Introducing Pax Thien Jolie

03/15/2007 at 06:22 AM ET

Angelina Jolie, has completed the process of adopting a boy from Vietnam. The Vietnamese boy from the Tam Binh Orphanage is 3 years old. His original name was Pham Quang Sang but Angelina and partner, Brad Pitt have chosen the name, Pax Thien Jolie for the newest addition to their family.  According to People, Pax Thien means means peaceful sky (Pax is peace in Latin and Thien is sky in Vietnamese).  Since Jolie is French for pretty, his full name means pretty peaceful sky.

What do you think of Pax Thien Jolie’s new name?

We spoke to an adoption expert about Angelina’s adoption of Pax.  Click here to read the interview.

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Angelina and Maddox arrived at the orphanage to pick up Pax, but he was apparently visibly upset on their arrival:

Theytried to make friends with the Vietnamese boy, who cried when he sawthem because for him, they are strangers. Jolie was very moved. Both ofthem tried to comfort the boy.

Angelina hasapparently completed procedures with Vietnamese authorities to adopt,but now must be granted approval from the U.S. consular and embassyofficials.

Angelina and Brad already have three children of multinational origin: Maddox Chivan, 5, was adopted from Cambodia in 2001, Zahara Marley, 2, from Ethiopia in 2005, and they welcomed Shiloh Nouvel, 10 months, in Namibia last year. Pax was born in November 2003.

Source: Just Jared and PEOPLE

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Janine on

aww, congrats to the ever expanding family. I quite like the name Pax. I believe I’ve read somewhere that it means ‘Peace’. The poor thing getting all upset though ;_; I hope it doesnt take him long to settle in.

heather on

I think it is great that they adopted an older child. Everyone wants to adopt a ‘baby’ but there are FAR more older children in the world who need homes! Good for them!

cungem on

They move me beyond words. As a Vietnamese American, it will be nice to see Vietnam get some (hopefully) positive attention from this.

TracyG on

He’s cute!!! Poor baby was probably really scared. Did Angelina visit him beforehand to get him used to her? And seeing Mad, probably confused him. He most likely doesn’t speak English either. It’ll be a tough adjustment for the little sweetie…

I also wonder why they changed his name? He’s had the same name for three years. Will it confuse him? Although, I must say, the name Pax is darling!

Heather on

Its really weird that your article states that Pax was upset about Angelina’s arrival to pick him up, b/c I read another article in which someone from the orphanage said that the boy woke up excited about joining his new family. Of course neither could be true; we don’t know because we weren’t there. But either way I’m sure its going to be an awkward transition for all of them in the beginning and I hope things go well for the future!
Suprisingly, I’m not that horrified by the name! Although it must be weird for him to have his name changed at the age of 3.

NausicaaofWind on

Awww, poor kid. Presumably he’s going to miss all his friends at the orphanage. It’s the only life he’s known. And he probably thinks a family wanting him is too good to be true, and he probably realizes he’ll have to leave the country to go live with strangers; he must be overwhelmed. But I’m sure he’ll adjust; he’ll soon realize how lucky he is, getting new parents, a brother and two sisters. He has a nice name.

Laura on

This must be upsetting for the boy since he is leaving the only home he has known and he problaby doesn’t speak English. I hope the transition goes well for him. It must be hard to adopt an older child versus an infant.

emma on

Looks a lot like maddox. Not sure i agree with changing his name though, by 3 years old he would know his own name.

Paige on

God Bless this incredible family……….regardless of their past conduct with Jeniffer Aniston and so on it is absolutely impossible to find any fault with the good work they do….

I praise Angelina and now Brad for going to countries and adopting children who aren’t necessarily considered “trendy” or “fashionable”…..

I mean she doesn’t go to white European countries like Russia and so on and adopt the classical blonde haired and blue eyed child that is normally condered the ideal….
She always go to countries and take in children that really do need good families and live in terribly depressing conditions.

I mean now all the people go OOH and AAH when they see paparazzi photos of Maddox and Zahara but if they weren’t their kids I really wonder if they would simply give a damn!!!!

I mean there are so many orphans in Ethiopia but do people really go there and adopt them????

I don’t think so…………they like Zahara and Mad as long as she is in the latest McClaren stroller and Mad in the latest desigher T-shirt but that’s it.

This is why I admire Madonnna so much…she did the RIGHT thing and it was so sad that still poeple had the guts and the daring to write such terrible things about it…..

BTW thts little boy looks remarkably like little Maddox……..It is simply unbelievable how God works because at first I really did think that this was a photo of him and not their new son……

Good Luck to the beautiful and kind family!!!!

I am now a fan!

Spiff on

It seems kind of cruel to change the boy’s name when he is already 3 years old. My daughter is 3 and I think she would be really bothered and confused if we changed her name!

CC on

Am I the only one who is shocked that they changed this boy’s name?

Suzanne on

Congratulations to the entire Jolie-Pitt family but especially to Pax, who now has a family of his own.

Erin on

WONDERFUL!! I’m so happy for them all, especially Pax! He is such a cutie – I’m sue Mad is thrilled to death to have a brother! hehe

Love the name too! What a lucky little man! =)

Kate on


Allison on

Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt’s! I have never heard of the name “Pax” before, but I’m sure he will make a great addition to their loving and supportive family.

Autumn on

Aw Pax is a cute little boy! Yeah he and the rest of the family will have some adjustments to make with each other to form a family bond, but that’s to be expected.

I wonder if Angelina knows any Vietnamese? That may aid in the transitional period, but I’m sure they’ll all adjust pretty quickly anyway.

Robin M. on

Cute kid. Pax means peace, right?

Madeline on

The boy probably cried because after three years of being called Pham, they changed his name to Pax! Cool name and all, but that kinda stinks for the cute kid. Talk about a confusing situation – new folks, new silblings, new country, new name. My son is 2.5 and at this age a name is part of their identity to a child.

Beth on

I am wishing them all the best. COngratulations to the whole family!

Adopting an older child is far different than adopting a baby. I hope the press leaves tham all alone during this important adjustment period.

Dominique on

He seems very sweet. I think he will be a wonderful addition to their family. Now maddox will have a brother to play with. That’s nice.

Alicia on


Sabina on

Wow! So I guess finally one rumour was true!I’m not sure how I feel about Angelina and Brad renaming a three year old child. At 21 I still have lots of memories of my life at three, I would have been confused back then if I’d been renamed.
But anyway, it’s a lovely name, and isn’t he beautiful? Looks like a sweetheart, I really hope he and Maddox become like real brothers quickly, I can see them kicking a football around the garden together and teaming up against their sisters!
Good on Angelina and Brad, putting their time, energy and love (and let’s face it, their vast wealth) towards yet another good endeavour.

kelli on

Best of luck to them.

Nineveh on

Is he cute or what?

But I honestly did not expect her to change his birth name this time around. I mean he is 3 1/2 and old enough to know what his name is. Odd she still went ahead and did it. But Pax is kinda cool, I have to admit. Pax Thien means peaceful sky. 🙂

Lisa B on

I know a great deal has been said about her adopting foreign children and of course her seemingly tenuous relationship with her biological child. I personally don’t like what she is doing as I think she could not adopt in the US because of her past with mental health issues and it appears to me she has a desire to have a family that does not link to her father biologically . However, Pitt seems fairly sane and I concede that these children need help and a loving family.
However, this has made me really angry. You simply cannot change a child’s name at the age of three. Changing his surname to that of his adopted parent or parents is one thing but changing his first name- which is very familiar to a child of three- is unacceptable. What is wrong with his name? Not trendy enough? I took in a dog from a rescue place and was told that as he was two years old it would be unfair and confusing to change his name. Surely if this is the advice given with an animal with limited language recognition skills this must be an awful thing to do to a child who will undoubtedly know his name and strike at the very heart of his identity.
I foresee a few ‘mommie dearest’ type books in the future.

