Update: Tiny speaks about her daughter

03/26/2007 at 05:16 PM ET

TinyUpdate: Sandra Rose has spoken to Dianne Cottle, Tiny’s mother. Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle would like to share the following details about her daughter.

On Wednesday, March 21st, at six months along, Tiny felt something was wrong and visited her ob/gyn, who confirmed that the baby’s heartbeat was gone. On Thursday, March 22nd, after a medically induced labor, Tiny, with support from T.I., gave birth to Llayah Amour. T.I. dressed his daughter in a white dress and he, Tiny, and Llayah’s siblings held her for hours.

Tiny was released from the hospital on Saturday and returned to her home in Atlanta with T.I. She’s currently taking it one day at a time, and appreciates the outpouring of concern and support for her from fans. She wants to be clear that, contrary to some reports, she did not have an abortion – Llayah was "very much wanted" and was born still.

Originally posted March 22nd: According to Young, Black and Fabulous, rapper T.I. and former fiancee and singer Tiny lost their baby in a stillbirth yesterday.  Tiny was 6 months along.  The baby was a girl and was their second child together.  Tiny is recovering at an Atlanta hospital. 

Thanks to CBB Readers Patricia and Tan.


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Callin on

The wording of your posting is a little offensive. It sounds like you are implying that because the happened to break up, she possibly had an abortion, not a miscarriage. Please change the wording to make the posting less offensive. I’ve miscarried at 26 weeks and it was no abortion.

mumof3totz on

Can you call a pregancy that is 5 mos along a miscarriage. I personally, don’t think so. She had to give birth to a baby girl, and now will have to prepare a funeral for her. Now what I had last Oct was a miscarriage, I was a few weeks along, and started to bleed. I ended up having a DNC.

We are talking about 2 entire different things here!

My heart goes out to the two of them. That is such a shame, no parent should have to go through that. God bless them and watch over them and the baby girl.

lf on

If she was five month along, it may not be a miscarriage but a stillbirth. That far along she would have had to deliver regardless if it was 19 or 20 weeks. Prayers go out to the family

mumof3totz on

I don’t think you can call this a miscarriage. The baby girl was 5 months old, and her mum delivered her, and now they have to prepare for a funeral. Now what I had was a miscarriage. I was a few weeks along, and started to bleed. In the end I had a DNC done. We are talking about two different things here.

My heart goes out to the both of them. No parent or parent’s should have to go through this. May God watch over them and the baby girl.

Erica on

Terrible news. To think that if the baby had been born just four or five weeks later, she may have had a real chance. Their entire family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

Tasha on

Oh how sad 😦

FC on

That’s terrible news, and for it to happen just days after splitting? It’s just a bitter pill to swallow. My heart definitely goes out to them.

Melissa on

That’s terrible. And to the above poster, anything up to 20 weeks is considered a miscarriage. After that, it is considered premature birth/stillborn depending on the situation.

Becky's Daughter on

Sending condolences to the families, if this story turns out to be true. This is awfully tragic.

No matter how anyone feels about this mom and dad’s reproductive choices (there was ‘concern?’ in the last post about them), the loss of an innocent child is to be respected.

JoyJoy on

Wow that is sad my heart goes out to them having a still born regardless of being in the early age or later it is hard. I had a stillborn son. I think miscariages are before it resembles a fetus. I think that either way it is hard. For them to have a funeral is aswome it helps heal and give meaning to that tiny life. I wish them the best and hope both can move on its not easy but possible.

Evorgleb on

We’ve been talking about this break up over at Highbrid Nation. I never thought it would last due to his current star power but I had no idea she lost the baby. Thats really sad.

tan on

I swear that this is the most bizarrest thing I’ve had to read.I feel very sorry for her and him.Ya’ll are right she had to physically push this child out.I know in the mental aspect of things I can only imagine what she’s thinking.

My heart goes out to her.

Yonni on

Any loss of life is horrific when it is a child born, or unborn. My prayers and thoughts are with them.

I can only imagine the rumors that will start swirling around this.

