations, more than. He hasalways been very loving and romantic.

Rinse and repeat: Now I’m in a repeater zone. I just want to make babies and make records.

Gavin on Gwen and Kingston: He arrives at the interview, carrying Kingston. Gavin beams while talking about their son. ‘He’s already got four teeth. And he’s keeping Gwen up a lot, because she’s nursing. But other than that, he’s a happy little boy.’

Source: Harper’s Bazaar via People and Us Weekly.


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Christiane F. on

Gorgeous! Her Harper’s Bazaar pics are stunning. It’s gotta be stressful being followed by the Paparazzi (as she obviously is since there are tons of pics of her out & about) It’s hard enough having a baby, but the added pressure of putting out an album, going on tour, doing interviews, and looking great every day? Wow. Somehow she pulls it off, with flying colors I might add! 🙂

Lola on

I really hope that Gwen stops being so obsessed with her weight. She’s looking too thin lately.

Liza on

I’m really waiting for someone to say “I’m nursing and I DID NOT LOSE THE WEIGHT” I have a 5 month old and a 22 month old, and I can not drop the poundage and I nursed/am nursing and lost all of 20 of the collective 70 pounds I gained with both of them. I love Gwen and I’m not bashing her but this is the third or fourth thing I’ve read today about people attributing their weight loss to nursing. I know when I was in the hospital the lactation consultant says “Bla bla bla it will help you return to your pre-pregnancy weight easier” NOT! Gwen is a very hands on mom, this is not about her, but I wish I had someone to watch my kids for me so I have TIME to work out!! YEEESSH!

done ranting 🙂

Jessica B. on

I love Gwen. She’s such an insparation to me and all of my friends. When I read this, I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I know a lot about Gwen from the internet, but this is some real hands-on stuff. I agree with you Christiane, she is a great mom from what all the Paparazzi and ads say. But I believe she is really, I mean look at all of her interviews, she always said she wanted kids, even when she was with No Doubt. One of the songs that really suggest that is “Simple Kind of Life”. She is my idol, and I want all of her L.A.M.B. clothes, and I might even start a band! I just hope she will be around for a much longer time.

Carrie on

I really don’t think that Gwen is saying nursing is what made her lose weight – she says in the article or another one recently that nursing boosted her metabolism and combined with working out with a trainer and lots of exercise (which is probably way more formal exercise than us average Joes can fit in) – that’s how the weight came off so fast. I did read an article on Liv Tyler recently where she admitted that she did not think nursing contributed to any weight loss – that it took a really long time and tons of hard work and determination.

I have nursed each of my boys for close to two years each, and did not find weight loss easy. But I know these ladies pay trainers a whole lot, and in COMBINATION with nursing, they look fabulous a lot quicker than us!

maria on

I really like her too. I love how she always looks well put together. I think it’s very important to look your best. I don’t think she’s obsessed with her weight so much as she loves fashion and knows she can’t pull some fashion outfits off with a big gut! My friend works as well and doesn’t have a nanny but she got a jogging stroller and takes her baby with her to go run every other day. It’s very do-able if you are really determined.

Corinne on

She does look great! I think it depends on the person. I have a pretty quick metabolism to begin with, gained 25 pounds my first pregnancy, and lost it by my 6-week post-partum checkup… and all I did was breastfeed. I didn’t diet, I didn’t work out, I just nursed.

I really think it depends on the individual body. Some women shed it quickly, others don’t shed as quickly, and still others don’t shed it at all. But, in the long run, what really matters is caring for our children the best we can, and not a number on the scale. IMO.

Natasha on

Hmmmm, I know Gwen’s been with Gavin a long time (at least since around ’96 or ”97) but I alway thought that song “Simple Kind Of Life” was refering to her cute Indian ex-boyfriend from No Doubt (Kanal?). If I remember correctly there was an Indian baby shown on the video at the point where those lyrics take place. I love that song by the way!

April on

I love Gwen! It’s nice to know her son is keeping her up at night too. It’s an inspiration because if she can do it with all the things she’s got going on, I can too!

About the nursing/weight thing, it really depends on your body type. Nursing worked like a charm for my baby weight, but always carrying my baby around did too.

preesi on

Breastfeeding does NOTHING to actually speed up the metabolism. What it does is pulls all the extra stored FAT in your body into making calorie and fat rich milk for your growing baby…
Thats why moms gain EXTRA weight, to produce milk…

Lola on

As soon as she had the baby she was jogging with a trainer. It was in US magazine a couple of times.

Maria on

Actually – I know several women (myself included – for both my girls – 3 yrs and 14 months) that lost the baby exclusively through nursing. Yes, you can hate me, but it’s true. I have not exercised once. And after my first, actually lost all the 45lbs I gained in 3 months because she was permanently attached to my boob!! I know it doesn’t work on everybody, but it does help.

PSB on

I nursed for 12 months and I worked out in the gym daily for the last four months of nursing–and STILL could not lose one pound of the baby weight. I only started losing through exercise and diet after I weaned. I think my body wanted to hold onto all the extra weight to make milk.

One celebrity who said she had the same problem is Nelly Furtado–she nursed for 2yrs and kept on 30lbs until she weaned. Hope that encourages all of you nursing moms who haven’t dropped the pounds through breastfeeding.