Announcing the winners of the First Annual Celebrity Baby Blog Awards

03/28/2007 at 10:41 AM ET

FirstannualcbbawardsCelebrity Baby Blog Readers have spoken and the numbers are in!  Over 4,000 electronic ballots have been submitted and tallied and we have the results of the First Annual Celebrity Baby Blog Awards. Readers picked allof the categories, nominees AND winners!

It was a banner year for celebrity births. The competition was stiff, and the reader response was overwhelming! With Awards season out of the way for their parents, the real stars of Hollywood– the babies– can finally add some bling of their own to the family mantles!

For the complete list of nominations and winners, click Continue Reading.

It turned out to be a near sweep for the ever-growing blended family, the Jolie-Pitts. Along with the adoption their new son, Pax Jolie, the blended family can celebrate a near-sweep, with first-timers Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner snagging wins for new-mom style. The most anticipated baby of 2007? Julia Robert’s impending follow-up to Favorite Twins winners, Hazel and Finn Moder! We also asked readers what they considered the nuttiest celebrity baby story of 2006. Results probably won’t surprise you.

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Nuts200x150 Two lucky readers who answered the "What is the nuttiest celebrity baby story of 2006?" question, sponsored by Everybody’s Nuts, won a variety packs of all 4 flavors of Everybody’s NutsPistachios and a tee shirt.

The winners are…

Nuttiest celebrity baby story of 2006 – It was a tie between the paternity and custody battle over Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern and anything having to do with Suri Cruise! Anything having to do with Britney Spears, son Sean Preston Federline and her pregnancy with Jayden James Federline was a close runner-up.

Favorite baby girl born in 2006 – Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
Favorite baby boy born in 2006 – Kingston Rossdale
Favorite toddler girl (1-3) – Violet Affleck
Favorite toddler boy (1-3) – Deacon Phillippe
Favorite girl (4-12) – Ava Phillippe
Favorite boy (4-12) – Maddox Jolie-Pitt
Favorite teenager (13 and over) – (Isa)Bella Cruise
Favorite twins – Hazel and Finn Moder
Favorite siblings – Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
Favorite mom – Angelina Jolie
Favorite dad – Brad Pitt
Favorite first time mom – Tie: Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner
Favorite first time dad – Brad Pitt
Favorite family – Jolie-Pitt
Favorite large family (3+ kids) – Jolie-Pitt
Favorite blended family (kids from different parents in one new family) – Jolie-Pitt
Favorite celebrity grandparents – Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell
Celebrity baby/kid you’d like to be part of your family – Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
Baby/kid looks most like mom – Ava Phillippe
Baby/kid looks most like dad – Kingston Rossdale
Most look-alike siblings – Ava and Deacon Phillippe
Best dressed baby – Kingston Rossdale (by a landslide- 70%)
Best dressed toddler (1-3) – Violet Affleck
Best dressed kid – Maddox Jolie-Pitt
Best dressed family – Stefani-Rossdale
Most stylish mom – Gwen Stefani
Most stylish dad – Brad Pitt
Best pregnancy style – Gwen Stefani
Best pregnancy recovery – Angelina Jolie
Best/cutest baby bump – Angelina Jolie
Favorite 2006 pregnancy – Angelina Jolie
Most unexpected baby bump of 2006 – Angelina Jolie
Most anticipated baby of 2007 – Julia Roberts
What celebrity couple are you looking forward to seeing children from? (who don’t already have kids together) – Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, with close runnerup Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.
Favorite celebrity parents – Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
Favorite celebrity baby of a celebrity baby – Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
Sexiest mom – Angelina Jolie
Sexiest dad – Brad Pitt
Mom you want to be your platonic friend – Reese Witherspoon with close runner-up Jennifer Garner
Dad you want to be your platonic friend (not boyfriend or husband or father of your children) – Brad Pitt
Mom you most identify with (if you are a woman) – Reese Witherspoon
Dad you most identify with (if you are a man) – Brad Pitt
Dad you would want to be your baby daddy (if you are a woman) – Brad Pitt
Mom you would want to be your baby mama (if you are a man) – Angelina Jolie
Favorite babywearing parent(s) – Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt with close runners-up Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale
Favorite celeb baby/kid’s name – girl – Ava, with close runner-up Shiloh
Favorite celeb baby/kid’s name – boy – Kingston, with runners up Finn/Finley
Most unusual/unique name – girl – Moxie CrimeFighter in a landslide (40%)
Most unusual/unique name – boy – Pilot Inspektor
Best sibling names – Maddox, Zahara & Shiloh Jolie-Pitt

