John O'Hurley's nickname for William Dylan

03/30/2007 at 08:25 AM ET

Dancing with the Stars and Spamalot‘s John O’Hurley was on Live with Regis and Kelly yesterday, an episode that aired in November before the birth of his first child William Dylan, now 3 1/2 months, but he revealed his nickname for his son.

Willy Dilly. My wife [Lisa] slaps me every time I do that.

What are your nicknames for your kids?


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misty on

My daughter, Isabel, is 4 and her nick name has changed a few times since birth. Right now we call her Boodle.

Tracy on

I call my son Googy, b/c he was my first born and for the 1st couple of months he would make that goo sound all babies make, and so I called him googoo, then as he got older it turned to Googy, he loves me to call him that and he’s 7 now.

katie on

We call my 5yr old daughter, Mia, Mama Mia (of course), my 3yr old son PJ, PeejAlleej or Peej, and my 1 yr old son, Rocco, Rock-Rock or just Rock.
When Mia was little, her nickname was Punky Poo-Poo

Loralee on

My oldest son Andrew (10)is Drewbear, but not in public. My daughter Mari is Marzi or Calamari and my youngest,Adam, is AdamWadamChoo or Choo. I’m forbidden from using their nicknames is public.

Aileen on

My 5 year old daughter is named Cecilia. But
we call her Cheech or Beans, short for Chi-chi bean. Her twin sister, Lucy, is Lulu berry.

Heather on

My daughter, Raina, has had a few nicknames. She was stinkerbell for awhile then I started calling her Booga and now I go back and forth between Booga and Monkey Butt. lol My husbands nickname for her is Gorgeous.

Carrie on

My eldest daughter Shannon is almost 9, and we call her Shan, Shannie or Baby. My other daughter Kaitlin is 6 1/2 and we call her Buggywugg or Bug, as she was little when she was born we said she was like a tiny little bug and it stuck.

Melissa 7/7/78 on

My 2 yr old son Logan’s nickname is Monkey (by me) because while I hold his hands with his body facing me, he climbs your body. I also call him Baby. My husband calls him Buddy. Not sure why! I think it’s a guy thing.

Laura on

Here’s something funny. My 4 year old’s name is William Dylan and a friend of ours calls him Willy Dilly all the time! We actually call him by his middle name. That was the plan since before his birth, since we thought that William Dylan flowed better than Dylan William — kind of a mouthful.

Lilybett on

My neices and nephews and little brothers cop all the nicknames:
Rebbekah is Bekstar
Nicholaas is Knickers
Isabella is Bella-boo
Charlotte is Char-lily
Oscar is Occy
Benjamin is Squenge or Benny and the Jets
Isaac is Possum or Zackster
Alexander (who was the only boy in the family for years) was called Boy or John-Boy, now he gets Xarnie-Farnie-Barnie or Colonel Xanders.

Suze on

My dad has always called me Dimples, or Dimps for short, since I was tiny, because when I was younger I had the hugest dimples (I’ve only got one now, it’s still pretty big though!)…. Sad thing is, he STILL calls me by my childhood nickname- and I’m 22… Gets pretty emnbarrassing when someone calls to speak to me and he yells my nickname upstairs! My aunties also all used to call me Davina when I was younger because I look so like my dad, who’s called David!

Katee on

My oldest son Jackson is Lil’Man, My daughter Tiler is T-money or Tater or T-tot, then the baby of the group (at least till may when baby sister comes) Blaze is Noddle to me and Crash to his daddy.

latisha on

my little cousin amber (3) calls her self Bay-Lah. Though I’ve always given her the name Lucy, since she was in diapers. Amber Lucy is what I call her.

her name is Amber Michele

angela on

my god daughter is summerbummer, to me, but my mom calls her winter, because LOL she was born Christmas Eve, her cousin is Elly Welly with a Jelly Belly, because she is five weeks older, and nearly five pounds heavier. My nick name is Lakie, or Angeba. Lakie because my last name is Lake, and Angeba has been since I was about two and one of my mom’s friend’s boys couldn’t say my full name, it has stuck some twenty years later.

Ame on

My son, Tiege (pronounced Tyge) is Tiger. My daugher Aidyn is either Princess or Aidabelle. I tried to shorten it to just Aida but it didn’t work. I’m a huge fan of nicknames.

Jennifer on

My son 1yr old Evan: Alternately Evster and EJ-Dahling (must be said like Tim Gunn on Project Runway or Thurston Howell III). Previously Scooter.
My daughter 9 yr old Jordan: J, Jojo, Jordache, Meshugeneh (crazy woman in yiddish) & Margaret (don’t ask).
This has led to my nickname as Jomama, my son just calls me “Ma!”.