Introducing Outback Jack's daughter Hunter Bella Grace Dale

03/13/2007 at 09:59 PM ET

Australian reality TV contestant Vadim Dale (Outback Jack) and wife, Natalie (who he chose as his love match on the show) welcomed a baby girl on November 13th, 2006. The baby girl, who weighed in at 6 lbs, was born in Louisville, KY, and has been named Hunter Bella Grace Dale. Vadim had the following to say about Hunter’s birth and the effect it has had on his relationship with Natalie;

It was a moment I will remember for a lifetime, Hunter’s definitely brought us closer. She’s a bundle of joy – I love her and Natalie more than anything in the world.

Source: New Idea, March. P 40-1

Thanks to CBB reader Maddie.

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Callen on

Yes! Finally

Aura on

They’re a cute couple. But I really dislike the name “Hunter” for a girl. It’s more suited to a boy. But congrats to them, they’ve found something special together.

elizabeth on

i cant believe all this happened so quick. i knew he was gonna pick her at the end and not that slut..who only probably only wanted to be chosen for the camera. oh gosh and their little girl is precious….though that’s an odd name for a little girl. well good luck to ya’ll guys!!
liz tx

Autumn on

Aw how cute! And that’s cool that a “reality show couple” actually married and had a baby!

Yeah they beat Trista & Ryan to the baby’s birth timeline, but T & R are coming along too, just give them a few months. 😉

Now other than Vadim & Natalie and Trista & Ryan, have there been other reality show couples (ie ones who paired up on a show where the sole purpose was to pair them up) who have married and had kids?

I know that other people have married & had kids in he past after initially meeting on Survivor, Real World or Road Rules, etc. but what about the dating shows?

Amber on

I LOVE this couple! Congrats!

Hayley on

Im from AUS i watched the show when it was on here they made the best couple…. all the best to them and their new bundle of joy!

Jess & Seth on

We are so excited to finally see an article! Hunter is the most beautiful little girl we have ever seen! Though we have told you many times, Congratulations on a perfect little girl!

megan on

Congrats to natalie and vadim xxxxxxxx i was so happy when you picked natalie and now you have a beautiful bub australia misses you guys all the best

Debbie on

I just watched the re-runs of Outback Jack this weekend. It was the first time I saw
the wedding. I’m so happy for all of you.
Natalie was my favorite from the beginning of
the show. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl. Keep us posted.

ivy on

wow, i love these couple, and finally ending with a baby and good luck for them..

Jan on

She is just as cute as a button.

Thought the show was wonderful.

Aunt Amy & Uncle Chad on

The most beautiful little girl in the world. She is even more gorgeous in person. We are so lucky to have you both and the princess in our lives. We love you, Amy & Chad

rebecca on

Natalie was my Favorite from the begining in that pink gown, she really was his princess from that point on, now they have a new princess to love. I wish them a lifetime of happiness and continued blessings. I wish they would do an update on their lives now.
They are a beautiful couple. CONGRATULATIONS

Missiey on

congrats to the happy couple and their beautiful baby! i loved the show. natalie is a lucky woman. she has a very sexy husband and a beautiful family!

sara on

wow I am so happy! I have watched the re-run of the show three times because I love it so much! 😀 I couldn’t be happier for the two of them! Congratulations and remember that you are both very lucky people to have found love and children in your lives! 😉 :o)

Autumn on

i am so happy that the two of you ended up together! Nat was my Fav from the beginning, i think her and i are alot alike and i am dating a guy who remindes me of you, a sweet country boy and a gentleman… yall’s baby is beautiful! i hope yall will keep us updated with the pictures!
Bye for Now,
Autumn(South carolina)USA

Jean How on

I just finished watching OutbackJack which I thought was something recent, but now I see a bundle of joy above. As a mother, I wish them all the best. As a lady, every woman should have someone as special as these two have with one another. Many blessings and continued happiness from Michigan.

Machelle on

Just wanted to say congradulations on the LOVE you have found in each other and your new baby girl. Treasure and know how blessed you are, some of us will never find that special LOVE.

Pam on

Congrats….. your all look really cute together and you have a beautiful baby… i loved the show and have now watched it about 5 times plus the wedding(twice), plus whenit was on the first. Once again, congrats.. and good luck… Keep us ALL posted on future babies and on you two….

airu on

Broadcasting was seen in Japan.
I shed tears for Jack’s word.
“It wants you to depend too much. “

Really congratulations on the marriage and the baby.
It is sincerely glad.
It is exactly love of the truth.

Please broadcast in Japan.

ame on

Outback Jack is my all time favorite reality show. I wonder if you can provide up to date picture of baby Hunter plus Mom and Dad.