Devon on

He is so adorable! Angelina and Brad got their wish of Mad being able to have someone in their family that looks like him. They look as though they are brothers!

Pax is one lucky boy. Although he may be scared, I hope he realises (as much as a 3 year old can) that this is the best thing that could ever happen to him. He now has a mother and father who are devoted to their children and 2 sisters and a brother to love and play with.

I can’t wait to see them all together! I commend Brad and Angie for all that they do to help children.

I wonder how much English he knows and who much Vietnamese Brad and Angie know?

Vale on

Why do they have to change his name?I think it’s a sort of violence…I mean,he’s already 3,you can’t change a child’s name like this,just because maybe you don’t like his old name…

willow on

I love the name Pax! It fits very well with Maddox (love the x’s). This is my favorite celeb family…congrats to the newest little Jolie-Pitt!

Deb on

I think it’s silly how she has bypassed their laws to adopt this child. And to rename him when he already 3 is really odd, he already has a name that he knows, and now strangers want to rename him?

way to go angie.

I mean I like them and I think they are great parents but this is ridiculous.

Yonni on

It must be so scary for him. I bet he doesn’t speak any English so communication will be hard. Poor thing. I hope he adjusts quickly. My daughter is only two months older then him, and I can only imagine how frightened he is. Thankfully he is beign saved from living in an orphanage.

MuffThumb on

I’m sorry, but I really get the feeling Shiloh was an accident. Just from the way Angelina talks about her, and how quickly she moved on to adopting another child, I dont think she ever had any intention of becoming pregnant.

Nicole on

Congrats on the adoption of another wonderful child! I love his new name too.

michelle on

As you all know I ADORE this family and Pax is a wonderful new addition. I love how his name is translated. It sounds just perfect. Can’t wait to see them out and about. The boys are going to have a ball playing soccer together. CONGRATS!!!

Kim on

Why did they re-name him? I just think thats odd. He is used to being called by a certain name, and now they change his name and take him to live in a new location. Just seems ver weird.

Debbie on

As always Angelina names her children with great care.

alexp on

Very beautiful child. Name is not so hot. I’m pretty sure he’ll be teased about that one, especially if people don’t know how it’s spelled – it sounds like “packs” and that could get interesting if you know what I mean. I like his middle name, though. Wish that was his first name.

luckysilver on

He is beautiful! What a wonderful addition to their already gorgeous family! Best wishes to all, and I can’t wait to see who they’ll adopt next! What great people.

sarah on

Personally, I think it would have been better if they’d given him at least part of his original name. Angelina has spoken about wanting to preserve her children’s connections to their original cultures. In the case of an older child, who knows what he’s called, a name is a huge connection. Pax Thien is a beautiful name, but it’s not how he knows himself.

I hope everything goes smoothly for them with this adoption, and that little Pax adjusts to his new family without many issues.

jaye on

More blessings for sure. He looks like angies ex girlfriend lol

Smanatha on

UGH she needs to take care of the kids she’s got not keep getting more. It’s sad how it seems she adopts kids to make herself look better. The fact she started trying to adopt this kid right after the birth of her daughter. I mean seriously spend some time getting used to the new addition and family before bringing in yet another.

I hate when people adopt older children and then change their names. Way to confuse the kid and change their entire idenity. It’s not like this kid is a baby….he knows his name. It’s pretty messed up.

Rachel on

Aww… well he’s definitely a beautiful little boy! It’s difficult adopting a child that age but definitely not too late to form new attachments. I’ve never much cared for the two of them, but it seems to me they do love their children and have so much to offer.
Really the only thing I have against it is the changing of his name. I just think it would be difficult enough to be 3 years old and taken from the place you grew up to a whole new world and given a new name too. A nickname given to him special from them would have been better than changing his entire name.

corrievk on

I love the new name, but at 3 years old, hasn’t he already become used to his original name? It might be confusing for him and take some time to get used to. But, he is so cute and we wish the whole family best wishes!

stacey on

it’s nice name, but i feel it’s not “right” to change an adopted child’s given name, especially when they are old enough to answer “what is your name?”

crazytalk23 on

i love the name, in fact i’ve heard of someone around here with that name. its very jolie-pitt indeed! he’s adorable and i know that he and maddox will be a tight pair. what a great family they are building!

Laura B. on

I think it’s terrible that they changed the child’s name. He’s three years old and is going to go through enough changes with the adoption, they should at least leave him with the name he was born with. This will come back to haunt them later!

That aside, I think it’s great that they’ve adopted, although I think it would’ve been nicer for them to wait a bit so that Shiloh and Zahara get a little more “me” time as the newest members of the family. Just my opinion…

Lorus on

Congratulations to them! He’s a cutie.

It must be quite upsetting for him to know he’s leaving everyone he’s ever known in his life. However he’ll soon grow an attachment to his new family and will flourish in his new environment. I like his name, goes well with his siblings.

Tamara on

I don’t like the name. they’ve usually been so imaginative with the names. especially zahara marley. but anyway, happy for them.

Lisa on

I don’t understand why they felt the need to change a 3 years old’s name. I could see if he was just a few months old. I think they should have kept his birth name.

KarenC on

I like it. It is pretty and simple, and I
like the meaning behind it.

Jess on

Aww! Pax is adorable! I love his name, it is so unique and fits perfectly with his older brother, Maddox, and two little sisters, Zahara and Shiloh. Pax very much reminds me of Mad.

I wish the Jolie-Pitt clan all the best with their new addition!

rachel on

It seems as if this family collects children. I find that a bit weird.

KO on

I have no problem with the adoption, but I wish they wouldn’t go changing chidrens names, especially not at 3 years.

lizzielui on

I am confused as to why they had to change his name. He is three so I am sure he is accustomed to being called Pham already. Also, don’t most adoptive parents usually have some interaction wih the kids before they adopt them, especially at this age? This makes it sound as if the kid had never seen Angelina before. In any event, I wish them all the best.

tessa on

I wish everyone would stop complaining about the special circumstances celebrities get when adopting children. I understand that some regular people wait forever to be able to adopt, but if a celebrity can get in there and surpass us and adopt a child,shouldn’t the bigger picture be that another orphan is being placed in a loving home? Kudos to Brad and Angelina for having arms wide enough to take in more children. And I’m sure that Angelina didn’t lie to the Vietnam agency when adopting her new son. I am sure they are aware that she is technically not ‘single’, but guess what everyone,until she is married, she is technically ‘single’. As for his name, I think Paxton would have been cuter and call him Pax for short.

kate on

i feel kinda bad for him that he’s gone three years with one name and then has to re-adjust to a new one.

Faithfully on

My brother, and his wife adopted 2 little girls Pax’s age from a Bulgaria orphanage.
It has ended up being a major disaster.
I hope they have better luck, and bless them for trying to help all people of the world.