Are you surprised by the results?


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lydia on

I am sad The Beckham family did not win anything. In my opinion they are the hottest parents, and cutest boys

allie on

I think that these results come out very accurate, and i was very happy with them.
Can’t wait for next years! Thanks CBB!

vicky24c on

I am gutted Mariska Hargitay and August didnt win anything ! As I entered twice for them!

Amanda on

I am upset that the Klum-Samuel family didnt win anything. They are an amazing blended family like the Jolie-Pitt klan and I think they deserve credit in the department.

pink.lioness on

I am a little surprised that the Klum/Samuels didn’t win anything – I voted on them on one occasion. Brooke’s daughters I thought looked more alike than Reese’s kids, and the Beckhams and Suri (maybe the cutest girl?) aren’t in the winner list either… otherwise, I agree with the majority on the results!

gianna on

I was happy about the jennifer and gwen votes. Also about kingston has cutest baby boy, and violet cutest toddler, along with shiloh as prettiest baby, those were all the ones I voted for too. Also goldie and kurt russsell as favorite granparents. A bit too much jolie-pitt family though lol. A few cute families are missing like mariska, brooke shields, denise richards, heidi and seal.

J.M. on

I’m surprised Suri Cruise didn’t win more but then again we dont’ see her as often as the other kids.

Great pics.

Christiane F. on

Yay – happy to see Gwen & Kingston on there…far more interesting than Julia Roberts & Jennifer Garner (yawn yawn!) in my opinion. I was surprised no Beckam boys….they are really cute.

Fun poll! 🙂

M on

I’m glad the Beckhams’ were left off the list…they are by far my least favorite “celebrity” fam! I also agree with other posts- it would have been nice to see the Klum-Samuels family included…

Sweetp on

I wanted Jada and Will Smith’s family to win something.. I think they are very down to earth parents and are positive and never in the news so they deserve something. Klum/Henry family also is another family I like. To me in my humble opinion, Jolie-Pitt, Cruise-Holmes and Gwen Steffani’s family are overrated and over exposed

louise on

And where is Apple Martin??

Kristin on

I am surprised and a little sad that the Jolie-Pitts got so many wins. I voted for them a couple of times, but over all I voted for others more. I was very happy to see the Garner-Affleck family got some wins along with the Witherspoon-Phillippe bunch. I wish I had seen some wins for some families of country music stars. I love following those familys in Nashville as much as I do the ones in Hollywood. Overall, I am not surprised, but all disappointed with the results.

Izzie25 on

I like most of these results as well but there are some other families that I wish would have won. I would have like the Klum-Samuels to win best blended family, and I wish that the Beckhams had been up there somewhere. There is a bit too much of the Jolie-Pitts up there, as gianna said but that is what people voted on lol, so it’s okay. Otherwise, I totally agree with the results.

Chloe on

I’m glad Jen Garner and ger gorgeous daughter Violet won, they are my fave celeb mom and daughter!

xxLostGirl92xx on

Aww! Yey! The Jolie-Pitts won – I am also suprised that the Becks didn’t get anything! The boys (Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz) are so cute!

dida on

what is a joke

Naughty Cal on

I’m surprised that the Witherspoon-Phillippes didn’t win more. They probably would’ve gotten Best Family if not for the divorce. And I expected Reese to get a lot more individual awards. And next year, Deacon moves into the same age bracket as Maddox. He’ll have his work cut out for him.

