Gisele Bundchen pregnancy rumors fly

03/09/2007 at 05:48 AM ET

Brazilian website is saying that Gisele Bundchen is pregnant with Tom Brady’s baby and that she is less than two months pregnant. However, both Gisele’s father and her rep deny that this is true. Still, Rush and Molloy report this morning that her agent actually said that he wouldn’t comment on her personal life, and that they have sources saying that Gisele has told friends that it’s true.

If it was true, Tom would have two babies of the same age by two different women because his ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan recently announced that she is carrying Tom’s baby. Unfortunately, Tom is only going out with one of them!

As we reported earlier, Gisele told Italian Vanity Fair, that "I’d be lying if I said no – my parents have been married for 35 years and have six children. Thing is, I’m just 26 years old, so I have plenty of time.”  Since magazine interviews typically take place a few months before publication, it’s likely she wasn’t even dating Tom at the time.

Visit to see what Gisele might look like pregnant.

Source: Boston Globe


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Mary on

There was an article with her father saying this is not true. this was published today in a important media in Brazil,,AA1481552-8334,00.html

tink1217 on

wouldn’t this be something if it were true?!!

Heather on

I doubt that she is, but can you imagine if she was! Drama drama drama

Babi on

Just a quick correction: Vanity Fair Italy is a weekly magazine and the Gisele interview was actually taped during Milan Fashion Week so, in this case, no, the interview is not dating to months ago.

Mary on

Now the same media is saying she was spoted buying morning sick medication..

who knows.,,AA1482864-8334,00.html

millie on

Juicy! ;-).. I think Gisele’s friends are spreading the rumor to piss off Bridget. I don’t think she’s pregnant.

Lorus on

Someone needs to tell Tom Brady that there is such a thing as a condom.

Personally I think it’s false. I’ve heard Gisele is quite immature (same with Brady) and I can see her friends thinking that it would be funny to torment Bridget.

PSB on

Tom Brady needs to go back to health class and learn about birth control! Seriously, he already has one unplanned pregnancy – what exactly needs to happen to get this guy to use protection??? If this is true, I just feel bad for the kids. This would make him the most irresponsible man in my eyes.

And yes – I do understand that accidents do happen, but 2 in the span of four months just says recklessness to me.

tink1217 on

well they say she gained weight for the last fashion show she was in, maybe its actually a little “baby weight” instead! If it is true, I really think its terrible due to the fact that he and Bridget were together for a quite awhile and she wanted to settle down with him and have a family. A baby is a blessing, true, but this would be filled with DRAMA!! For everyone involved!

Mary on

I dont believe she would spread this only to provoke, it would be more easy the ex girlfriend try to provoke this way since Gisele works with her body and any rumour would maybe be bad for her, so I dont see she be the one spreading. But who knows.

Punk_of_a_tomboy on

I remember reading an “Ask Abby” or whatever it’s called about a guy whose was having three babys, one by his girlfriend, one by his girlfriend’s cousin and one by his girlfriend’s best friend. Tom Brady just jogged my memory of reading that.

Ashley on

A lot of you are blaming Tom for the pregnancy(s). It is the woman’s responsibiltiy to use birth control just as much as it is his. Maybe Bridget told him she was on birth control and tricked him, hoping for a better outcome. You just never know. It is a very unfortunate situation no matter what.

gisele on

I don’t think this is an accident :p
Don’t believe everything thats said.
Why so negative what if when…se I found some hot pics of her from that time..