Ana on

I have to say: “what a pretty little boy”! About the name, I just love the meaning Pax, and is surely peace on latin, and Thien for meaning sky. Lucky boy I have to say…lucky kids those three, so many around the world without love, home, food…family. I love them!
Gorgeous little boy. And it’s so cool that they didn’t adopt a “baby” (although I consider 3 year-old babies), you know what I mean.

Anna on

Aww, he’s adorable!! I’m so happy for the six of them. I’m sure Maddox will love having a little buddy to play with – he must have been feeling a little left out with Zahara and Shiloh being so close in age.

I’m not overly keen on the name yet but I LOVE the meaning. So beautiful! I also didn’t really like ‘Maddox’ initially so I’m sure it will grow on me.

Congratulations to the whole family. And welcome little Pax!!

Christy G on

My brother, and his wife adopted 2 little girls Pax’s age from a Bulgaria orphanage.
It has ended up being a major disaster.
I hope they have better luck, and bless them for trying to help all people of the world.

Lilybett on

I like the name and wonder if Maddox had a say in it, like some tabloids have claimed.

I think, though, this will be (their) her most difficult adoption because of his age. By three, he’s developed a fairly complex language system, attachments to orphanage staff and fellow orphans and now he’s suddenly going to be thrust in front of the papparazzi. Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh have grown up with this occurring, so it’s become normalised, but I think this little boy is going to freak out and may need to be sheltered a lot more than the others. I think because of the attachment thing, he may need to be parented in a more hands on fashion.

Andi on

Wonder if he will get the jolie-pitt name?

Is Maddox and Zahara his?

I love Angelina Jolie for doing that .

It will be tough work

Ericka on

What about Pitt? Like the other kids…

Tammie on

First off I dont like the name, they never should change the boys name. Cant she adopt a usa baby. I dont think its right to help other kids in other countries, help the usa first. Why would she keep adopting when she is still raising small babies, the one isnt even a yr old yet. Rosie O Donnell even said adopting them out of age order can mess the kids up who are used to a normal oldest to youngest birth order. I dont think she has time for kids as it is.

TX on

I wish more families would embrace adoption especially the adoption of older children. I’m a member of a Guatemala Adoption blog and the praise for Brad and Angelina is overwhelming. Some of us chose to keep our childrens’ birth names and some of us changed our childrens names. It is a matter of personal choice. If Brad and Angelina received special treatment we don’t begrudge them for it. We would rather a child spend one less day in an orphanage. I hope Brad and Angelina know there are many in the adoption community who support them.

Liz on

I honestly do not know why so many people are criticizing them for adopting yet another child. They are GREAT hands on parents, they love their kids, & they can provide for them. Why would you criticize wealthy people for adopting when the childs living conditions were crappy in the orphanage? Every child deserves a parent.
As for changing his name..I say good for them! Its a new start for this little guy, he is three afterall, I bet you they made sure he was OK with the name change.

A few months ago I watched an adoption story on TV where a four year old agreed and helped choose his new name..Whats the big deal?

Let them alone!!

Congrats Angie & Brad, little Pax is ADORABLE!

Grace on

I don’t understand the negativity coming from some people about this. It’s no one’s business how many children they adopt or when they do it. They aren’t asking any of you to come to their house and help them raise their children.

And to the person who made the snide comment about her collecting kids: What an incredibly offensive thing to say. Adoptive parents are not collecting kids. The Jolie-Pitts – along with other adoptive families – are simply trying to form a family just like biological parents do. It’s beyond my comprehension how a person could be so mean-spirited as to compare adopting children to “collecting” kids.

Layla & Finn's Mommy on

I think it is wonderful that they are adopting older children but I was hoping after moving to New Orleans that they might adopt a child from there. I have no problem with forgien adoption at all and i think they are doing a wonderful thing in giving this child a home I just think a child from New Orleans could have used that home just as much as this child.

I like his name but I wonder why she would want to change the name of a 3 year old. There is going to be so much change for him and changing his name when he can’t even speak english and understand why they will be calling him that seems odd. If he was a baby it would be different but he is at such a sensitive age for it now.

CONGRATS to them though. they really do have a beautiful family.

Jenna on

I think people should leave Angelina alone. It is irrelevant whether she adopts a child from the U.S. or from a foreign country. She is helping children, regardless. She appears to love her kids, and that’s all that matters.

Aura on

Interesting about changing the birth name, but oh well… As long as he’s happy, then that’s all that matters. Hope he adapts to his new life quickly – Am sure he will with a brother like Maddox.

Missy on

Rachel, I totally agree. I don’t know these people personally, obviously, but there is something compulsive about the way these people have gone about building their family. I’m all for adoption, but there’s nothing wrong with giving each child a few years of doting and/or undivided attention before you introduce a new person into the family unit. Maddox was an only child until a little over a year ago, now he’s got three siblings. There’s just something kind of … weird about it. When will it end?

Andrea on

I think that the name Pax Thien Jolie is really cute and thoughtful. I also think that it’s admirable that they’re adopting these children and saving them from a life of poverty.

Unlike so many others in today’s society who are only interested in reproducing and raising their own genetic children (in an already overpopulated world), Brad and Angelina are also interested in helping the 3rd world orphans who are generally forgotten by the rest of the world.

J.J on

Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt family!!! This little boy will be a perfect addition. The name Pax is ok, but I think they should have kept his original name, I mean that’s the name he grew up with for three years. Maddox must be happy to finally have a brother to guy stuff with, as Zahara and Shiloh are very sisterly to each other. Anyway, hope they adopt another one in a few years, hopefully from somewhere like China, India, Russia, or even the US. Brad and Angie are great parents to all of their four kids.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

Gosh that cutie has a lot of adjusting to do :-/

Wonder what he’s going to think of the paps? or if brangelina will hide him away for 8 months?

Lorus on

To all the people critical of the name change.

Living where I do (Vancouver, Canada) there are A LOT of immigrants from all over the world. Most of these people change their names (including children) to “white” names when they arrive. I see nothing wrong with changing this boy’s name. It’s similar how names change depending on the language spoken. Michel (Sounds like Michelle) is French for Michael. I know people who go by their “white” sounding name with English speaking folk and then their French pronunciation with their family.

I’m sure Ange & Brad are very open with their children and don’t hide things from them. The kids know where they came from and probably know/will know when they are older their birth names.

Jaclyn on

At least they adopted an “older” (come on he is only 3) child.

However, Pax is feminine. It means “peace” in Latin, as she was the goddess of peace in Roman Mythology.

Laura on

Good luck to them! They will certainly need it. I can’t help but wonder how Angelina is going to handle when these children are all teenagers. I remember seeing an interview with Angelina where she talks about how she just makes decisions and doesn’t analyze herself… I hope she has changed and is really thinking through these decisions. It is not always a happy ending when you adopt a child from a foreign country. Each one is going to have more issues to deal with than the normal child…including trying to find your own identity when your parents are possibly the most beautiful celebrities around, finding a racial identity, fitting in with Hollywood culture. Yes, in many ways they will have a blessed life, but money and good intentions doesn’t always produce happy, healthy children. I really do wish them the best of luck!

xotiko on

Thien actually means ‘heaven’ in vietnamese. So its peaceful heaven.

Matilda on

I believe they chose the name Pax very carefully to have a similar sound to his original name, and lessen his confusion. To him, at such a tender age, it is probably not different from a nickname – people get called all kinds of things that are different from what they consider their ‘true’ name. Calling him Pax is no more foreign to him than calling him Sweetie or Champ or any other term of endearment.