Jan on

Oh my goodness, I just recently seen Outback Jack, and Nat was my favorite from the beginning, and I didn’t know until the wedding that this was an old show. Precious couple, PRECIOUS baby, and I am sure they will be as happy with their Nov. 13 baby as I was with my November 13 baby!! (mine is 28 years old now and she has 4 babies!) God bless the Dales and I hope they have more blessings with booties!! Now with a new baby, this story is complete! Jan

kelli on

I love outback jack! I watch it everytime it comes on. I think they are the perfect couple and the baby is beautiful. I wish they would do a reunion of all the contestants on the show. I would love to know what they are all up to.

tina lufkin on

Congrats to both of you and your new baby.

Diane on

I have just watched the re-runs of Outback Jack again!

I am so glad Vadim picked Natalie and not Marissa! Natalie is so much more natural than Marissa!

The pictures of Vadmin, Natalie and baby Hunter are perfect! Great show and even better outcome!

Congratulations to you all!

Sonja on

Hier ist mal ein Kommentar aus Germany!

Ich habe gerade die Serie “Outback Jack” in unserem Fernsehen gesehen und war begeistert.

Ich wußte gar nicht, daß die beiden schon lange verheiratet sind und ein Baby haben. Ein wirklich traumhaftes Paar!!

Sonja on

Hier ist mal ein Kommentar aus Germany!

Ich habe gerade die Serie “Outback Jack” in unserem Fernsehen gesehen und war begeistert.

Ich wußte gar nicht, daß die beiden schon lange verheiratet sind und ein Baby haben. Ein wirklich traumhaftes Paar!!

Diana on

How fantastic! I’m so happy for the two of you, The baby is gorgeous. Natalie was my favorite from the beginning, she was so down to earth and her humor was just crazy (plus she’s absolutely beautiful). I hope this will be a love that never fades.

Rachael on

What a beautiful lil gurl they make such a great couple, we have had to radio wedding couples from New Zealand get married and have kids over here just had the 3rd but still waiting for babies

benJoy on

Bling Bling!! Its so good to have updates! Big Congrats to the fairy Princess, her Price nd their bundle! I was lucky to watch this show on FoxJapan TV, I Loved it with a passion! It was sooo dreamy, yet real! Nat was very cute with her humor!!! I loved the way she guarded her emotion, yet the hunted Jack was soooo wise to find his belonging! I actually thought he would go another way, but I was soooo touched that his heart whispered a heavenly secret in due time! Thanks for the show! I am reallly desperate to watch the wedding, if there’s a possible way you can support airing it to JapanFox TV, I would be more honored and delighted like hundreds of thousands out here! A veryyy interesting lovestory! I wish I had a personal copy of the Outback show! Good Luck to the Dales! nd Thank you for sharing some personal joys of life with us, am sure your future is bright nd rich of good memories! Many more Blessings!!!



cimberly on

they are cute, but i love him too…
i dream every night that vadim and i are together… i know its wrong but i want to meet him because i i am so in love with him…
please help me 😦

gina on

congrats to Nat(Princess:o) ) and Vadim…you´re such a cute couple and your Baby is sooo cute too…I´m from Germany and the last episode of Outback Jack was yesterday on Feb.29,08…I loved the show. Vadim is such a great guy…a gentleman…He is a man a girl is just looking for…nat you´re so lucky…. Lots of greetings from good old Germany to Kentucky

Danielle on

I met Natalie and Vadim in St Lucia and they are the sweetest people! I am so glad they had a beautiful, healthy baby girl! Congrats to them!

Loraine Hill on

As I sit watching reruns of the show, I was wondering if these two are still together. I am so happy to find that they are now expeting baby number two! Congrats you two — it’s no doubt that all your kids will be beautiful 😉

carrie on

What an adorable baby!!(oh hell, they’re all
cute in their own way). So nice to see the two (adults) hooked up and are obviously over the top happy.
And again, congrats on a very lovely adorable bouncing happy baby girl. Only good things for the 3 of you!!! Take advantage now–enjoy the baby years while u can–they grow up so bloody quick (mine are 10 and 13). Again, congrats and kudos on your beautiful baby girl (I soooooo miss the early years!)-just in case you couldn’t tell (smile)

tammy on

it’s nice to know everthing worked out for the two of you

Debbie kelly on

I loved the show!!!!!I watched it from beginning to end in one day It was worth it.I think it was the best reality show yet!!!!.I think Nat was just a doll. She was the real thing.Vadim seemed to be a super nice guy. I was really amazed he moved to America. Congrats on the new baby .Loved the show.I wished it didnt end the scenery was gorgeous also !!! Best wishes to Nat ,Vadim and Hunter.