I’m also disappointed that the Crawford-Gerber family got shut out of everything. Cindy should’ve gotten sexiest mom at least. And Presley should’ve at least been nominated for favorite boy.

Kristi on

I can’t believe Mariska Hargitay and August didn’t win at anything! She is by far my favorite celebrity mom and August is THE cutest celebrity baby. I cannot stand Angelina and Brad! I don’t see what everyone likes about them, they aren’t married and they keep adopting more and more kids, enough already!

Mona on

I’m a huge Jolie-Pitt fan so I can’t complain. I’m liking the results.

Lilian on

Cute fun poll I like your blog. Not too much trash thrown at people on here!

Vivi on

Well I liked the winners, specially the Jolie-Pitts hehe, but I’m a bit disappointed that the Beckhams aren’t there.

ang on

i was hoping for a bit of variety in the results, but looking at them, guess i shouldn’t be surprised. the world’s most exposed celeb kids are naturally gonna pull in most of the votes.

TracyG on

I am SO not surprised at the results (rolls eyes)..the Jolie Pitts are like royalty around here. I don’t think they should have won every family category though.

what about the Smiths? (jada and Will?) what about the beckhams, the phillipes/witherspoons and the Roberts/moders? Not to mention the Henchys?

I don’t want to say the vote was biased..but come on!

It wasn’t – CBB readers picked the nominees and then voted on the winners. We simply added the votes. We were made aware of fan communities for Mariska Hargitay and Gwyneth Paltrow, among others, linking to us to encourage their members to vote – and over 4,000 of you did!

Becky on

Yeah for the Pitts. I figured they’d do well but not this well.

Mary on

Wish there could have been more variety as far as winners, but its cool. The babies chosen are all pretty amazing. Not to mention cute.

Mary on

Im really sad that Coco Arquette is not even there:(, and the Klum family aw:( thats too Pitt-Jolie :S.
Have a nice dayy x

SiervaMaria on

I didn’t vote for anyone but I would have gone with pretty much with the results. My only exception would be to include the Pinkett-Smith family more.

J.J. on

Like the results of this poll. Looks like the Jolie-Pitt clan are number one of all celebs in 2006 as seen in the results (hehe). Can’t wait for next year. Bet the Roberts-Moder family will be the tops for 2007.

pub on

well i can agree 75% from the results. but it could have been better if suri& klum sammuwel family should have won something. I think best celebrity mum should have either awarded to Jennifer Garner or Heidi Klum.

Zoey on

Ugh, I dislike the Jolie-Pitt family and did not vote for them once. I wish some other families had gotten more recognition, but I definately know that the Jolie-Pitts are very popular, so I’m not particularily suprised by the results. Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt family for their wins though 😛

Melissa Malcolm on

Personally I’m a bit disappointed by the lack of variety in the results considering how long the whole voting process was.

I’m starting not to like the Jolie-pitt’s that much because Angie has gone from adopting children around the world out of the goodness of her heart to just plain old exploiting orphan children. I say this because of how she just invited the media to snap photo’s of her and her new son Pax. This child is not an animal who is expected to perform tricks to entertain the media. I use to think she was doing a good thing, now she just makes me wonder.

dark faith on

i am glad the joliepitt family won almost all awards

Matilda on

Not surprised at all 🙂 Really happy with the results. The Jolie-Pitts are an adorable family with four great kids. Don’t understand the people who say they’re overexposed, because if they’re are it’s not by their choice. We drive the demand for pictures, and judging by the results of this poll, our demand has a clear theme! No wonder such a premium is set on candid pictures of this family.

Ashley on

too bad cute little coco arquette didn’t win something. i can understand why the jolie-pitts swept the entire thing, though! last year at this time, there were only four of them… now there’s six–guess it’s been a banner year for them. plus, they’re always in the media.