Aside from the obvious physical and emotional changes in his environment, to me it’s no different from a child who has been called Rosanne up until the age of three developing the moniker Rosie instead. His name has only changed slightly. Right now, I think there are far more pressing issues of adjustment to consider with this little boy than what he’s being called.

Just my two cents. Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt family. I admire what they are doing more than I can say. Pax is adorable.

Anita on

This is a new addiction, i really believe she is a disturbed lady. Hope i am still alive in a few years to hear all the crazy stories a la Woody Allen and Mia Farrow.

Barbara on

Pax Pitt would sound horrible. I wonder if that’s a sign that she never intends to marry Brad, that she hasn’t thought of how the new child’s name would sound with just Pitt.

Alexandra on

I’m very excited for this little boy, and I’m glad he is going to live a better life, but I do not think they should have changed his name, the one thing he got to keep before being picked up and totally relocated. I also have gotten the feeling many times that Shiloh was a mistake, I mean saying that you love one child more than the other, is sick. Hopefully Angelina was misquoted and she doesn’t really feel that way. Anyways, congratulations to Pax!

B on

I don’t understand why she would change his name? He is old enough to recognize his own name, so why bother changing it? I’m sure she doesn’t care that he may not like the name she has chosen over the name he was given before. I find it odd that his last name is Jolie, not Jolie-Pitt like the other 3. A little strange since Brad had adopted Maddox and Zahara. Does this mean trouble for them? It’s also strange that she would adopt again when Shiloh is only 10 months. Why not wait until she’s older if you want to adopt again? Or wait until all the kids are older so you can give the 3 children you’ve already got the attention they need. Hopefully the boy can adjust well in his new surroundings and get used to a new name.

Erin on

Moderator please remove some of these nasty comments (collecting kids, etc). I thought we weren’t supposed to be nasty? CBB should be positive, not negative, in my opinion.

Grace on

Rachel & Missy : Lots of people have children close in age – and that’s their business, and not yours. Just because you prefer to wait a few years between children does not mean that’s the way that everyone else should do it. Every family has to find what works for them. And I bet you wouldn’t appreciate someone else trying to tell you what age gap you should have for your children.

You shouldn’r assume that what works for your own family is what will and should work for everyone else’s family. Every family has to find their own way.

Erin on

To the person wondering if Mad and Z are Brad’s: Yes, he adopted them, which is why their last names are Jolie-Pitt. And even if he did, they consider him their father which is all that matters.

As far as the negative people…

If you don’t have anything nice to say, do the rest of the site a favor and don’t reply back at all. 😉

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

Her kids, her choice.

If she wants to adopt foreign orphans, she can. If people want her to adopt from the US, then get over it – how about practicing what YOU preach and adopting one yourself? Or, heck, if you can’t afford to adopt then do what Angie does and donate to charities to better another person’s life.

Don’t like that she has a child every year or so? Well, honey, she isn’t the first, nor will she be the last, person to do it. If you find it “disturbing” then look at your fellow countrymen – they do the same. Don’t like it still? Well, bar yourself in your house and stop interacting with the outside world. Nothing is going to change, so it’s time to stop being so “disturbed” because the world isn’t perfect like you.

Some people really need to grow up.

Stop bashing on Angie.

Stop reading her threads.

Just stop.

If you don’t like her or her choices then go to a Jennifer Aniston board and bash her there – I’m personally sick and tired of hearing about it on here, on a site that is supposed to be positive (though you can’t tell from all the negative crap people have to say LOL).

Just my 2 cents!

Stacie on

Well, it’s not my life or my place to judge the “who, what, when, where, and why” of theirs. Ultimately, I’m just glad that there’s one less homeless child in the world.

bradley on

As a teacher with many foreign students, I know it is not uncommon for children to change their names when they come to America. Often, they have a similar sound but Americanized spelling. Pax will be fine and as he learns English, he will adjust beautifully. Kids are resilient and it is the start of a new life for all of them. What a beautiful, caring family. Congratulations!

De-De on

Pax will need some time to adjust, but I think Maddox will help him through. Him and Maddox look kinda similar so he will adjust to him quicker. I wish them all well though. I cant wait to adopt, which may be within the next 3 years.

April on

I do commend Angelina for her passion for helping the world’s less popular and fortunate countries – no one can argue she spends a ton of money doing a lot of good for those countries, but honestly this adoption doesn’t really sit well with me. First, its nice to say ‘we love your home country and we’re committed to the heritage of your being’ – but don’t forget the ‘but we don’t like the name your culture bestowed upon you so you’re getting a new trendier one’. Oh and why isn’t his last name Jolie-Pitt like the rest?

And it also just reminds me of how I feel INCREDIBLY sorry for Shiloh, Angelina couldn’t be more obvious in how disappointed she was to actually have a caucasion child of American heritage and now to focus on acclimating a foreign 3yr old into the family instead of relishing the time she has left with Shiloh as a baby…I have no respect for her as a mother, just as a peacemaker I guess.

Penny Lane on

I do think he looks like Mad, which I think it sweet. I don’t agree, however, with changing a 3 year old’s name, *especially* one who is going to be so confused already. I do like the names they’ve chosen for him, but still, he should keep his own name.

ali on

I have a feeling the need to have lots of children is to have each child share the spotlight, so that not one or two children are always harrassed by the media their whole lives. If they have 5 or 6 kids there is less pressure.

Grace on

April: I don’t know what you’re referring to by “Angelina couldn’t be more obvious” about being disappointed about Shiloh. You don’t know this woman, all you know about her are quotes taken from magazines that may or may not have been taken completely out of context. So please stop pretending like you know how she feels about her child.

Heather on

April, your comment couldn’t be more ignorant if you tried. Angelina didn’t take away the culture from his name as his middle name is Vietnamese. His last name isn’t Jolie-Pitt because they couldn’t adopt as an unmarried couple and Vietnam. Pax will get Pitt’s last name evetually, like the other two. And the worst part is to say that Angelina is disspointed to be the mother of a white child! How do you even figure? And to say that she should be relishing in the time that she has with Shiloh as a baby. There are COUNTLESS parents that have children close on age. Many can be seen in Hollywood, and I don’t see uproar over them. And how come all the other celebrities that have large families and have adopted many children, like Mia Farrow or Marie Osmond for example, aren’t criticized? It makes no sense. I truly feel terrible for Brad and Angie for getting all this negativity over their beautiful family.

tracey on

How do you all know that he will always and ONLY be called Pax at home, in private?

Lots of people have 2 names – one from their native homeland and another one that is maybe easier to pronounce or something that they were okay with changing to. Travel the world – it’s not uncommon. Even for a 3 year old.

pam woodhouse on

Hmm, I’ve nothing against international adoption, though it does concern me a little that celebrities seem to have this knack of fast-tracking the paperwork….

It seems to me that Angelina and Brad are the new Mia Farrow and Andre Previn!

Rachel on

Grace, I am sorry that you feel that I was mean spirited, however that was totally not my intention. I am all for adoption and I think it is beautiful for people to adopt children who may have had a difficult life and give them a normal, stable home. The problem I have( although it is really none of my businness) is that I sort of feel bad for the other children having more and more kids added to the family so quickly. As a parent, I cannot see how my family would adjust to two new children in one year. I am fine with large families however I think that it is too many, from too many different backgrounds, too fast. It just makes me wonder if it is a publicity stunt.What will happen when the children get older and both parents are working? Who will be raising them and making sure they don’t grow up to be dysfunctional teens and adults??

