Celebrating Celebrity Baby Birthdays – Sam Sheen

03/09/2007 at 06:00 AM ET

Happy Birthday  Sam! You are now 3 years old!

Name: Sam J. Sheen

Birthday: March 9th, 2004

Famous for: Being the first daughter of since-split actor couple, Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards.

Siblings: Denise and Charlie, also have another daughter Lola Rose, 21 months. The couple split when Denise was 7 months pregnant with Lola. Denise has said she would like more children in the future and is currently dating Richie Sambora, who has one daughter, Ava, 7, with Heather Locklear. Sam also has an older half sister, Cassandra, 22, from Charlie’s previous marriage.

Name meaning: Sam is after Charlie’s deceased cat. Denise said, "Charlie really wanted Sam (as a name for our daughter) and I dreamed of one day naming a girl Sophia – something feminine – or Emma. She’s named after the cat. We don’t have the cat anymore, though."

Other famous relatives:

  • Martin Sheen (Charlie’s father) – an actor in such roles as The West Wing and Bobby.
  • Emilio Estevez (Charlie’s older brother) – an actor, AKA the coach in Mighty Ducks.
  • Renee Estevez (Charrlie’s younger sister) – an actress, she most recently played Nancy in The West Wing.
  • Ramon Estevez (Charlie’s older brother) – an actor, he has had just a few roles throughout the nineties.

Gear (for the kids):

Silver_cross_micro_v2Silver Cross Micro v.2 in pink ($129)

Gear (for mom):

Denise is a fan of Mia Boss Diaper Bags (prices start at $98)and Beca Bags Cargo Bag ($198)


Juicy Couture Kids tee shirt that says, "Juicy Girls Rule."

Sam and Lola wore IsaBooties when they were little, which are soft soled baby shoes that are 100% animal free.

Sam True Religion Joey cords in hibiscus ($106) in sizes 2T-6

See_kai_run_1See Kai Run shoes in their Gretchen style ($33)

Denise was gifted with Pumpkin Noodle clothes for her girls.

RainbooowDenise and Sam have matching Hippie Love Bikinis by Lyla Blu in rainbow, now on sale for $28.

What they said:

What did a typical day used to be like when Lola was first born and Sam was just 15 months?

It’s hard because the girls are on two completely different schedules. Sam sleeps through the night, and when she’s awake, she walks around and gets into everything, so I have to keep my eye on her. At this age, Lola only eats, sleeps, and poops-but she is up every three hours, and I am up with her! [Denise is breastfeeding Lola.] I need to stop feeling guilty, because Sam had my full attention before Lola was born. So when Lola is sleeping, I have my time with Sam, and we play.

Future: With both parents as actors, maybe this is the career her for her. Though, she does also love horses, so perhaps an equestrian?

Birth story:

Denise Richards had booked a Caesarean section to deliver daughter Sam on March 10th, 10 days before the baby’s due date of March 20th. Why? The arrangement fit perfectly with then-husband Charlie Sheen’s planned weeklong hiatus from filming his sitcom, Two and a Half Men . "It was convenient," Denise later told People. "We like to plan things." Unfortunately, Sam didn’t get the memo and arrived even earlier – Denise went into labor on March 9th and Sam was born later that day. Did you plan the birth of any of your children? If so, for what reason?

Acting career: Sam has already appeared on her dad’s comedy, Two and a Half Men, along with her mom. Denise plays a past girlfriend, called Lisa, of Charlie’s who is now a single mom.

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tink1217 on

Happy BDay Sam!!!!

cassopolis on

I think you wrong about a name, she’s called SAM because Denise and Charlie met on “Scream” so they decided to made a name with the letter, end up with Sam, but I would like about middle name, any idea ?

Sarah’s note: They’ve never announced her middle name. I actually don’t even know where they ‘J’ is from, maybe Shannon can answer that. I will add into the post about what Denise said about the cat being the name inspiration though.

Penny Lane on

Happy birthday, little Sam!

Taylor on

Happy Birthday to Sam! She is such a precious little girl-quite a combination of both parents,imo. Lola is beautiful as well!

Lys on

After they had Sam they did an interview with People and Charlie said he always liked the name and once had a cat named Sam.

stephanie on

cassopolis – neither of them was in Scream, it was Scary Movie 3. I think it’s just tabloid talk though, she said basically the same thing on Leno:

JL: Tell us all about the new baby. How old is she now?
DR: She’s eight months, her name is Sam. Not Samantha, just Sam.
JL: Now, why Sam?
DR: Charlie really wanted Sam and you know, I dreamed of one day naming a girl like Sophia, something feminine, or Emma.
JL: Now didn’t Charlie had a cat named Sam as I remembered? Is the baby named after the cat?
DR: Yeah, he did. She’s named after the cat!
JL: Well, that’s lovely. That’s a nice legacy I think.
DR: We don’t have the cat anymore though.

(I have the video, I typed this out myself.)

and this is unrelated but so cute, a couple of months before that, Denise brought a picture of Sam with her to Conan and joked that Charlie is “very upset” with him because the baby looked like Conan, with the red hair 😀

Sarah – I think it was from Denise and Charlie’s divorce papers?

Lorus on

Happy Birthday Sam! I’m glad your hair isn’t a mullet anymore!

On a side note – Another celeb scheduling a c-section around their life. Nobody seems to ever think about what’s best for baby.

wawmama on

What a cute! Those Sheens have some strong genes!

Bren on

Beatiful little girl!! Lola is pretty also. Why is it that celebrities schedule their births? They always have c-sections, what happend to delivery the baby naturally!!??

Stephany on

Happy birthday, Sam! She sure is one cute kid!

Msry on

I always assumed Sam was just short for Samantha. But ok, its their kid, so whatever. Anyways, happy birthday to her. 🙂

Cat on

Her middle name is just ”J”, Charlie would never say why. I think it’s important to remember that it was Charlie who chose Sam’s name (Denise and Charlie both said that) and he was very much against her having a ”girl’s” name, (hence the tie in to what Denise said in her declaration about him being upset that Denise was pregnant with a girl). Denise had no say in Sam’s name in hte end in a bid to try and make Charlie accept that she was pregnant and was having a girl, it was her way of making him be a part of the process.


Cynth on

She really is cute. She looks just like her dad. Although I think she has gotten a lot cuter!