Edward Furlong and son Ethan Page

03/09/2007 at 03:32 PM ET

Actor Edward Furlong, 29, was a doting daddy while out with son Ethan Page, 5 months, and his wife Rachael Bella, 22 in Los Angeles. Ethan chilled out in a Graco travel system, then hitched a ride with dad in a Infantino Cozy Rider ($23) while the couple grocery shopped.

Unfortunately, the cameras also snapped Edward smoking a few feet away from his son as well! However, it appears Ethan and Rachael are on the other side of a sliding glass door. According to iVillage,

Second hand smoke has been found to contain more than 4,000 chemicals, at least 40 of which are carcinogenic. There is no safe level of exposure. All-day exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke is comparable to smoking two to three cigarettes per day.

Click here for newborn photos of Ethan and Edward and Rachael’s People interview.


Photos by Splash News, splashnews.com, splashnewsonline.com

Thanks to CBB reader Ali.

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NausicaaofWind on

Aw, he’s beautiful. He looks like Kingston.

roxi on

Is this the same men who is smoking near his baby in the TMZ pic ???

Sarah’s note: Yes. Yikes. I’ll add it to the main post.

Kori on

My biggest peeve in the world… Smoking around babies and kids should be considered child abuse. I have never hesitated to tell strangers that I think so, when I see people doing this.

Jayden's Mommie on

Not to sound callous, but I almost didn’t recognize him! He’s gained a lot of weight…

roxi on

He’s so selfish for smoking around that little baby. I don’t understand what is he thinking ??? When my dad is smoking he’s always yelling at me “Don’t come in here” before I open the door even if I’m 22 years old because he knows I cant stand the smell. I hate when people smoke around non-smokers. 😦

Lorus on

Cute pics. Edward looks like Peter Sarsgaard in that first picture!
I’m glad he turned his life around for the sake of his child. Even if he is still smoking he has conquered his worst demons.

ali on

If you look at the photo on TMZ its pretty clear the baby and its mother are behind a big glass window or sliding door.. look at the mothers hands pressed up against the glass….

on the otherhand how terrible does Edward look, too much fast food!

melanie on

Cute baby. Edward sure has gained a few since his Terminator 2 days! Hopefully the extra weight is because he is clean and sober–for the baby’s sake!

Doreen on

Holy moly! Edward has gained a lot of weight!!

But he’s also off drugs now!

PSB on

Yes, it’s awful to smoke around a baby (and I’m not excusing it at ALL), but let’s at least give him credit for cleaning himself up. He used to be a heroin addict and a drunk – if all he does now is smoke, he’s one up on the Federlines who smoke pot in the same house as their kids.

Chiara on

He’s pretty obviously been exiled to smoke outside the house, as thousands of parents do every day. He’s quite possibly trying to quit…better than smoking around the baby in any case.

He certainly looks happy, as his wife and kid do. Anybody know if he’s working these days? Cutie-pie baby.

Airavanya on

Chiara: IMDB says he’s currently filming (or at least recently finished) “Dark Reel” and is in negotiations for something called “Forever.”

That site isn’t always reliable, but it can be.

FC on

He’s changed so much. I can’t believe how much. It just seemed like he’d been struggling to make things work for the longest time, inner demons and such, but I’m glad to see he’s turned his life around. He’s trying, that’s all I can say. Smoking around a baby is bad any way you can put it, but he’s trying. But before anyone verbally bites his head off, it seems like he’s still outside smoking. The window is just darkened and blending into the background of the restaurant they’re at. The way he’s looking at them isn’t even straight on.

But his son is adorable. Ethan seems to resemble more of his mother, but then I see Eddie in his eyes.

Lindsey on

I’ve always been an Edward Furlong fan and eventhough he hasn’t kicked the cigarettes yet, I’m happy to see that he’s off the hard stuff. His wife is very beautiful and his little Ethan is super adorable. He seems really taken with his family and I hope that he stays on the path he’s on. He seems like a nice man. As for the weight, he won’t be doing anymore Calvin Klein ads, but atleast he has his family and that’s what matters most. Good for you, Eddie!



Jodi on

Oh get over yourselves! The TMZ pic is of Edward smoking OUTSIDE lol ya his sons near him but they are also OUTSIDE and he’s not even holding him either. Get off his back geez!