Grace on

Barbara: I agree that the name Pax Pitt doesn’t sound great. However, none of the other children have the last name Pitt, they have the last name Jolie-Pitt. I don’t think that Pax Jolie-Pitt sounds that bad. It’s not my favorite name in the whole world, but it’s not my kid, so it doesn’t really matter whether I like it or not.

stephanie on


I’m just going to repeat what people have repeatedly said in the Jolie-Pitt posts in CBB. What you read is only snippets of interviews. Not the whole thing. It’s ridiculous to say you feel sorry for a child you don’t even know because her mummy loves her siblings more than she loves her.

Angelina has said in many interviews how much she adores Shiloh and how she has changed her relationship with Brad and the other kids for the better, brought them closer together, but of course nobody remembers that. They only focus on the part the tabloids sensationalised, such as when she referred to her a “blob”, a word that was suggested by the interviewer, mind you. Angelina also has said that she’s considering starting a charity for Native American children because Shiloh is part Native American, and she’s incredibly proud of that.

Pax’s last name is only Jolie because Angelina and Brad are not married. He will be a Jolie-Pitt when Brad files to adopt him, just like he did with Maddox and Zahara. As for his name, the people in the orphanage gave him the name based on where he was found as a baby. A lot of people rename the children they adopted, and it’s just my opinion it’s better to have a name that’s well thought of and not just so they can call him something specific. After all, she’s his mother now.

Ninin on

So French is not “White” sounding, but English is?
I believe you mean “English” sounding.

Claire on

I think it’s a cool name, but I agree that it’s too bad he was stripped of his birth name. At least keep part of it…let him hold onto a bit of his identity and heritage. He’s not an infant.

Maddie on

I think Pax Thien Jolie is one of the luckiest kids out there. To have Brad and Ange welcome him into their family and provide him with a life that would have never been possible for him. Even though adjustments will have to be made (but that is true when any new child is born or adopted into any family), Pax can now have the benefit of a good education, the love and support of parents and siblings, travel the world and countless other opportunities.

As for his name I think it’s great – not only is it individual but he still has the reminder of his homeland. Brad and Ange obviously put a lot of thought into naming their children and in my opinion have done a great job!

Marlina on

I think it’s great that they are expanding their family. If they can handle more children, why not try? They (children) are God’s greatest gifts, and how cool, to give a parentless child a family. As for his name change, you don’t know that they will be calling him Pax from day one, they could work up to calling him that too, maybe so he could get used to it. They have several children, whom they seem to spend a lot of time with, so probably know a bit about parenting. Who knows, maybe they have had some counseling on this whole huge process of adoption. I doubt they are blindly going into it. So, that being said, be happy for them and the new little family member!

Rebecca on

Do some of you read what you write? Calling the adoption of children a publicity stunt? Predicting the Jolie-Pitt children will be dysfunctional adults. I realize this is only a blog but I dare any of you to try and tell your neighbors how many children they should have and how often they should have them. You’d be lucky if they only slam the door in your face. Some of you need to find Jesus.

Kirsten on


Pax will be fine with his new name, I think he’ll just be happy with his new family. Kids pick up on things so easily and I doubt the name change would cause “identity problems”.

People just get more Anal about this stuff as they get older… loosen up people!

Anca on

I completely adore this family. What Angelina and Brad are doing is wonderful. I admire them both so much, and Angelina especiallly for all her work in third world countries. It is so amazing that they want to save and take in so many kids.

I don’t doubt Angie’s love for any of her (now) four kids. She undoubtedly loves Shiloh as much as she loves Maddox, Zahara and Pax. The only thing that’s bothering me a little bit, is how fast they adopted Pax. I feel like she it might have been better if they spended a little more time on Z and Shi as they are still so young and then adopt again when Shiloh was 3 or 4 years old. That way they all really get a chance to get to know each other, not to imply that they don’t now. I think it’s just important to show a child how important and special they are to you and to not keep adding to your brood almost compulsively.

I do not doubt Angelina’s motives for this adoption, she is doing it for all the right reasons. But maybe not at the best time. She might be getting carried away with the idea of saving as many kids as she can. Meanwhile forgetting how important the bond of the existing family is and keeping that intact. She seems obsessed with saving the world and making it a better place, disregarding her children’s needs for stability and 1-on-1 attention.

But I don’t know Angelina and Brad personnally and I don’t know what they are like and how they think. This is just what feel about this.

I like the name Pax Thien. I think Brad and Angelina are not gonna start calling him Pax right away. His former name was Pham, which is not that different from Pax. They might change it gradually, by using it as a nickname and settle on the name later.

I love and admire Angelina and Brad so much. They trully are lifesavers. What a wonderful family.

ps. Pax looks exactly like Maddox!!

cungem on

There seems to be all this ‘shock’ and ‘indignation’ over the name change. I don’t have a strong opinion either way, but to me, the point is simple. They want to show Pax that he is now a part of their family and a part of a new journey where he will always feel safe and protected. I have NO doubt that Angie will work tirelessly to keep him close to his culture, the first three years of his life, his identity, and his roots.

T on

Didn’t Brad and Angelina say that they didn’t rule out another biological baby??? From celebrities who have begged for their privacy, I think it’s a pretty obvious statement that at some point, she will have another biological child for Shiloh.

It’s a rumor, but I have read in several places that Brad wanted another biological child immediately while Angelina supposedly told him she would but wanted to adopt another child first.

For the bashers, didn’t you read on how she said it was difficult in trying to figure out what country, what nationality to adopt next to balance out her family…an Asian child for Maddox? An African sibling for Zahara? I wouldn’t be surprised if they adopt an African child next then maybe have another biological child or maybe the other way around. From what I understand, they want each of their children to be able to have someone else in the family that they can look at and see some resemblence…some familiarity…and Shiloh has her parents.

I think it’s funny how the bashers get so upset over her renaming Pax…he’s being adopted with an American family, who will be partly living in America as their ‘home’…I think it’s great…it’s similar to his given name and shows him (and the parents) that he has come into their family, he is now theirs. I think it would stand out more down the road if she didn’t rename him …

Ninin on

Why should english names be more “White” than french names?
I believe you mean more “English” sounding, not more “white” sounding.

TracyG on


Just to comment on your post about only commenting with “nice” words.

Life isn’t all “sunshine and roses”. People have opinions, as you have yours. Some like this family, some don’t. Everyone has a right to post and comment on this blog just as much as you do.

I understand the blog is moderated, but I think it’s more for spammers and truly rude comments, more than someone who questions a celebrity’s motives or how she looks etc. If only “good” comments were allowed, then life surely would be a boring place IMO.

dee on

I really don’t think that this adoption was needed. Take care of the kids u have. Yeah, it’s great u wanna help out in the world but it doesn’t change who u really r. She is miserable inside so she needs to take her mind off it by adopting children. And, she feels by adopting kids it will make people forget that she steals people’s husbands.
And, who is she to change his name at 3yrs old? And having all that money, she should have hired a better translator. Pax Thien does not mean peaceful sky, it means, superficial, shallow, and another, means to prune away, n castrate!!! It varies depending the accent mark, but none of the meanings mean sky or peaceful. Its said that she is so desperate to be viewed as a “do gooder” that she could at least find out the real meaning behind this kids new name (esp. if your gonna change it at age3)!!!

Please Read on

The adoption agency that Angelina used issued the following response to clear up rumors regarding Pax’s adoption.

