UPDATE: Lily-Rose Depp 'doing much better'

03/09/2007 at 09:20 PM ET

Update: Lily-Rose has been released from the hospital.

Update March 8th: Johnny’s spokeswoman has released a statement saying Lily-Rose is doing much better. She also said,

The family greatly appreciates the continued support and respect of their privacy.

We don’t know if it’s true or not, but US tabloid In Touch reports that Lily-Rose contracted blood poisoning that spread to vital organs after stepping on a rusty nail.

Originally posted Wednesday, March 7th: British paper The Mirror is reporting that actor Johnny Depp‘s daughter Lily-Rose Melody,7 1/2, is seriously ill and has been hospitalized in the UK for over aweek. The paper said it knew what her medical condition was and whereshe was being treated, but would not report the news, citing privacy ofthe family.

The Depp family is currently living in England while Johnny shoots Sweeney Todd. Whatever the issue is, we wish Lily-Rose a quick recovery.

Source: The Mirror via Ireland Online

Thanks to CBB reader Mary Beth.

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yaosa on

Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors of all time and I love seeing images of his family when they are available.

I am sorry to hear the news about Lily-Rose who is the same age as my oldest.

My heart and thoughts go out to their family for a speedy and full recovery.

Holly Catherine Slavic on

Gosh, I hope they got the info. wrong and that she is not seriously ill. They are a precious family and Johnny is my favorite actor.

Valerie Ferrara-Ryan on

Johnny – many many people are praying for your beautiful daughter Lily-Rose – for her quick healing and for the whole family to be lifted up for comfort and support. We also pray for respect for your privacy during this difficult time. I have great respect for your dedication to your family. Our love goes out to all of you.

Nicole on

Poor baby!!! I pray for their family, and for little Lily Rose’s health.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

oh no! that’s really sad. I hope she makes a speedy recovery.

Lorus on

Oh my gosh! I hope that she makes a full recovery.
I <3 Johnny Depp and admire the way he parents.

PinkRoses on

Thoughts and prayers for little Lily-Rose and her family. I hope that her condition can be resolved and she recovers quickly and that everything turns out well for all. I love this family and Johnny & Vanessa’s dedication to their children and their desire for privacy and normalcy despite their high profile careers. I wish them lots of ♥ & ☼ days ahead.

Cali on

I my goodness, that’s awful to hear. I hope she makes a full recovery. My thoughts are with Johnny and his wife at this time.

Lori on

Get well soon little Lily

Helene on

I hope they got it wrong. If not, I hope she will recover really quickly. Seriously ill? Sounds bad. 😦

cj on

Johnny and Vannesa we wish you and your family the best and pray for a speedy recovery for Lily Rose

danni on

My best wishes go out to this beautiful family. I hope Lily makes a speedy recovery. x x x

Emma on

my thoughts and prays are that Lily-Rose makes a full and speedy recovery its a nightmare when a child is ill. I have always admired the relationship Vanessa and Johnny have with each other and the children and I hope that receive the privacy they need right now. Get well soon Lily-Rose

tink1217 on

Oh no! I know what its like to go through a serious illness with your child in the hospital. It is such a nervous and scary time. I hope Lily-Rose gets better soon! My thoughts are with the family.

Raoul Duke on

What a horrible time for this poor little girl and her family.

I am pleasantly surprised at the respect the media is giving this family.

My prayers and positive thoughts are being aimed at the Depp-Paradiso family.

Hang in there.

melanie Bell on

I am sad to hear about lily-rose.Johnny and vanessa I am thinking of you at this difficult time.Johnny is a hard working devoted father.I am a big fan of this very humble and pious man.Please get well dear and precious lily-rose

melanie Bell on

I am sad to hear about lily-rose.Johnny and vanessa I am thinking of you at this difficult time.Johnny is a hard working devoted father.I am a big fan of this very humble and pious man.Please get well dear and precious lily-rose

Sarah on

Hoping for a speedy recovery for Lily-Rose.

Heather on

My God, this sounds terrible. I really hope she gets better soon.

andrea greep on

get well soon sweetie, we re all thinking of you

ls on

I so do not believe this. She may be ill,a ndin the hospital, but British tabloids/newpapers aren’t known for their discretion or fear of libel. I can’t believe they “know but aren’t telling.” Seems made-up to me.