The last comments about them were hideous. Not all rappers make 50 kids w/o being married, and trust me many non rappers have children out of wedlock. If people come here to attack these posts and people then they need to get lives.

Jessicau have ni on

Not to be rude here, or anything. But the loss of a child past 20 weeks is a stillbirth.
When you lose a baby at, like, 15 weeks, then yes. It is a miscarriage.

Some of you are getting into a realm that you have no idea what you are talking about!

My sisters first child, Emma Lynn, was 40weeks & 3days gestation when she was born. So, yes, she was a Stillborn. It was an absolutely horrible situation, and I really think that if you have never been in this situation or kow someone who has, then you need to shup up!
Dont speak about something you have no idea about. The pain is horrible, the silence is even worse.
WHen you finally get to hold your baby, and they don’t make a sound; open their eyes; or even move.

Please respect the families that have lost a child in anyway.

“They may have been born still, but they were still born!” They are real little people, they just never got to experience life outside of their mothers womb.

JoyJoy on

I am glad she spoke out and what a horrible thing to go through. Losing a child is never easy I am glad they got to hold her and everything. I don’t consider what she did an abortion and that is horrible if anyone ever said it was. That is clearly a loss of a baby. How sad. Makes me want to give her a big hug.

Bella on

My friend was 39 weeks pregnant and, like Tiny, just felt something was wrong. Her doctor confirmed that there was no heartbeat. She had to deliver, then bury, her baby.

I once had a miscarriage at 13 weeks and can’t compare it to anything near what my friend and her family went through. A mother and father lost a son and a little girl lost her chance (for now) to be a big sister.

My heartfelt sympathy to Tiny and her family for the loss of their baby who was born sleeping.

8thWonder on

When I heard about that I sent TI and Tiny an email to express my condolences. That is probably the most awful thing for a parent to go through. And then on top of that one of TI’s artists was shot in the face on Saturday. Life is so short and it is taken for granted. I honestly hope that the media will allow them to grieve in peace. My prayer’s go out to the entire Harris/Cottle family

Chiara on

My cousin is an OB-GYN nurse and it is shocking to me how many babies are full-term stillborn. In one recent month they had ten at their hospital alone — that’s one every three days. It doesn’t seem as spoken of or as understood in society as a miscarriage. My heart goes out to them.

J.M. on

I guess it just goes to show you never stop worrying the entire time your pregnant.

I know someone that was 6 months along and someone that was 9 months along and both had stillborns. One new the baby was a stillborn and had to be induced into labor to have that baby. I think that probably has got to be the worst heartache for any mother to know you are laboring a child you won’t get to raise….the other person I know didn’t know they were having a stillborn but the baby was full term. What a tragedy for all. My thoughts are with this family and all those who have to go through this heartache. I couldn’t even begin to imagine.

CastCantor on

I am so sorry for anyone who goes through this. It happened to me at 16 weeks, with my second child. It was termed a “late miscarriage.” I was wearing maternity clothes almost full-time at that point. After a normal first trimester, one day I had a backache and tiny bit of bleeding, which led to an ER visit, at which an ultrasound confirmed there was no heartbeat. I remember that the nurses were very kind as I waited and waited for people to try to find a hearbeat, but in retrospect they must have known from almost the beginning.
It took hours to get confirmation. The OB told me that the ultrasound showed there was a cyst on the back of the baby’s neck that may have contributed to the death. They tried to throw me into medically induced labor the next morning, but my body just wouldn’t do it. They were very kind about giving me all the painkillers I wanted, but I was numb, physically and emotionally. I felt no pain, even when they increased the Pitocin. After 15 hours of little progress, my cervix was dilated with laminaria sticks and later the next day, a dilation and extraction was performed under general anesthesia. I never got to see or hold my child, but I did ask the nurses to baptize whatever was there.
My own mother went through the same experience 40 years ago, only back then women were not induced — they had to wait for labor to start on its own, which could mean days or weeks of carrying a dead child while people continue to tell you “congratulations”.
The worst part for me was having my milk come in, and not being able to take off the weight quickly through nursing. Everyone gave me cakes and comfort food out of sympathy, and I just felt like a blimp. It was an awful time, but it got better a little bit each day. At the end of two weeks, I noticed that I had gone a whole day without crying, so I knew that was progress.
It happens all the time, and sympathy and prayers are always appreciated, but I think only those who have been through it can understand the particular pain of losing a child during pregnancy. It does make you think about what a gift life really is.