“In applying to adopt 3-yr-old Pax Thien, Ms. Jolie followed the same course as all prospective adoptive parents who apply to our Vietnam program. Throughout her adoption process, which began in the summer of 2006, she has received no preferential treatment from the Vietnamese government or Adoptions From The Heart, and contrary to earlier reports, her application was not fast tracked.

Despite rumors that she chose her child, Ms. Jolie received a referral, just like any other parent adopting from Vietnam. In late 2006, she was referred a child who had been legally determined to be available for adoption and who fit within the parameters for which she had been approved to adopt. She accepted the first and only referral given to her.

In addition, we can confirm the statement given by Nguyen Van Trung, Director of Tam Binh Orphanage, that Ms. Jolie has neither made, nor promised to make, any financial contributions to his orphanage. Adoptions From The Heart celebrates the miracle of adoption with the Jolie-Pitt family, as we do with all of our clients, and wish them much joy.”

– Heidi Gonzalez, Vietnam Adoption Coordinator for Adoptions From The Heart

Jackie on

i think Angelina Jolie adopting these children is a great thing. hoever I think it’s extremely shitty of her to change this boys name. He has lived with and has known his name for 3 1/2 years, and now this stranger adopts him and changes his name. poor kid must be extremely confused. Whenever they call him by his new name, he probably thinks they got the wrong kid from the orphanage.

sophia's mom on

Guys relax, you are acting like they are going to make him answer to that name immediately. I would guess they just released it to the media right away so there wouldn’t be any confusion there. They seem like fairly reasonable people let’s allow them to decide what is best for THEIR family.

crazytalk23 on

i had to stop reading comments at one point. it just gets too much sometimes.

its not uncommon for children to come to english parents with no english themselves, i’m sure they will learn his language as they teach him theirs. the kid is three, he can learn language much easier now than when he’s 13. it will be tough, but they will get through it i’m positive of that.

It is NOT uncommon for children that are adopted to have a name change – first, middle, or last. Sometimes its a close variation of what the child originally had, sometimes not. sometimes they let the child pick – but its not uncommon, violent, cruel, or whatever else. We don’t even know if they will call him Pax or Pham – they may have just wanted him to have this new name, but will let him use whatever, WHO KNOWS the answer, least of all we celebrity watchers. i mean really!

just be happy that another child of the earth is going to be taken care of.. let all the other attitudes go away. that’s all that matters in the end, that a child is being taken care of and loved. it doesn’t matter the country, race, religion, etc.. it just matters that another child is saved.

lily on

I am not at all worried about how quickly they are expanding their family. My mother came from a family of 7 children. They were all a year to two years apart. They are extremely close and have incredible relationships with each other and their parents. I think it has more to do with the family dynamic formed by the parents. Whether you have one child or ten each family is different.

Annette on

Pham is his last name. Quang is his middle name and Sang is his first name. In Vietnamese culture, the full name is written as Pham Quang Sang.

I don’t see anything wrong with changing his name. There are many Asian changed their names as soon as they received their US citizen. It’s just make it easier for everyone to remember their new names. Angelika and Pitt are very thoughtfull. They combined a Vietnamese middle name “Thien” to his name (Pax Thien Jolie). I like that name alot.

Pax is only 3 years old. He will adapt to the new name and specially the new invironment very quick. He will soon forget his native language and English will be his primary language. I’ve seen many kids who came to the U.S as the age of 9. They learnt English very quick and don’t speak their native language very well.

Now that Pham Quang Sang has a new name Jolie Thien Pax and a new life, a bright future a head of him. I am so happy that Pax is no longer in the hands of Communist.

God bless Angelika and Brad’s family.

katie on

Okay fine, they changed his first name. What I find more odd is they are keeping a Vietnamese second name..but THAT name isnt any of his original names. That is what is odd to me. Just so the meaning is “Peaceful sky”?

Adrie0815 on

At first I was apalled that Angelina would change a 3 year old’s name, however, I’ve changed my mind.

If you listen to the sound of his name – Pham Quang Sang – the sounds P, K, and S, it makes sense that his names could be blended together to make a new name (or in the U.S. a nickname I guess) of PAX! Now I love it 🙂

Jess on

Pax was NOT told that he was being adopted to prevent any worries and problems accuring. Pax can count up to 10 in english and say a few simple sentences (like how are you?). Ange greeted Pax in Vietnamise saying comforting sentences like “it’s okay, it’s okay”. Angelina took Pax and Maddox into a side room and when the family came out later, Pax was relaxed, happy and smiling. A bodyguard and a huge umbrella shaded the three year old from paps as he was directed into a waiting car. Ange and eldest son, Maddox, were close behind. Ange has filed for Pax’s passport which (if the health check comes through okay) should be ready at the weekend; Ange will then be free to bring the tot home.

Whatever people say, Ange and Brad are doing the best by children who really need their (and the help of others) help. Maddox and Zahara are such happy and beautiful children, without the help of their parents they would never have been given this chance at life that EVERY person deserves. Give them a break.

Oh and Ange has already told a Vietnamise newspaper that she is sorry to Pax for subjecting him to the vast amount of media that were waiting for them as they left the orphanage. Poor kid, I bet he was terrified.

About Pax’s name, Pax is not very different to his original name, and kids adapt very quickly to new things. It only took a few hours for Pax to familiarise and become close to Ange so it isn’t going to have a great effect on him.

Dawn on

I think it’s cool she adopted another son, although I agree it probably will be a different experience all around.

Still though many children are thrust unusual situations at that age anyway (being put into foster care, orphaned, etc.) and they have to cope too.

In some ways this reminds me of the Jessica DeBoer/Anna Schmidt case from 1993, if anyone can remember that. I wonder whatever happened to that girl now?

willow on

Why does CBB allow people to bash the Jolie-Pitts but not other celebrity families? I will never understand their bias. Please explain your bias, CBB editors.

Erin on


It isn’t a matter of people using “nice words.” It’s a matter of people coming to these threads and bashing Angie for the same crap over and over, or acting like she’s ruining the world because she’s not adopting the right kids, having kids at the right time, etc.

Time for some people to move on.

And, btw, as the rules of this board state – nasty comments are not allowed. And some of these comments are nasty (read the ones about her collecting kids, only adopting to better her image, etc) – those aren’t opinions, that is pure hatred, and some comments are down-right racist.

Missy on

Grace, Erin, et al: It’s embarassing that this needs to be pointed out, but here goes: This is a blog, a blog that has enabled users to post comments, and comments are personal opinions, of which I am every bit as entitled as you, sweetie.

Your good, close, personal friend ‘Angie’ has very much chosen to lead a life in the public eye, and as such, she can expect a healthy dose of public scrutiny. If you can’t stomach any criticism of this person (whom you will never, ever know), then dare I say perhaps it is YOU who should avoid Angelina Jolie threads. It’s kind of funny that it would make you so angry. I mean….it’s hysterical.


estherpanda on

April- I totally agree with you despite what people say.
And my question is : WHERE IS BRAD???
Excuse me but when a couple adopt a child, they both should be here. I know that she adopted on her only name because of the law but Brad could have been here. I have to say I don’t understand why she’s so obsessed with adoption, a new adoption every two years.
And I have to say I feel really bad for Shiloh it’s obvious that she decided to have this child for Brad but not because she really wanted to carry a child and it’s also obvious that she feels much closer to her adopted kids. And what about changing this boy’s name??? He’s 3 years old, doesn’t speak english…and now she changes his name..this is just stupid.

