Suri Cruise walks!

03/20/2007 at 02:21 PM ET

Though this will probably prompt comments that Suri Cruise is older than Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have told us, check out these first photos of the famous Suri walking!

Tom and Katie went to see his son Connor Cruise at basketball playoffs at Beverly Hills High School.  Katie held Suri, then put her down on the ground and she started walking.  This probably wasn’t the first time she walked but it’s definitely the first time we’re seeing it!

Click here to see the photo!

How old were your children when they started walking?

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MuffThumb on

Suri isn’t walking alone yet. Katie still has to hold on to her. If Suri was walking alone, it would surprise me that she can walk unaided at her age. but it’s totally normal for a ten month to walk with aid.

Abby on

I do not find it unusual that she is walking at 11 months.

According to my parents, I started walking at 11 months and my nephew started walking at 9.5 months.

Every child grows, develops, and learns new things at their own pace.

Beverley on

My first son was 9 months and then he started running within a week. My second son was 14 months and I was so glad he was later starting.

Bridgette on

My daughter walked when she was 10 months and my son at 9 months so I am not surprised

Super Mom on

My daughter was walking very well at 10 1/2 months, so if their little one is around 11 months old, true or false, it is totally believable that she would be good at walking.

Joanne on

I don’t think that this is too early for her to walk. My daughter walked at 11 months and my son walked at 14 months! Every baby walks in their own time !
What a cutie !!

MemiMel on

My daughter took her first steps at 7-1/2 months and was walking at 9 months 30 years ago! Her daughter walked between 9 and 11 months. So yes it is very possible at this age, but I still have some doubts about her actual birth.


Jen on

My son was 9 months old when he officially was walking around. No helping hands, no holding onto nothing. He just let go of the table one day and walked right across the big living room. My daughter was 11 months when she I have an 7 1/2 month old, we will see how long it takes him!

Allison on

I was eight months old when I started walking! Different schedules I guess!

Chrissy on

My son was about 9 months. I know that’s kind of early. He was born in March & we have Christmas video & he’s walking around the room taking the bows off gifts.

Posh_Fan on

LOL I saw the video. She was all over the place. She’s such a gorgeous little girl but sure is an active little thing. Katie and Tom got their hands full with this one .

My little boy took his first steps on his own on when he was 11 months old but properly started walking by the time he turned one.

Lorus on

My daughter walked a day before turning 11 months old. There was no stopping her then!

Danielle, CBB Publisher on

Anya started walking around 13 months and I’m glad it wasn’t any earlier because it totally changed the landscape for her and made our jobs as parents a little more difficult!

Amy on

I don’t think it is strange at all for an 11 month old to be walking. My oldest daughter started walking at only 9 months old. However, my youngest daughter is 14 months and still isn’t walking. All kids are different.

Jody on

I have 3 boys and all 3 walked at 10 months, however they could not crawl.

Misti on

My son took his first steps at 7.5 months. He’s ten months now and RUNS unassisted. He’s a month younger than Suri.

michelle on

She looks so cute with her little legs. At 11 months old she is doing great. I watched a kid that started walking at 10 months. She was everywhere the second she was walking. Everyone said she was older but she wasnt. I was there the day she was born. πŸ™‚ Good on Suri. She is going to be running around everywhere.

Melanie on

Although I still have the same questions as a lot of people regarding the Cruise/Holmes family, I do have to defend this picture in the sense that I was walking when I was 10 months old…She was born April 18th right? That makes her over 11 months old and a lot of babies walk before then…

Stacy on

My first son was 10 1/2 months & my second son was taking steps at 8 months, but had walking down right at 9 months!!

Grace on

I don’t think the fact that she is walking at this point proves anything either way.

I do think she looks rather tall for an eleven month old.

Hea on

My godson walked at 8Β½ months. Nothing at all strange about a little girl walking at almost a year of age.

Melissa on

My son was born April 10, 2006, so he’s a few days older than Suri. He started walking UNAIDED just before 10 months old. Now at 11 months, he walks amazingly well, runs, etc. I started walking at 8 months and really well according to my mom. The average age for children to walk is 9-15 months. I don’t find her walking unusual at all. Some kids do things faster than others.

J on

My sister never crawled. She went straight to walking – she was 7 months old!!

P Dawn on

My daughter took her first steps when she was 9-1/2 months old, and by the time she was 10 months, a whole 2 weeks later, she was off walking totally on her own without holding on to anything!

jfx on

My friend’s son was walking around the shopping mall at 8 months!!! He just completely skipped crawling. So it doesn’t surprise me at all when I see a baby walking a little earlier than normal.

kel on

my daughter was running and walking at 8 months, she took her first step holding on at 6 months, my son waited until 10 months.