Posh_Fan on

Too much Jolie-Pitts!! Suri should have won and the Beckhams.

xindi on

I was a bit disappointed with the results. Looks like the Jolie-pitts have won almost everything in this poll.What happened to the other families?
It will be better if other families win something..
Yeah, I agree, the Jolie-Pitts are cute and pretty and hot and watever, but come on..there ought to be more winners and not them taking up all the votes!!

africhic on

I am so happy the Jolie-Pitts won, Yeh!

Laura on

What about Heidi Klum?!?! And the Beckhams? I hope next year it’s more of a variety then just The Jolie-Pitts,and Stafani-Rossdale.

Sophia on

The results were too predictable. Jolie-Pitt familys is way way way overrated.

London on

Where are the Beckham family? Hargitay family? The Pinkett-smith family? That is very unfair how the Jolie-Pitt family won EVERYTHING! Don’t get me wrong, I really do like them and I think that Shiloh is gorgeous, but I mean COME ON PEOPLE!

Deena on

It cracks me up how some people are crying the results are unfair. What’s so unfair about it? There was a vote, 4000 votes were counted and the Jolie-Pitts won. CBB even told us how fan sites for Gwyneth and Mariska and others posted links to CBB encouraging members to vote. The Jolie-Pitts get a lot of grief from the media but they are also tremendously popular. Why do you think they’re on every magazine cover whether the story is positive or negative? It’s because they sell. Shiloh wears a gray t-shirt for her first photoshoot and the stores sell out within days. Go visit some of the more popular blogs, haters spend just as much time as fans talking about this family. It’s all supply and demand folks. The family is only as overexposed as we let them be.

Eliza on

Too much Jolie-Pitts!! (even if I think Shiloh, Zahra an Maddox are gorgeous and I like all of them!). Jude Law’s beautiful kids should have won something and also Ryder Robinson and Johnny Depp (sexiest dad to me ;-))

MK on

I expected these results. Both Angie and Brad are at the same time superstars and good people, so they touch lots of different voters. And their multiracial family is one of a kind. As for baby Shiloh, well, she hit the big gene jackpot and there’s no more to say.

Also like little Kingston, Violet and Reese’s kids, so, all in all, these results express my opinion well.

Reagy's mom on

I definately thought that Julianne Moore and her daughter Liv would have got The lookie likey one!

M on

The Jolie-Pitts deserved to win- Brad & Ang are 100% committed to their kids! I, for one am glad that the Beckham fam. did not win anything- they are over-rated by a lonnngg shot!

Paige on

I cannot BELIEVE that Claudia Schiffer , Caspar ,and esp Baby Clementine are not even mentioned!!!!!!!!!

Claudia and Clementine look more identical than even normal identical twins!!!!!!
And those two are the most beautiful mom and baby EVER IMHO.

And Jen Garner and Violet should have won every other category because they may not be the most beautiful family (just adorably cute :0) ) but they are definitely the most loving and strongest family in Hollywood.
Jen is 10 times the mother Angelina is!!!

And Violet is better dressed (like a child) than any other kid.

I think this poll is very very unfair because many people(Jolie-Pitt fanatics) voted more than once(probably 3-5 times even)and so were able to rack up more points for their favourites.

I think you should have done something so that each person can ONLY vote once and that’s it!!!

That way the results would have been more clear and I am sure people like the Klum-Samuel/ ,Claudia Schiffer, Suri Cruise, Cindy Crawford, Faith Hill and Co,
Pinkett-Smith would have had a better fighting chance!!!!!Cos they sure as hell deserve it…..

LaMama on

I cannot believe that Heidi and Seal were not voted!! I thought she was so adorable when she was pregnant.

Also, no Brooke or Mariska? What about Will and Jada???

LaMama on

I’m also surprised that Ben Affleck wasn’t recognized. I think he’s an awesome dad.

Natasha on

I personally think that the Jolie-Pitt family shouldn’t have been an option for so many of the choices. There’s a favorite family AND a favorite large family, so maybe the pitts could’ve been in large family but not general family? Maybe in like celebrity baby/baby you’d like to be a part of your family, did they HAVE to be in that one too?