Kaley on

I don’t really like the name Pax as much as the other kids’ names, and it sounds too similar to Maddox (Maddox & Pax).

Campbell on

Not sure I understand some of the “it’s obvious this…..,”it’s obvious that…”. I think that they started the adoption process right after Shiloh was born because it is a long process, and I remember reading that they wanted to still be fairly young raising their children. How ANYONE has gleened that Angie loves her “adpotive” children more than Shiloh bowles me over. I know that it is obvious when you see them together as a family that Maddox, and Zahara are adopted, but honestly, I don’t at all sense that Brad and Angie see them as their “adopted children”. That’s the media. BTW…. beautiful little boy, and the name is beautiful… but why oh why did they change his name????? anybody????

Ginger on

1) His name should have either remained his original or Thien.

2) The Hollywood notion of *Adoption* means: PUBLICITY

3) Is she trying to publicly make herself and her live-in-lover look like they are the All Star Family? They are using their high-profile status to create this utopia family in which everyone Oohs and Aahs over. No one knows what goes on behind closed doors and their whole *family* to me is nothing more than a Public Facade awry.

Lauren on

TracyG and Missy, you are both right on. The fact that it specifically needs to be pointed out that this is not the Angelina Jolie Fan site and people are-gasp!-allowed to have differing opinions is really embarassing and just goes to show the fans’ sheer inability to realize that not everyone has to kiss the ground she walks on. What I find most hypocritical and borderline funny is the fact that the fans accost anyone who expresses the slightest dislike of their idol by screaming, “You don’t know her personally! What right do you have to judge her!” I never realized that all of Angelina’s fans know her personally! That’s news to me! By all means, tell us the inside scoop, since you all seem to be so knowledgable about her.
Erin, I realize that you feel it is your duty to police the comments here and deem certain ones-conveniently the ones that disagree with you-racist, hateful, and nasty, yet last I checked, you are not the moderator of this site. If any comments were truly what you claim they are, Sarah, Danielle, et. al would delete them. You want to see real hateful comments? Go to TMZ. Go to PerezHilton. Go to pretty much any other blog on the web. This website is for people to share their opinions even if it means disagreeing with one another. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

Tina on

The Jolie-Pitt family deserves all the praise in the world for their open hearts and minds. This is a true love story in the making and I enjoy watching it from afar.

April on

Grace, Heather, & Stephanie,

I have to quote another poster who does point out that this is a public forum to post opinions – even those that differ from your own, and CBB specifically asks all the time how we feel about things happening in the CB world – so I answered, I have just as much right to express my opinion as you do so your comments renouncing my opinions are more ignorant than you penned my post.

Furthermore, thanks for clarifying the last name issue – I didn’t give an opinion on that, I was specifically asking the question – no where in the original article did it mention that so I see no harm in the fact that I didn’t know, now I do.

However they did change the name his culture bestowed upon him as I said – just because they gave him a Vietnamese middle name in return doesn’t change the fact that they’re basically telling him they didn’t like his given name – I may be making an assumption of the perception he’ll get from that one day, but so are you by saying the opposite and why again is yours the right opinion to hold???

Finally, I know Angelina about as much as you do, so just because you don’t like my perception of her interviews that she doesn’t care for Shiloh as much as her adopted children doesn’t mean I’m wrong about my perceptions and you are right about your perceptions of the positive things she said about her and it certainly doesn’t make me ignorant and if it makes me ignorant than it makes you just as naive – but I don’t recall CBB asking for our opinions other others’ opinions – guess you chose to insert those yourselves, and how again does that make you a better person than me? And people do have children close in age, but bringing a 3yr old to a new country with a new language to learn and a new family to get used to is a quite different.

Tanya on

Well, the boy is cute, looks like Maddox and I don`t mind the name change, but it makes me feel so sorry for baby Shiloh. Why does her mom have to adopt a new kid so soon after her birth? I think Angelina never wanted a biological child, but gave in to make Brads biggest wish come true. She felt so bad about it that Shiloh had to be born in Namibia and she couldn`t wait to adopt again.. I guess she has a big void inside her that needs to be filled. Maybe because she herself look different, more exotic than most US women. She maybe thinks adopting child after child will make her find her roots or fullfill her life or something. But what about Shiloh? the only biological child. Growing up feeling unloved by her mother just for being natural born.. Always wishing she was adopted instead. I can`t think of anything worse than beeing unloved by your own mother! And a mom has no right to say she loves one child ( or 2 adopted) more than another! And now getting a new brother that probably will be traumatized by his earliest life experiences and are going to need his new parents full attention and love. He`s gonna be just as needy as a baby at first too. It`s probably cool for Maddox to have a little brother to play with and the childs gonna learn english soon enough, but he`s gonna be a handful. And how are Brad and Angelina going to manage to take care of four kids under the age of 6 when one of them got special needs? Shiloh will fall into the background now that shes not the newest or most needy child in the family anymore.. Luckily her father loves her and she`ll always be his little girl, but the family will soon learn that adopting little babies are much easier than adopting a 3 year old child! And what if the pair split after a couple of years? Then I`m sure Angelina gladly will hand over daily custody of Shiloh to Brad, but there`s gonna be a big mess if he wants too see the adopted kids more than every other weekend..

Kristi on

I disagree that changing his name will be a problem. We adopted a 5 yr old from China last summer and we chose to give her an american name while keeping her chinese name as her middle name. When she’s older, she can pick whichever one she wants to use. In the meantime, there is no way the average american could pronounce her chinese name even close to correctly, never mind the tones, which is essential to be certain you are saying the word you intend. Vietnamese has even more tones than mandarin, btw. Our daughter clearly understands that she has a chinese name and an american name and she is proud of both.
To address other’s comments of ‘why don’t they get an american child’, I sure would like to know how many children those posters have adopted via the foster care system. Before we decided to adopt internationally, we looked into going the foster adopt route. My sister successfully navigated that maze, and adopted a sibling set of three older boys, but it was only after three years of being their foster parent, many many court dates, not knowing if they would go back to their bio parents at any time, etc. It was much drama and heartache for her and our whole family during that time.
We wanted to adopt a 3-5 year old girl and we were open to a wide range of special needs, nor did we care about her ethnic background. We did not want to foster a child who may or may not be legally free sometime down the road as we wanted to be parents, not foster parents. Unfortunately, that’s not the way the foster care system works in most places in this country.
International adoption guaranteed us that when our child was placed in our arms, she would be ours forever.

Amy on

maybe brad was home with the other kids? i can’t believe all the bad things ya’ll are saying about them, shes trying to help out these poor kids and all shes getting is crap. if ya’ll notice you dont see brad and angie out alot and when you do they usually have the kids. i dont think there is anything wrong with all the kids being close together. i think its easier for them to be close in age.

mdterp on

Giving this little boy a different name is totally, 100 percent fine and very normal. We are in the process of adopting a 7 year old girl from China and we will give her an American first name while keeping her chinese middle name. We have done a ton of research and these older adopted children want American names so that they can fit in with their peers and have an American identity.

I think it is absolutly wonderful that she is adoptin again. God bless her and her family.

Erin on


So, “sweetie,” your thinking is that Angelina Jolie fans and/or supporters shouldn’t read Angelina Jolie threads? Uh, right… that makes a lot of sense.

