Mel B puts Eddie Murphy's name on baby's birth certificate

04/11/2007 at 05:49 PM ET

Splashnews_lela220307b_05_cbb The Mirror and People are reporting that Melanie "Scary Spice" Brown has listed her ex, actor/comedian Eddie Murphy as her newborn daughter’s father on the baby’s birth certificate. Melanie’s daughter, rumored to be named Fortuna Daphne Bay, was born on April 3, which also happens to be Eddie’s . A friend of Melanie’s says,

He’s definitely been named on the birth certificate.

Her rep tells Extra,

Yes it is correct. Eddie is down as the father.

Melanie and Eddie have been at odds over the paternity of Melanie’s infant since she announced her pregnancy.  The former pop star has insisted that Eddie is her baby’s father, while he has publicly said the baby ‘could be anyone’s.’ Friends say Melanie does want Eddie to step up and take responsibility, but doesn’t want the funnyman to be present in her or her baby’s life. The friend adds,

She doesn’t want him involved because he has hurt her too much. She just feels that he will have to accept responsibility at some point and there was no need for him to be so dismissive of their relationship.

Source: Mirror & People

Thanks to CBB readers Michelle and Mary Beth.

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G-Girl on

I don’t blame Mel B. for not wanting Eddie in her daughter’s life. It is a shame what he did to her at such a joyous time in her life. Eddie clearly made his desicions based on image with Tracey Edmonds with his upcoming Oscar nomination. But have you seen Eddie and Tracey out in public since he lost? No. Next you will hear rumors they have broken up. A lot of people say Tracey used Eddie because she wanted to be back in the lime light. But he used her too! Come to think of it, they are good together!!!

amh678 on

I think Eddie’s behavior is disgusting. Melanie is obviously 100% sure of the baby’s paternity, and she has never wavered from that. He should stop behaving so immaturely, and deal with his newest responsibility. This is a child, not a toy. I hope she grows up in a loving, nurturing environment, and isn’t too affected by the negativity her father has already exposed her to.

FC on

I feel sorry for that baby. I don’t see anyone else being the father but Eddie. And why would Mel B lie? For whatever reason he wants to deny, deny, deny. I don’t even know what for. All he’s doing is hurting himself and that baby, who doesn’t deserve to be shunned in this way.

Eddie made his bed, and he needs to just lie in it and deal with his actions.

It was almost like he knows and was trying to backtrack and do damage control when Tracey made some comment about if he’s the father then he’ll be responsible.

Well, Eddie best get himself prepared!

Honest Logic on

We should not assume that this is Eddie’s baby. He may know something that we are not priviledged to. A paternity test should solve it all. This could possibly be a lesson to all… regardless of a person’s status protected sex is must. Men don’t always want to father children by certain women, and women shouldn’t be assume that men are going to step up to the plate when certain situations occur. If I were a man, I would not assume that I was the only person a woman has had unprotected sex with and as a woman I won’t have unprotected sex with a man without realizing there could be consequences that he may not want to be involved in. Now a child is involved and regardless to the results, someday this entire situation will be disclosed and only at the child’s expense. It will be hurtful. I won’t judge either of them. They both made a bad decision and they should have the paternity test and go from there.