I dunno, whatever.

Readers suggested the categories and the nominees in them in the first two phases on the awards. They just have a lot of fans, apparently.

Brooke Harlow G. on

Oh my God, what about the ADORABLE little tyke Mason Walter Wilkerson? He should by FAR be the Favorite baby boy born in 2006. No offense to Kingston, but Mason is one of the cutest babies around. Also, Melissa is a great mom. And I’m no fan of Donald’s, but Barron is one handsome little boy.

I would really have liked to see more diversity. Suri is one of the most exotic looking babies I’ve seen in a while…

I agree with the one-vote only policy. It should be implented next year to add accuracy to the poll.


I’m a little disappointed, though not surprised by the Jolie-Pitt sweep, they’re the most visible, most talked about, most hyped and most relentlessly covered family on the celeb scene.

Glad to see that Jennifer Garner made a showing. IMHO, she seems like one of the best mom’s in the biz. I always enjoy pics of her and her daughter because she seems to take such her genuine joy in being a mother.

Surprised that Mariska Hargitay didn’t make a showing at all she has a gorgeous family and seems like such a devoted mom. And frankly I think HER gorgeous son was the cutest baby boy born in ’06.

And nada for Heidi Klum, Seal and their brood? They’re my absolute favorite blended family.

Joana Angelica on

Oh, no!
Too much Jolie-Pitt thing!
I actually don’t like them!
Where is Sean Preston and his hot mom? No, I’m tired of Pitt and Jolie… wasn’t a good Awards!
I love the site, I actually didn’t vote for none of the winners. Although Ava and Deacon, as well as Violet and Suri, are the cutest babies/childrem ever!

secondhand lion on

This is great, congratulations to the fabulous Jolie-Pitt family. =)

MuffThumb on

I’m very disappointed the Cruise-Holmes family didn’t recieve any honors. Both parents are extremely devoted to their children, and that should be recognized. Both Tom and Katie are willing to go through a mob scene on a weekly basis just to support their kids, while someone like Anna Nicole Smith was so scared of being mobbed, she didn’t even want to go to the hospital when she was DYING!

It’s too bad that going on with your daily life constitutes you as a media whore.

tinha182 on

oh and the Jonas DeLonge?
and Alabama?
and Shanna Moakler =/

halifaxhoney on

The results are what I expected and I’m not disappointed that certian celebs or their babies did not win but at the same time, I don’t understand why people are freaking out.

This was pretty much readers choice, we voted on the nominees and then we voted for winners. The majority of readers obviously are very intersted in the Jolie-Pitts and Stefani-Rossdale, does that mean others families aren’t as good? No, also keep in mind that some of the other popular families aren’t in the media as much.

Gabriella on

I voted for Shiloh as prettiest girl baby,and ok give them a few wins, but it seems all the awards went to them lol. I’m surprised because judging by the posts here, a lot of people like other families too like will smith’s, beckhams, heidi and seal’s kids, denise richards, brooke shields, and Suri is also an adorable baby. I’m glad Gwen and kingston won and jennifer and violet, but way too many awards went to the pitts when there are so many other adorable celebrity kids, families, and doting parents. I also agree with the person that said they thought brooke shields daughters look alike more, than ava/deacon. Also I agree with Natasha the pitts shouldn’t have been an option for every catergory, it was a bit too much. Let’s hope next year has different families and children that win. But at the rate they are adopting kids, by next year they could have a lot more media publicity and maybe have 6-7 kids lol.