Thanks for the good laugh! =)

NicoleM on

Poor kid.Pax? I agree with you estherpanda..changing a new born’s name is different but changing a child’s name when he or she is three years old is crossing the line.
Why must she rush into another adoption? Why can’t she enjoy her three kids?
I am wondering if this is something to do with the loss of her mother. Adopting to keep herself numb?

Grace on

dee: Do you know Angelina personally? Becaues your comment “She is miserable on the inside” is laughable considering we’re talking about someone none of us know. You have no idea how Angelina feels about anything and you have no idea what her motives are for adopting.

Grace on

Missy: I never said I was a friend of Angelina’s as you implied, and I never said that I was angry. Those were words you chose to put in my mouth.

Your posts – and the other negative posts on this thread – don’t make me angry. They make me feel sorry for the people who can’t find a more productive way to spend their time than wasting it on judging and insulting people that you don’t even know. It’s very, very sad. It’s also against the board rules to be making the kind of nasty comments some of you have been making.

Fabiole on

Dee you are right, if i did know her past maybe it would have been different for me. But she is a nut and not a stable person at all. Money is not everything in life, Woody Allen was disguting for what he did, but with this family more is ahead.

dee on

No, Grace i don’t know her personally, because if i did, i would slap some sense into her. But, again this is a blog, where people are allowed to voice their opinions and make comments. Just like u can come on here and defend someone u don’t know, i can critize someone i don’t know. Why is it that just because she adopts a bunch of kids, people want to defend her and overlook all of the other negative things she has done? Stealing or taking people’s husbands, not talking to your father or keeping him away from his grandchildren is so “Positive.” Come on, give me a break!! I will never jump on u for your comments so, back off!!! But, since u and Angie seem to be friends, (lol) send her this message! thanks! All the adoptions in the world will not the pain and heartache that she has caused her father and all the women she hurt by cheating. Angie, is a publicity wh%re! n thats a fact. i can’t wait til brad pitt wakes up n leaves skeletor! LOL

Mary on

This kid is going to have problems. Some strange people took him out of the only world he’s ever known. Changed his name. He probably only knows Vietnamese…Angie supposedly spoke some Vietnamese to calm him down but how much can she know? Hopefully she’ll pay a nanny that knows the boys language that way he’ll have someone to talk to.

Mary-Helen on

I honestly think they should’ve waited until Shiloh was @ least a year old before adopting again. Maddox has been through so many changes in a little under 2 years and he must be reeling. I also hate that Angelina has said she needed to adopt another boy so Maddox could have a playmate. Why not send him to school? I hate how the Jolie-Pitts never seem to be around other children and Maddox doesn’t go to school, even private one. I don’t think changing his name is so bad but I can’t help but feel for Shiloh, who will be pushed even farther down the list of priorities.

gianna on

Adopting is great, but why must she share so much with the public. Like where she wants to adopt next, how she wants to take some time off now, how she felt Shiloh was a blob compared to her other children at first. Just do it, and don’t say so much to the media. Seems she wants so much attention in life, and this is her new way of getting it. And I’m an Angelina and Brad fan, like them both as actors. But so many celebrities have adopted kids like Michelle Pfieffer, Sharon Stone, Lauren Holly, Meg Ryan, Valerie Harper, Jamie Lee Curtis, list goes on and on, but they just do it, and don’t make it into a big deal. And changing his name at 3 1/2 is not right, why couldn’t she just keep the name he was born with. I just hope she dosen’t keep adopting just for attention, and gives each of the children their own time and attention.

Grace on

Mary-Helen: Maddox does go to school. In fact, I believe there have been posts on this site of quotes with Angelina talking about him being in school. There have also been many pictures on here of Angelina taking him and/or picking him up from school.

Grace on

gianna: Angelina and Brad are not the ones making a big deal out of this (look at what a low profile she’s keeping while in Vietnam, there has only been one picture taken of her). The media is doing that. They have tried to be very private about both the adoptions and the birth of Shiloh, but unfortunately for them they are followed everywhere they go and every little thing they do gets blown way out of proportion. The other celebrities you mentioned are not anywhere near as famous as Angelina and Brad are so it’s easy for them to keep a low profile about their adoptions.

As a person who is looking into adoption, I am very glad that celebrities are so open about adoption. I think it’s important for it to be talked about as openly as possible to not only raise awareness but to help to dispell the myths and stigmas that unfortunately still sometimes persist about adoption.

As for the claims that she is adopting just to get attention: it’s beyond me how anyone could claim to know her motivations for adopting when we don’t even her. I don’t even know how a person could feel comfortable accusing someone that they don’t even know of something so incredibly harsh. Good heavens this poor family can’t even breathe without being insulted, judged, and demonized by complete strangers.

lalucha on

Calling him by a different name from the get-go would be confusing for the child, but there’s no evidence that this is what Angelina is doing. She could very well be calling him by his old name and slowly using Pax as a kind of nickname until it takes hold in his mind and becomes ‘his’ — we simply do not know.

Linda on

I like the name and am very happy to see that angelina has been able to adopt again. Im not sure that changing the childs name at the age of 3 is too bad a thing. WE dont know what happens at the orphanage and perhaps, like lots of footage I have seen in the past, this boy did not get much attention there. I mean he may not know his name much at all if there is no interaction taking place. I am sure there was 90% more interation in our own lives at 3 years old than in his until now given the conditions he was probably living in and the many children to look after.

Grace on

April: I never said you didn’t have a right to your opinion. I merely stated that I disagree with you and don’t understand how you can judge someone that you don’t even know.
You are the one calling people names (did you ever see me calling your posts ignorant as you did with mine).

Lauren: No one expects you to kiss the ground Angelina walks on. I’m not even a fan myself. What I was pointing out was how sad it is that some people are judging people they don’t even know. I never claimed to have personal inside knowledge into Angelina’s life – which is why I’m reserving judgment.
What I find funny here is that you’re telling other people to leave this site at the same time that you’re accusing other people of trying to be the moderator. You’re the one who seems to be playing moderator here.

Mom2Boys on

I congratulate them and wish them the very best. As for changing a 3 yr old’s name – it’s not as major as everyone seems to think it is. I too am a single adoptive parent. I adopted my two sons from right here in my own state. I am white – they are African American. They were 3 & 4 when we first met. By the time the adoption was finalized my oldest son was 5 and “we” changed his name (I gave him choices of the few I liked and he picked the one he wanted). He LOVED telling everyone his new name! In fact, he insisted that people called him by it. Maybe it was his way of showing the world that he had a brand new life. I wouldn’t worry about this affecting Pax at all. This little boy is going to have the life of a king. God Bless him!! People remember: As much as there are children all over the world that are desperate for families… there are tens of thousands of them right here in our own country. Let’s not forget about them!

Lila on

Ok, first of all, the place where he was at, even the headman there said that the child had tendencies to “try and get over” on his “foster moms” and he supposedly had to step in and tell the child to behave properly. (children tend to pout period, it’s normal!) he is going from an overly strict place, (even though the women there loved him, there is only so much love to go around!) to living like a little prince and having his own toys, clothing and space, not to mention traveling! his most favorite toy there was a little plastic piano. now, you know that children adapt and with all the love angie is more than likely to bestow on this child, i know that he will know that he is loved and is happy to be there, probably in 3rd heaven because brad and angie love their kids and it’s obviouos!!!

Trang Huyen Tran on

woah! I’m a VietNamese people.I think he is very very lucky, besh wish for Pax Thiên .