Bella on

Looks like Katie is holding on to her…It’s not unusual that she is walking at 11 months. I started walking when I was 9,5 months old..

estelle on

My older son walked at 9 months and my younger son walked at 10 months. I was proud when they walked so early but I think it would have been nice if they had waited a little longer. Once they started walking it didn’t take long for them to start running and then they were all over the place!

Daisy on

My daughter was walking well at 10 months. My son is 10 1/2 months and is walking with help but not by himself. We can’t judge her age by that I don’t think.

Yvette on

People need to get a grip more so the ones who don’t have chick nor child (as my grandmother would say)my first did not walk until 2days after his first b-day and my second walked at 10months all babies are diffrent and they progress diffrently based on enviorment genes, etc… the only things this proves is that Tom and Kate’s daugher is a smart little cookie; and to all the haters grow up!!

lucy on

i could be sure this has already been posted, an if not its not unsual to be walking at that age

Mandy on

My daughter starting walking on her 11 months birthday and my husband walked at 9 1/2 months. I am not surprised that cute little Suri is starting to walk. I agree with Danielle, parenting gets a lot harder when the little ones start to walk!!!

xxLostGirl92xx on

I was 11 months old when I first walked, but my little cousin was properly walking at 9 months. A friend’s son was walking at just 6 months old. They all have different development rates! I don’t see why people doubt the facts surrounding Suri’s birth. Those pictures are adorable – the video is so cute! Suri is so cute!

Margo on

My older son walked at exactly 11 months, I don’t find anything strange about Suri walking now! She is really cute…..

Deb on

My daughter walked at 9 1/2 months. My son was pulling himself up by the coffee table at 6 months and walking well at 9 months. This is not surprising

Elizabeth on

My daughter started taking steps at 10 months and by 11 months was running around unaided. It’s possible she’s just an early walker. My son didn’t walk unaided until a week after his first birthday. All kids are different.

Laura on

I personally was walking at 7 months, although according to my parents it was more of a run to get away from my 3 year old brother!!

Alicia Hagan on

My daughter, Madelyn, started walking at 9 months and is all over the place on her own at 10 months. I think it’s because she has an older brother that she loves to follow and play with!

melanie on

Our oldest and youngest both walked at nine months (and according to my mother I did, too). Our middle child walked at a year. Our youngest one never even crawled. My husband and I went on vacation for a week and when we came back she was walking everywhere. I cried, of course, because I missed the whole thing.

ALY024 on

Well,my son walked at 8 months old,so thats no surprise if she is walking at 11 months!

Alia on

I was walking at 8 months (and running not long after – I was one of those “why crawl when I can walk, why walk when I can run” – ran the parents ragged, especially when I did things like grab a set of keys and decide to investigate how well they fit in an electrical socket). My sister didn’t walk until 10 months. My brother didn’t walk until a year and a half – he wore casts on both his legs due to club feet prior to that. Nothing unusual at all to see Suri walking at her age, either aided or unaided.

Ali on

My husband walked at 9months and myself and both my girls walked at 10 months. This is not strange at all.

Laura on

My son started walking at 8 months…totally freaked me out…he never really crawled…just did a strange combat type crawl (not on his knees) then one day bam..he was walking. it DOES happen…my daughter on the other hand…I was not sure she would EVER walk….thanks for the pics!!! CIAO

Holly on

I don’t think that she looks 11 months, I suspect that she is about 14 months. That being said, an 11 month old can certainly walk. I just wish Katie still had some friends that are not pre-approved by scientology.

Leah on

My Son walked alone at 11 months and walked with help at 9 months so she could very well be a walker.

bradley on

My son walked on his own at 7 months! He’s been running since 9! I wish them luck – if Suri is as active as my Oliver, they are going to be very tired!

Jamie on

for some babies its godson started walking 2 mths before he turned 1

Bridget on

My daughter walked at 16 months. Children who walk earlier are no smarter than those who walk later BTW. My oldest is 9 and can’t walk because of spina bifida and he’s a pretty smart kid.

elisa on

I personally started walking at 10 months and my brother at 11.

Kelley on

Both my kids walked at 10 months on their own. No surprise to me that Suri is walking at 11 months. (and she is 11 months πŸ™‚ )

Alexis on

It seems totally normal to me that Suri would be walking at 11 months. I started walking at 7 months, my godson at 8 months. All my nieces and nephews started walking before the age of one.

LiLa on

I do not think any one can orchestrate such a lie/SCAM as to have a baby earlier and pass it off as actually younger than it is. And Katie was on Letterman in July 2005 and was as skinny as ever with no pump, if Suir was older she would have been 3-4 months. Besides we saw Katie every weekend in December at those kids games and she did not look like she had had a baby at any time. Actually now that I think of it, it is a ridiculous idea that Suri is older. Katie did put on weight after her birth as webmistress one time pointed out. She is not even walking well, atleast not like Violet. She seems so hypeactive and she may need some vitamins. LOL!