Anon on

Give me a break. You guys are taking this so seriously. Thanks to the Mods of the blog for hosting something fun and interactive for readers to take part of. And Shame on all of you whiners.

elisa on

Disappointed but not surprised ! Suri Cruise should have won ! c’mom people , she ‘s much more beautiful than Shiloh!!!

leni on

I love the Jolie-Pitts and agree that they deserved to win! I don’t find them overexposed at all although I am biased. We see pics of Violet Affleck nearly every week and same with Kingston Rossdale. This was a fun poll and even if my favorite family hadnt won so much I know I wouldnt be complaining. This was a poll, people voted fair and square and to complain seems a bit childish in my opinion. (Especially if you didnt vote at all!)

aimee on

Disappointed but not surprised ! Suri Cruise should have won ! c’mom people , she ‘s much more beautiful than Shiloh!!!
Posted by: elisa

That is your opinion, most people seem to disagree. vive le difference!!

rose on


Luciana on

I guess the Jolie-Pitt is really overrated. Especially in the United States. I really don’t understand the obsession you americans have with them.

Catherine on

It really should have been favorite first time mom, sexiest mom is MARISKA HARGITAY and August, also hottest parents.. Mariska and Peter Hermann.
Favorite mom of all time, most normal/genuine/real life mom (that doesnt have a bunch of nannies raising her kids)… KATE WINSLET. Helllooo!!!!

dark faith on

i am from mexico and i prefer the joliepitt family, is not just the united states obssed with them shiloh is more beautiful than suri.

m-dot on

I find Jen Garner and her daughter very boring. I never like any of the outfits she places on Violet. Will and Jada should have received a number of these awards because they are a great family. Husband, Wife, kids, and “bonus” child…and they do a great job of balancing. Suri shoudl have been up there as well. She is one of the cutest things i’ve seen in a while. She’s a doll!

isabelle on

This was a fun poll. Thank you! I must say I am very fond of the Jolie-Pitt family. I am not obsessed and am not from the U.S., but they are loved much all over the world too.

anustin on

love the result.thankz!

frisky on

yay the rossdales made the list!!

Aura on

Dissapointed but not surprised. But I’m glad that Reese won some as did the kids as well as Jennifer Garner wining some. Not a fan of the Jolie-Pitts so I didn’t vote them but I’m not surprised they won so much, clearly they have a lot of fans.

kaylee on

it’s like the same four families over and over.
that was dumb.

Gemma x on

I’m glad the Rossdales won cuz they’re really cute. but how exactly can a family be overrated?
Some people are acting like it’s the Jolie-Pitt families fault for winning so many votes – but it was us who voted for them.

lulu on

I’m glad the Rossdales won cuz they’re really cute. but how exactly can a family be overrated?
Some people are acting like it’s the Jolie-Pitt families fault for winning so many votes – but it was us who voted for them.
Posted by: Gemma x


I agree.. how CAN a family be overrated!? lol loved the poll.. loved the results.

Maxine on

I am not surprised at all. Everyone thinks that the Jolie-Pitt family is the “best celebrity family around.” I, on the other hand, do not feel that way. I agree with Aura. I’m glad Witherspoon and Garner won some too. I also agree with Lucicana. For some reason everyone seems to think they are the most coolest people on earth Not sure why, though.

chris on

the result is as expected and for those who are complaining that their favorite celebs didn’t win then it’s all your fault. if you want them to win, you vote…as simple as that so stop whining…shame on all of you whiners!!!

amaya on

Loved this poll, it was fun. I love seeing pics of all celebs and their kids. It shows a human side of them we dont always get to see. I do love the Jolie-Pitt family. Two people who love children so much found each other and have created a wonderful family. What’s not to love?

Clueless on

I didn’t vote, but, if I had, I would have voted Jolie-Pitts all the way. They are my favorite couple by far because they give so much back to the less fortunate people in this world. Love the Brangelina family!

rose on

Yeah love the jolie-pitt family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hana on

I think some people are a little jealous. The Jolie-pitts are not exposed.
Because they sold thier baby photo doesn’t make them exposed. Many celbs had done that.
They are a very beautiful family. They deserved it. Congradulations!!!!!!!!!!!!

face on

baby blog you are not fair with tomkat and you are dishonest. Suri is the most beautiful baby and the richest