Gisele Bundchen says having a family will be her 'greatest achievement'

03/29/2007 at 08:19 AM ET

74889935_b98f76739c_o Although she is denying pregnancy rumors, model Gisele Bundchen, 26, says having a family will be her greatest achievement. She said,

Everybody is different, but for me, having a family will be my greatest achievement. When you have a family that you can raise the way your parents raised you then I think you have succeeded. I have that dream. I don’t know when it’s going to happen. Everything in life has to be planned. I’ve very old-fashioned. I believe in being married and going to your husband and saying, ‘Let’s have a kid.’

Gisele says she has ‘no idea’ how the pregnancy rumors surrounding her and her quarterback boyfriend Tom Brady started, but insists, "I never speak about my personal life."

Source: Female First

Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.

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melanie on

Since when is being married and planning a baby “old-fashioned”?? I think that’s a weird statement to make.

Allison on

It is old-fashioned in the world she is surrounded by and– really everywhere else you see. Why does what she said sound weird to you? Take a look at how many single people are choosing to have and raise a child on their own, or how many couples are having children first, then marrying, or never marrying. It’s the world we live in.
I think more people are living together than are married. Not judging, but what she said is not weird in comparison to all that.

Anon on

I think Gisele is definitely starting a cat fight.

KarenC on

I agree with her values. There is nothing
old-fashioned about wanting to be married

Grace on

I really wish the press would stop asking her if she’s pregnant. It’s none of their business if she is or isn’t.

And I fail to see how her answering a question honestly about her own life qualifies as trying to start a catfight. She’s talking about her own life. She hasn’t said one bad thing in the press about Bridget. And I see nothing wrong with her saying that she wants to have a baby that is planned – isn’t that what most people hope for.

Sam on

It’s amazing that people here are so quick to come to the defense of Gisele, a woman who has no problem dating a man who left his pregnant girlfriend. She should shut her trap, she sounds desperate and shows zero sensitivity to Bridget at this delicate time in her pregnancy.

How do you explain the Boston Herald confirming someone in Gisele’s camp emailing them and making derogatory statements about Bridget in the press. Even the Boston Herald was able to pick up that these recent statements by her are underhanded, veiled digs at Bridget.

It doesn’t matter that she didn’t directly address Bridget, the words she chose to characterize being “old fashioned” and then proceeding to mention “I believe in being married and going to your husband and saying “let’s have a kid””. You guys can spin around it all you want but that was a nasty thing to say knowing your current boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s situation. You really think this is not a veiled dig at Bridget?

Don’t worry, Gisele, Tom isn’t going to marry you either.

Claudia on

wow Sam bitter much?

Cindy on

Gisele and her sister’s and/or friends are the ones who put out the pregnancy rumors right after Bridget announced she was expecting. I’ve read that she’s the jealous type and she just can’t stand Tom having his first child with another woman. So she put the rumors out there. Then she had the stupid story planted that she and Tom were buying a place together with a nursery for his and Bridget’s baby. As if Bridget would let that skag touch her baby. Gisele’s camp says that Bridget is trying to upset Gi, but the facts seem to show that it is Gisele who is trying to upset and intimidate Bridget.

Giselle made sure her (now) famous remarks about Tom being “definitely not too shabby”, but that if he had a girlfriend(which he did)then he was gay to her. In other words, “Hey Tom, ditch Bridget and we’re on”. So he dumps his pregnant girlfriend and the rest is history. Any woman, supermodel or no, who clings to a man who is expecting a baby with his ex is a skank, plain and simple. I didn’t like her when she was with Leo and I despise her now.

I wish Bridget and her baby healthy, happy, loving years ahead.

For Tom I wish a losing season come Fall, lost endorsements, and life with the airhead Gisele(they deserve each other).

For Gisele I wish nothing but bad luck…

Lexi on

its really funny sam that you seem to have it out for gisele. yet its tom that left a girlfriend. and then you are talking about tom like he is some price that gisele is hopping will marry her.

i for one find it fishy the circumstance of bridget’s pregnancy.