Jess on

Get well soon, Lily-Rose. My thoughts are with you and your family. xxx

Debbie on

Praying for a quick recovery for Lily-Rose. You are all loved!

popi on

Poor kid!I wish her a speedy recovery!And much support to the Depp family!

Inge on

A spokesperson for Johnny and Vanessa is reporting that Lily-Rose is ‘doing much better’:
Get well soon sweetie!

Rii on

Thank goodness. I wish all the best to the family and especially Lily-Rose.

Carrie Jo on

I’ve always adored Johnny Depp. I hope his sweet little girl is well really soon!

Lynn on

You might want to correct the spelling – you wrote “dong” instead of “doing”. :o)

Marilyn on

I don’t know if they are correct or not, but In Touch’s website says she got blood poisoning from a rusty nail at their home in France and the poisoning spread to vital organs. Glad to see she’s doing better.

millie on

Oh, my Gosh.. that’s awful! Johnny is such a devoted father. I’m relieved to hear she’s doing better.

Jason on

Awww, thats just awful. I’m glad to see she is doing much better now.

Devon on

Get well soon!

Blood poisoning is a very difficult and dangerous infection. Coincidently, my father was admitted to the hospital on Monday for blood poisoning. It is very scary to watch someone you love going through it.

My thoughts are with Johnny Depp and his family.

Callen on

God I pray you watch over this little girl! I wish them luck. And I hope the little sweetie will become completely healthy again!

PSB on

Access Hollywood just reported that lily is going to make a recovery – Thank God! Poor little girl!

Kaley on

Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors and he seems like one of the greatest fathers. I’m praying that Lily-Rose gets well soon.

NicoleMarie on

Thank God she is okay.

Taylor on

Hey johnny i just want to let you know that i’ve been praying for you and lily-rose and I’m very glad to hear that she is doing much better. I know that is very scary for you…and i hope that she can make a full recovery!!

antij1 on

I’m thankful that she’s doing better. Johnny is my favorite actor in the world and his little girl is just four days older than mine. I will continue to pray for her complete recovery.

brenda e on

I hope and pray that your little girl gets well quickly. I am the mother of five beautiful children-two of which are twin girls. I know what it is like to have your children sick and in the hospital. I think you and your family are wonderful and you should have your right to your privacy especially at this time. Take care of yourselves and know God is with you all.My familys’ love to all of you.

Anna on

I love Johnny to bits. I wish all the very best for him and his family and I do hope Lily-Rose is doing much better. Can´t wait to read she´s full recovered. You´re in my thoughts and prayers, Lily-Rose. Be strong Johnny, and of course all my love to mum Vanessa too.

yaosa on

I’m so happy that she has been released and now can be with all her family to make her full recovery. I hope that they can relax and not worry so much anymore. I know how it is with children when they’re sick. A parents just wants to trade places with them to spare them the discomfort and suffering.

To anyone in the medical profession or anyone in the know:

I am just wondering with the speculation being that it was blood poisoning from a rusty nail, is there a connection between blood poisoning and tetanus ? I remember when I was growing up that my parents always talked about how we would have to get a tetanus shot if we cut ourselves on something rusty. Of course I remember getting booster tetanus shots up to a point and then once when I was bitten by a tick I was given a tetanus shot so I’m just wondering. I

Abby on

I was heart broken to hear this news but i am sooo glad to hear lily is recovering!

Linda Barrett on

I was so sorry to hear that Lily rose Depp has been so ill. My love and prayers to this wonderful family.Johnny Depp has so much respect , he is a wonderful actor, but more important, he is a wonderful person of character and integrity. I have been a fan since the beginning. Now my grandkids love him too. give Lily Rose a big kiss from all your fams, Johnny.



gina lawter on

I am so glad that Lily Rose is doing better.What a precious little girl!You can see the bond between she and her father.What a lucky little girl to have such a devoted mom and dad and so many prayers going out for her.Good luck and God bless.

Deanne on

Happy birthday, Lily-Rose! It is also my daughter’s birthday (17), so we always think of you too on May 27. Deanne 🙂