Jennifer Garner talks nursing in Allure

03/25/2007 at 12:11 AM ET

Jennifer Garner, fellow actor as well as wife to Ben Affleck, and mom to their daughter Violet Anne, 15 months, is featured on the cover of the April issue of Allure magazine. Here are the baby-related highlights:

On nursing being different than she expected:

All I ever heard was everyone bitch about it – nobody ever said, ‘You are not going to believe how emotional this is.’  It’s like, I’ll say I’m going to stop, and then I’m in there, feeding her.

On being a working mom – doing both press and filming – [Interview took place in late January when Jen was away from Violet overnight for the first time while doing press for Catch and Release]:

[Ben has a stash of two-ounce bottles of breast milk.] I’ll be back tonight, and I haven’t been gone 24 hours. ‘I’m home!’ I can’t wait. I’ll wake her up.

[While filming The Kingdom over the summer], Violet would be there on set, and I would feed her and then go back out. I was covered in blood and mud and dirt, and so her little sweet pink outfits would be caked in fake blood by the time she went home. She had blood across her forehead, and you don’t want to see that on a little one.

Nursing wasn’t the weight-loss solution Jen was expecting:

It happened to a lot of my girlfriends and sisters, and I really thought, ‘This is the ticket, the best diet in the world’ – and it just wasn’t. I kept waiting, and I just didn’t lose weight. It took six months before I did. I also, though, used breastfeeding as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. I’ve always had a flat stomach, and now everyone’s just always going to think I’m two months pregnant for the rest of my life.

However, she found she didn’t care – and actually liked her newfound curves:

I could not motivate myself to work out. I wasn’t going to give up that time with Violet, and if she was asleep, I wanted to sleep, because I was working. It just didn’t seem important. [And] my body felt so much more balanced out. Because I’ve always had a biscuit [her term for her butt] and I’ve never had boobs, and so I finally felt like, ‘Oh, this is how it’s supposed to be.’

Jennifer laughs when shown a photo and asked to recall her embarrassing turn at the Academy Awards in 2006, when she tripped on stage.

Oh, that’s me almost tripping. See, that’s when I had knockers. That made me nervous. I was in a rush during the fitting because I wanted to be with Violet. Jack Nicholson was in the audience in front of me, and halfway through the night he said, ‘Jennifer Garner’s going to be able to feed the whole row!’

Do you relate to anything Jennifer had to say?


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Violet's Auntie on

No wonder I like Jen so much. Motherhood becomes her so well. And Jack Nicholson? Priceless!

Robyn on

I relate to the breastfeeding issue so much. Not intentionally I breastfed my daughter until she was 18 months old, it was just a great experience for us both. I thought I was going to stop at a year but just went with what felt right. Jen loves Violet so much doesn’t she? What a great Mom.

Callen on

Jack Nicholsons comment was kinda funny. It was slighty a dirty comment though. I do relate to the growing boobs though! I went up a cup size after my son! They just didn’t seem to shrink. So I thought I just had more volume. With my daughter I Blew up every where so I had these huge Knockers! My poor Hubby. We were both sitting on the floor while I was changing my little girls diaper when she ws first born. We both got up at the same time except I was a bit faster. He went face first into them with a big smack it was so funny!lol

charsmom on

I totally relate to the ongoing breast-feeding … I nursed my first daughter until she was 16 months, although I had planned to stop at a year. But it was such a special relationship that we just kept on going! Now I am nursing my second daughter and who knows when that will stop – since she is the last baby I am planning on having I am sure I will want to nurse her as long as possible!

Csara on

Aww, those are great! She sounds so NORMAL! I guess that is why she is so likeable. And yes, she really does love her daughter to death, that is so nice to hear.


I too had friends who were nursing at the same time I did and they were dropping the weight like crazy. Luckily, at my shower, a friend who is very fit and has two kids told me not to believe everyone loses the weight while nursing because she certainly didn’t. Thankfully she told me this because I didn’t drop the weight at all but I took my time and like Jen it took about 6-8 months. The second time around was exactly the same and I didn’t stress about it as much because I knew that by the time he was a year old I’d fit back into my “normal” clothes.

Amber Smith on

I relate to the breastfeeding and not losing weight. I say everyday that I’m done nursing but I’m still doing it. hahaha. And i also used nursing as an excuse to eat anything I wanted after my son was born, but eventually I stopped and then I lost weight.

Elizabeth on

Jen is my fave celeb mom. And Violet is one of the babies that actually looks HAPPY in photos, although I sympathize with the paparazzi element Jen talks about. I love to see little Violet, but it’s a shame she can’t go out without them around. Ben and Jen seem like grounded, down-to-earth people. Violet is a lucky little girl!

JoyJoy on

I think breastfeeding creates the best bond with your child. I don’t think bottlefeeding moms don’t bond don’t get me wrong. However their is a special bond with breastfeeding. I breastfed my older two and adopted a child next. I mourned not being able to breastfeed her and it was hard to bond to a child and not breastfeed. I wound up breastfeeding her after finding out adoptive moms can breastfeed. It made a world of diffrence and she felt more like my own child that way. I am pro breastfeeding. I hate seeing bottles everywhere I wish more moms would be brave enough to breastfeed. Even if it is only a few months it is still better then nothing. I love extended nursing and I think it is great when people nurse beyond the year. Their is so many benifits to nurse beyond the first year. I am so glad I did too. I wouldn’t trade those moments for the world. If I ever adopt another child I will be breastfeeding for sure.

thenewlindens on

OMG!! I LOVE HER! I felt the same way! With some people, this was a “hush-hush” topic. With others they were so forceful with their opinion! I just wanted to go back to normal right away!!

jai on

OMG!!! Please visit Australian fans….

remember meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Janez on

Love Jen to death!! She is a true Mommy!I have a fourteen month old daughter and had planned to stop at one year and have for some reason been feeling guilty about still breastfeeding her (by other people). When Jen admitted she still does, it made my guilt go away!! Oh yeah the weight thing, I can totally relate, the weight did not fall off of me either, hard work is the only way. She is one of my sheros! It’s just nice to know that celebs are real people too with the same issues as the next person!

JSA-Arg on

I think she´s great like mom!!!! Although, she´s always smiling to her, that´s so sweet!!! And I don´t think that Ben is a good father, he cannot do anything without her that´s the reason he can live without Jen!!! lol.
She´ll have to get divorced!!!! lol
I don´t got it! Why is Jen with him? She need someone else, someone who could love her like me!!!

Kimberly on

Oh yea, I loved nursing! I’ve heard everyone complain about it as well but I loved it. I didn’t lose the weight either from nursing, still haven’t! LOL and my son is now 10.5 months. I plan on stopping at 12 months but I don’t think I want to, I love nursing! Jen is an awesome mom! I can totally relate to nursing and the visual of being 2 month preggos for the rest of my life! HAHA more like 4 months for me! =)It’s nice to be able to relate to these celeb moms you look up too.

JennyBean on

Go Jen!! How fab that she’s so open about nursing past 12 months!!!

tata on

It’s great to hear celebrities talk positive about such a natural, normal part of parenthood. Kudos!