Valerie Bertinelli diets with her son

04/11/2007 at 09:05 PM ET

Valerie_bertinelli2_180Valerie Bertinelli was featured in People Magazine last week talking about her new weight loss goal through Jenny Craig. She has decided to take on her 30 pound weight loss goal with her son, Wolfgang, 16, with ex-Eddie Van Halen. Valerie explained to People how it was almost impossible to avoid weight gain while she was raising her young son, saying,

I was in the airport 5 days a week [while working on Touched by an Angel]. I would fly home just to tuck Wolf in and then be gone again.

After years of this pattern, Valerie noticed both her and her son were gaining weight and she decided they would both go on Jenny Craig. Of the diet, Wolf told People,

Every piece of food in this house is Jenny Craig. It’s working though, so, maybe it’s for the best.

Wolf also talked about how proud he is of his mom.

We had a huge cake [for my ] and my mom had her Jenny Craig fettuccini. I’m proud of her, she’s really working at it.

Wolf is a sophomore in high school and is a guitarist. He often plays bass in his dad’s band and was planning to go on tour with dad and Van Halen this summer until Eddie checked into rehab for alcoholism in March.

Source: People Magazine April 16th issue, pg. 109

Have you and your kids lost weight together?

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Heather on

Its always easier to diet when the people you live with are dieting too, so there’s no tempting bad foods around and you can motivate each other. Good for them for going at it together. I myself have lost 45 pounds and am back to my skinny old self, so I know its hard work but totally worth it. I’m rooting for them!

LaMama on

Valerie is beautiful no matter what size she is!

Autumn on

Valarie is actually an admitted size 14, which is actually the average size of most American women these days. In the photo where she’s wearing a t-shirt under another blouse she really doesn’t look that fat, compared to the tunic she’s wearing on the cover. (Then they compare that to an old pic of Val in designer jeans from the late 70s, back when she was probably 18 yrs old and a size 2. Is Brooke Sheilds the same size now as she was back when she wore her ‘Calvins’ at age 16? I doubt it. lol.)

Anyway, good luck to Val and Wolfgang on their weightloss efforts. Yeah Wolfgang’s heavier than his dad, Eddie, however think of all of the (substance & health) issues Eddie’s had in the past and how THEY may have contributed to him being slim.

Christiane F. on

I love Valerie. I just read the People mag article & she seems like the kind of gal you could hang out with…very down to earth. I wish her the best in her weight loss endeavors! 🙂

jan on

I read Valerie’s book and I can relate to it! It also made me realize that just because she and her husband were celebs, they had problems to work out, too! I thought it was interesting that both Valerie and Ed were stressed out, but she turned to food, to deal with stress, and he turned to drugs and alcohol, but they finally both got on the right track, and even though they are divorced, they still get a long, probably better than they did when they were married, and their son, Wolfgang, is able to have a good life with both of them! There are many lessons to be learned by reading Valerie’s book, not only for people who want to loose weight and /or get off drugs and alcohol, but it also sets a good example for separated and divorce parents to learn how to get a long with your ex, if for nothing else, but to make your kids life tolerable.