Nicole on

I feel so bad for her. It is so sad whenever this kind of thing happens. But, I can say, this was NOT a miscarriage by any means. I went through the same thing back in January, twice. I was carrying identical twin boys that were in the same amniotic sac. One was found gone on 1/4/07 (17w4d)and then his twin was found to be gone as well on 1/13/07 (18w6d). It was so horribly heartbreaking and I am still dealing with it day by day. A loss is a loss is a loss, but when you have to be induced and go through labor and delivery, it’s much more than a miscarriage. My prayers are with the family…

Jessica on

My sister and brother in law took lots of pictures of Emma Lynn, and held her for hours. The hospital let my sister keep their little girl in the room with her until the moment she left to go home.
She was most definately the most beautiful baby girl ever……..

40w 3d gestation
Emma Lynn
Nuchal Cord
(strangulation from Umbilical Cord)

Yonni on

Aww…that is so sad 😦

May she be an angel that eternally RIP and comforts them from afar.

Melea on

How very sad. My heart goes out to them. I have many friends from the internet that have lost a baby anywhere from 17-24 weeks along. The heartache they and their family go through is so large. I just pray that God helps them through this tough time and brings them closer together as a family unit.

kezie on

I lost a daughter myself to stillbirth..
I feel so very sorry for this poor lady..
it is absolutely devastating
she will need a alot of help and support for a very long time
2 years on and i’m still struggling with the loss of my daughter
no one should ever,ever have to know this kind of pain..
I really hope she will be okay.

madam pince on

My heart goes out to this couple. I hope one day they can gratefully anticipate their angel waiting for them in heaven, but for now I just wish them comfort.

Lillian on

I recently went through the same trauma Jan. 10, 2007. It is something very diffcult to go through. My prayers go out to both of them. It is not a miscarriage because you go through contractions and labor. I buried my daughter(Bobbi Natalie) Jan 17,2007. Some people dream of angels,I held one in my arms.

ceneka on

I am very sorry and my heart goes out to their family . Iam from the south (Houston) and family is everything and may the lord be her in this hard time no mother should go though this .Me and my family send our love and prayers.

Debbie on

My heart also goes out to them. I, too, have lost a daughter to stillbirth. She was born full term on her due date & was perfect in every way, except that she wasn’t breathing.
It is a pain no one should ever have to endure. And it is not spoken about, at all. Awareness is such a key– not every stillbirth can be prevented– but mine could have been.
This is truly, truly tragic, but I can only hope that awareness will rise about our “dirty little secret,” to quote my good friend, who also lost her baby to stillbirth.

Momma to Sophia Grace, born sleeping 12.27.06

Lariah balentine on

Gaw thats the sadest thing that can happen to a parent… thats sad……sorry 4 tiny and ti…..

J.Brown on

My prayers to both of them.



LaTonya McCarty on

My heart goes out to T.I and Tiny. I am a huge fan of both of them. It is a tragedy what they have suffered and people just need to leave them alone and let them live their lives. So I say to T.I and Tameka please keep your hand up and keep your hand in gods hand. Let Go And Let God!!!

Jessica Monique Swain on

you should worry about what people say about your baby they are just mad because they didn’t get pregnant by t.i. as long as you are happy and t.i. is happy that’a all that matters.

for the people hating on yall kids tell them to get a life and stop hating on you and t.i.’s life.

girl i be watching you on my computer you and your exsapce you did your thing.


Dmarie on

God Bless you Tiny.I had the same happen to me I lost my twin boys when I was 6 months preganant so I feel what you are going through. Stay gorgeous Tiny and God Bless you and your family.