Rachel Weisz and Henry Chance in Brazil

03/30/2007 at 01:58 PM ET

Actress Rachel Weisz and her son Henry Chance Aronofsky, 9 1/2 months, were spotted perusing a marketplace while vacationing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We’re not sure what she’s sporting on her forehead. Jared thinks it’s a gold bindi to signify her married status – but she’s only engaged, as far as we know.


938_s In other photos from this set, Rachel is pictured with their Quinny Topline Papillon.
Another stroller, the Quinny Buzz, will be hitting the US market in May. You probably haven’t seen it in person if you live in the US, but it’s all over Europe and is a well-kept secret in Canada. The Dutch three-wheel stroller has ‘gas spring’ technology which means it can be unfolded with one hand, a forward and rear-facing seat, accommodates the highly popular European car seat, the Maxi Cosi Cabrio, and has an optional bassinet attachment.  Heidi Klum has one in Navy.

Right now, in the US, the Quinny Buzz will be available at Baby Dealz ($429 and free shipping), Elite Car Seats($499), and Baby Proofing Plus ($399 and free shipping). We are not aware of any physical retail stores selling them at this point. You can always go on vacation to Europe and pick one up there! Or, for our Canadian readers, CBB reader Jennifer suggests you check out Sears Canada – you can get Rachel’s exact stroller for $450, and they’ll ship it within the country.

Image by INFphoto.

Do you have a Quinny stroller? Do you like it?

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zarasmom on

my friend has a zapp and it makes this awful clacking noise on the sidewalk. it is cute, but i like my bugaboo a lot better. I wonder if the buzz clacks too?

Cathy on

That’s an old picture more than a few months old when Rachel was at Carnival.

The photo agency just put them up today, for whatever reason. Do you have a more specific date? The agency says March and that’s all.

Virginia on

It isn’t from Ash Wednesday is it? I mean, with her being in Brazil and it being nearly Easter. I don’t know. I haven’t given thought to this enough!

Angela on

Hi Editor Sarah – just so you know, the Quinny stroller pictured under Rachel is the Quinny Speedi, not the Quinny Buzz. I’m not meaning any offense; just thought you may have inadvertently posted the Speedi instead of the Buzz. Of course you can always check out http://www.quinny.com to compare the two.

I don’t mean for you to post my comment – I just wanted you to know!

Cheers, Angela

Leone on

I am Dutch, lots of bugaboos and Quinnys overhere. Also Koolstra and Mutsy are favorite. I own a Quinny freestyle 3XL and a zapp, no strange noises and very happy with both. The Quinny is a very good car for tall daddies.

Mom2Ethan on

If the picture was taken back in March, there is a good possibility that the mark upon Rachel’s forehead is from the Ash Wednesday blessing, or as one of the Just Jared’s readers pointed out, a blessing from the church for new mothers…

andrea on

I have a Quinny Zapp and its great – lightweight, packs into a tiny bag and is good for taller parents. Quinnys are easy to find in stores in Canada

sophie on

I have a Quinny Buzz and I really like it. I also have a Quinny Zapp. You can see it on my personal blog : http://denat13.skyblog.com

Olivia on

We’ve tried the Quinny Speedy XL. It’s okay. Good for jogging, but a bit of a pain to fold and too big (well maybe not if you’re used to a Grace they’re big too, lol). I also like having the option of having the baby face me, which this stroller cannot do. The Buzz is completely different and much more posh than the Zapp. It is really pricey though, especially with the carry cot and cosy toes. The Zapp is meant to be “no frills” for travelling and even comes with a backet so you can attach it to your bike.

parvathy on

I’m from India. The bindi doesn’t really hold any significance. It might have a very long time ago, but now it’s just a fashion statement. I wear different colored bindis when I dress up in an Indian outfit…and I’m not dating, engaged, or married.

misstypea on


I’m from Rio, Brazil… and Rachel is in an Island in Angra dos Reis. It’s Caras’s Island. It’s a very beautiful place and it’s an “magazine Island”. She appeared in the magazine the last 3 weeks. And this picture is in the last one. It’s really new. Rachel said Henry loves to travel, like her, and he doesn’t like to stay a long time without doing anything. Cute!

p.s: I don’t have any idea of what is that thing in Rachel’s forehead… I can tell you it’s NOT a brazilian costum… we use rings to represent we are marriage here… I’ll try to find out what is this, if I discover, I put here…

Mary on

as someone pointed the mark has is a catholic blessing for Ash wendnesday.

Cathy on

That picture was taken on February 21, 2007 for Ash Wednesday and here is the proof:


In one of the pictures there, Rachel is wearing the same shirt.


Jennifer on

It’s not the Quinny Buzz she is strolling with it’s the Quinny Speedi. The Papillon is out of the topline collection.

The Buzz is the answer from Quinny for the Bugaboo, it’s more compact than the Speedi. The Speedi can’t be folded by one hand.

Look at the quinny website, there you can see the difference.

Emily on

I’m catholic, and thats not a sign of ash wednesday- as the name suggests, we have ashes on our forehead that day, not dots.

Julie on

I’ve been looking for the right pram in months now and two days ago I finally decided on a Quinny Freestyle 3xl. As my son is only 1 years old and still needs his two naps a day the sleeping comfort was important to me. He can lay flat down and he’s strapped in a good way. I also love the big tires as I go for long walks every day. It’s quite big when you fold it together but compared to a combi pram it’s not at all and it folds well together. I live in an apartment so I can’t fit in more than one pram, and this one gives me it all. And the fact that you can use the Dreami bag and Maxi Cosi car seat with it is just excellent. If I had my baby over again I would definitely go for this one 🙂

Melissa on

The picture you show is a Quinny Speedi not a Quinny Buzz.

We are showing the stroller Rachel is pushing in the other photos, which you’re right, is not a Buzz. The Buzz info is about it coming out in the US soon. I just changed the wording of the post, so hopefully it’s clearer.

Danielle, CBB Publisher on

I believe Rachel is Jewish so I’m not sure she would have ashes on her head for Ash Wednesday.

Cathy on

“I’m catholic, and thats not a sign of ash wednesday- as the name suggests, we have ashes on our forehead that day, not dots.”

That is an ash on her forehead and they do look like dots.

chicakms on

I’m catholic too and it doesn’t look like ashes to me either…they’re ususally more oblong shaped and larger in size…more smudged.

here’s what wikipedia says about her:
Early life

Weisz (surname pronounced [vaɪs] or “vice”; it is a variant spelling of the German word weiß, “white”) was born in London, England and grew up in Hampstead. Her father, George Weisz, is a Hungarian-born inventor whose family fled to England to escape Nazi persecution. Her mother, Edith, is a Vienna-born Austrian psychoanalyst and aspiring actress. Weisz’s father is Jewish and her mother has been referred to as either Catholic,[1] Jewish,[2][3] or having Jewish ancestry.[4] Weisz refers to herself as Jewish.[5][6]

Cathy on

“I’m catholic too and it doesn’t look like ashes to me either…they’re ususally more oblong shaped and larger in size…more smudged.”

That is an ash smudged on Weisz’s forehead.

dn marley on

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layla marie on

How cute! she looks so happy in that photo….Congrats on baby boy!