Zoey on

How do you see the video? Do you have to sign up/pay?

Go to, click ‘Guest Archive’ and it’s in there.

charsmom on

My daughter started walking at 15 months – I’m glad it wasn’t sooner b/c once they walk kids are hard to contain. I now have a 2 month old, too, and am interested to see if she walks sooner as she has her older sister to look up to … we’ll see.

Suri is adorable and looks like an 11 month old; she seems healthy, happy and well loved … isn’t THAT what’s important?!?

Layla & Finn's Mommy on

There is nothing at all odd about Suri walking at 11 months. Mydaughter, Layla, started at 9 1/2 and has not stopped. At 17 months old she is a solid runner.

YEAY Suri and good luck to Katie on keeping up with her.

Congrats on the new little one – when was Finn born?

Layla & Finn's Mommy on

Finn is not here yet. I am due Aprtil 29th and we have a c-section scheduled for April 27th (becasue Layla was a c-section). I have a feeling he is not going to wait that long though. At 34 weeks 2 days I am already 2 cm dialated. :O

Thank you for asking. πŸ˜€

I got all excited cuz I saw the name, lol. -Sarah

Carol on

My sons were 9 and 91/2 months when they walked and my niece was 10 months. And my niece, she had been cruising the tables and stuff for a month or so and then one day she let go and off she went. I don’t believe that Suri is older then they say she is…

Lauren22 on

My daughter(my oldest) was walking at 11 months and my son(my youngest) was walking just before 10 months. I find it totally normal for Suri to be walking now.

finnaryn on

I have a Finn too! πŸ™‚ It’s short for Finnean. He is three now.

Kathy on

My oldest walked at 10 mos and was flat out *running* at 11 mos!

Anne on

My daughter walked on her own at 9 months old. She never walked with assistance, one day she just walked across the room and that was the end of it!

Cheesy on

My daughter stood up and took her first step unaided at 10 months. At 10.5 months, she was walking without any assistance, for long stretches of time.

sarah on

My daughter took her first steps the day she turned 10 months old, and was walking well by herself at 11 months old and running by 12 months old!

I think they are a beautiful family!!

missannji on

all children are different. my eldest daughter took her first step at 8 months and was walking at 9 months. but my son, did not walk until 12-13 months of age.

thegabstersmommy on

It doesn’t suprise me she is walking already. My daughter took her first steps at 7 months and started walking, unassisted, when she was 8 months 3 days old. She was in a hurry to do everything. I hope my next child does it a little slower so I can enjoy the time a little longer πŸ™‚

Suri is such an adorable little girl!

angela on

I was working one day and this lady put her 7 month old down, and she was walking. It was really cute, because she was so small. My god daughter niece and cousin were at 11, and my other little cousin at fifteen months. I was just short of my firstb birthday. I was down hill skiing at the age of two

Barbara on

My son started walking at 11 months.

blassom on

I started walking at 9 months.

tssts on

My daughter was walking at 8 months, and a week later running!

atsirk17 on

My oldest son started crawling at 6 months, pulling himself up on furniture at 7 months, and he was 9.5 months when he started walking. He was walking and running unassisted by 10 months old. My second didn’t walk until 14 months. Each child is different, even if parents do the same things with them, if they have brothers/sisters, etc.

Beth on

One of my daughters took her first steps the day she turned 9 months, and was running by the end of the month.

RonniesWife on

I can’t believe people still believe this woman did not have a baby. Seriously… you can’t visually measure someone’s bump. Clothes have a lot to do with how big your bump appears. I had Thanksgiving Dinner and had my son the next day, more than half of the guests couldn’t believe I was even pregnant and my tummy was not flat. Anyway, I don’t see it being odd that Baby Suri is walking, she is right on track, My 13 year old walked when she was 10 months… unassisted.

tanya on

My girl bundle of joy was walking at 9.5 months and running across the house at 10 months old. My boy bundle of joy took his sweet time and rolled around on the floor until he was 14 months and then went to crawling and walking by 16.5 months. They all do it on their own time schedule.

Jenn on

I don’t find it unusual that she is walking. my daughter started walking at 8 months and by 8.5 months she was running very well and rarely fell. my 3 boys walked between 10 and 11 months and my 9 month old has no desire to even crawl yet.

tink1217 on

My daughter walked unaided at 10 months and my son at 12 months. So Suri walking at 11 months isn’t unheard of! My dad walked at 9 months, my mom at 10 months, my uncle at 11 months. Its normal anywhere between 10-18 months, but most around a year give or take a month.

Amber Smith on

Son #1 – 13 Months(twins)
Son #2 – 17 months(twins)
Son #3 – 14 months

I don’t think it’s unusual for her be walking. It may not be the ‘norm’ but all babies are different. My 14 month old started cruising at 10 months so we all thought he would be walking early but he only just started walking on his own the other night.

Kate on

My first daughter started walking completely unassisted at 9.5 months. My 2nd just started at 10.5 months.

Daze on

Not unusual. My mother said I was walking at 9 months old. All 4 of my kids were walking by 9 or 10 months, and the youngest one was cruising around with support or from furniture to furniture at 7 and a half months. They were all slim, steady and muscular, though, and flipping cartwheels at 3 years old, so it might be their build.

Elisabeth on

I have my own thoughts about this family but it is not unusal for a child of that age to be walking. My oldest two were walking with no help by the time they were 11 months. Our third started walking at around her first birthday and the twins were walking by 10 1/2 months.

Jacquie on

I have 4 kids, my three boys all walked unaided at 9 months and my daughter walked unaided at 8 months! So Suri walking doesn’t surprise me at all.

mrsgrugspolat on

My youngest Son Started Walking a 6 and a 1/2 months old no joke I was so not ready as his brother was 13 months old when he walked for the first time unatended.

Layla & Finn's Mommy on

Just wanted to add some proof if anyone really thinks that it is hard to believe Suri is walking…

This is my daughter in July 2006. She was born Oct 15th 2005:

Carol Lee on

My nephew was born March 6 and started walking the day after Thanksgiving…so he was not quite 9 months old. Horrible…he was into everything.

Kimberly on

My nephew started walking at 7.5 months so I definitely don’t find it surprising that Suri is walking at her age.

Mephala on

My son is 10 months and a week and is still cruising. He’s been standing since 7 months so we think, any day now.

A on

My son was RUNNING at 11 MONTHS. He was almost 2 months early so technically he would have been just over 9 MONTHS ADJUSTED AGE RUNNING.

Maria on

Both of my daughters started walking at 11 months.

Tessa on

My daughter (now 4) took her first steps at 7 1/2 months. She was running my 8 1/2.
My son (now 2) was walking at 8 months and had mastered running (away from me) at 9 1/2.
My youngest daughter is nearly 5 months. We’re hoping she’ll wait a little bit longer.

Tiffani on

My daughters was 10 months when she started walking, but she was a 8 week early preemie so i guess that made her about 8 months (adjusted age). She started pulling up at 7 months (actual age) and was running up and down the hall alone at 10.5 months (actual age)

my son was a year old to the day when he took his first steps without assistance.

Mary on

My niece was walking by 9 months. Two months later she was starting to climb out of her crib.

Ronda on

I have twins who are 14 yrs old now , A boy and a girl my son started walking at 9 mo. and my daughter was more like 14 mo. and they were born 1 mo. early . I do not find it strange at all

mystique on

The only way this would be unsual is if these people have never had kids in their lives or been around one.

I started walking when I was 1yr old, my sister was the earliest at 8 months old. Suri is 11months old so yeah its not that unuusual for her to be walking.

Some need to stop trying to find everything wierd in everything this couple do, and leave their children alone. Suri does not look big for her age. How many times can it be said that all babies dont look or act the same and especially dont develop the same. I’ve never had a child but I’m from a family of five but I seem to know better then some who claim to have children!

I’m glad that most on this site dont find it strange but I’ve seen others who do and Im simply floored by that sentiment.

StΓ©ph on

My grandfather is a very strong man and my mother told me he started walking at 7 months.

Shannon on

I was told I started walking at 9 months old… unaided… So as all have said, it’s not surprising…

Kara on

My daughter is 9 months old and starting walking while holding one hand at 8 months so it is very believable- true or false- at Suri’s age!

gemma martin on

This would not surprise me my son walked at ten months and my daughter was nine months and 1 week ! “”whatever you can do i can do better “”! They both keep me very busy 3 and 1 !!

rosie on

i am not really really suprise at all because my daughter started her firts walk or step(however you call it!)atm 7 months!!!!!!!

Laura on

My sister was already running at 6 months old! It’s pretty crazy but she’s one smart cookie…and continue to do stellarly in many fields (science & engineering, music & literature, etc) until adulthood. She did a lot of things much earlier than most babies in general. Suri will probably grow up to be one smart kid too.

Lizz on

My own son was walking all alone at 9 1/2 months. Now, at 16 months, he still does not talk too much. Babies will master one form or another while something else develops later. Completely understandable. It was said that an aunt of mine was walking at 7 months.

Stacey on

I know this is old but my little girl was born on April 20, 2006 (two days after Suri) and she started walking @ 10 1/2 months old so I am sure Suri was walking in March to those doubters out there.

Robert on

My son has been walking since 7.5 months and just cruisin right along

sarah on

i started walking when i was 15 months old and now at 33 years old i’ve ran in 4 marathons and will be running in the boston marathon this year, just a few more days away!