Does Anna Nicole Smith have a Native American son? Nope.

03/09/2007 at 03:22 PM ET

Marshall_sotoUpdate: The New Times reporter who wrote the story tells CBS Showbuzz that

[Johnny] spins quite a tale. He has documents to back it up and photos. I don’t know. I’m not anexpert in documents, (but) he had enough for me to believe that he waswho he said he was.

However, CBB reader Erin points us to and, who say this paper regularly writes spoof news articles which they publish, angering readers who think they may be real. The piece was a joke meant to draw attention to the Indian reservation.

Originally posted 3:20 pm:A Native American man named Johnny Soto has come out of the woodwork saying that his son, Marshall Black Deer Soto, is Anna Nicole Smith‘s biological son.  And he says he has a birth certificate with Anna listed as the mother to prove it.

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ResortAccording to Johnny, he met Anna when he was a handyman as theSanctuary Resort and Spa on Camelback Mountain, outside of Scottsdale, where she was staying.After many repairs to her casita, the two began a passionate affair.

He says that the large amount of weight Anna gained in 2001 was anattempt to hide the pregnancy.  The baby was delivered at Burbank’sProvidence Saint Joseph’s Hospital, and was assisted by a medicine manfrom Johnny’s Tohono O’odham reservation.  They named the baby Marshall after Anna’s late husband, with the middle name of Black Deer, from a dream the medicine man had about Johnny and Anna’s coupling.

Johnny_sotoShortly after Marshall’s birth, Anna began shooting her E! realityshow and gave Johnny custody of the baby and deposited $10,000 a monthin his bank account for child support. She flew Johnny and Marshall toLA for visits, and said she planned to return to Johnny and their son,writing, "Oh, my brave Injun-man, how I long to be with you and feelyour red manhood. Look after my little paapoosie [sic], and soon I’llbe your squaw again. I love you, kemosabe, Anna."

Johnny says she self-medicated her postpartum depression withZoloft, Demerol, methadone, and Phenergan.  Her drug-adled behaviorscared Johnny and he took Marshall back to the Tohono O’odhamreservation in Arizona. He allowed Anna to visit with Howard K. Stern. She told Johnny that once she won the battle over her late husband’s estate that she would give him and "my little brown one" a portion of the money.

So why are we only hearing about this child now? The monthlypayments stopped when Anna died.  Johnny told the Phoenix New Times,

We’re not greedy, but Marshall’s older than Dannielynn, and I want himto have what’s rightfully his. That’s one reason I decided to gopublic. I didn’t know where else to turn. Right now the tribe ishelping me, and if we win, I’ll make sure they get half of whateverMarshall inherits. I want him to grow up on the reservation, to learnour language and what we call the O’odham ‘himdag’, the O’odham way oflife. But we can’t do it by ourselves. This is the white man’s law, andwe need someone who knows the white man’s law to help.

Johnny must know that a DNA test can prove his story true or false.We think he could be telling the truth because the wording in Anna’swill about her estate only going to Daniel and no other child was awfulfishy.

Do you believe that Marshall is Anna’s son?

Source: Phoenix New Times

Thanks to CBB Readers Corinne, Lauren and Amy.


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Nicky on

This is turning into a three ring circus, but if it was true (and that’s a BIG if) it would explain the conditions in the will about no other child or any future children just only Daniel inheriting.

Hea on

WOW! What else can I say… I wouldn’t be surprised though.

Roma on

This whole saga just keeps getting weirder by the minute…

LaMama on

Who knows? But the boy sure is a cutie!

corinne on

When will this ever end.I feel a movie coming on.

Shawna on

… There are no words. This entire thing is turning into a giant soap opera; I don’t even know what to begin to believe anymore.

They should do the DNA tests, on both this kid and Dannielynn, and just end the madness once and for all.

Alicia A. on

Does anyone think that the little boy looks like Anna in that pic? That pout looks exactly like Anna. I don’t know if I buy it though.

R Hawk: Anna Nicole Smith: RIP 2007 on

How many of these paternity issues are true? Fewer than are claimed.

Those claiming should be prosecuted if lying. Those who are DNA-qualified should receive whatever benefits the law allows.

These are real people, mourning a real person’s demise, and if the real fathers are telling the truth, then they should be treated as such.

origamiart on

I think the story is true. I’m sure the estate will reject any claim for this child citing the will’s wording, but DNA from her family or the samples drawn from her body will probably confirm this. I’m glad this little boy has a father and community that love him. Although he may not inherit anything monetarily, he may just end up better off than rich Dannielynn in the end.

Peavy on

It’s crazy…all of Anna Nicole’s skeletons are coming out of the closet. I cant believe she would hide the fact she had another child though, but i guess she had her “reasons” and it does explain her weight gain and her will in such a clearer light.

I think if little Marshall is her son, He should get something and most importantly, he should get know his baby sister, Dannielynn.

NausicaaofWind on

I, for one, don’t believe it. I may not know Anna, but knowing what a doting mother she was, I don’t believe she’d hide a pregnancy and then just hand over custody to the father without being involved in the child’s life. Remember when she got pregnant with Dannielynn? On her website she had videos of herself during different stages of the pregnancy, frequently updating her fans on how far along she was, etc., and then even played a graphic video of her C-section on Access Hollywood! And we’re expected to believe she’d hide a pregnancy and neglect her own son? I don’t buy it.

Beautiful kid, though.

Sandra and Carina on

Its getting weirder and weirder…

But the litlle boy in the pic really looks like Anna Nicole Smith.

JosieK on

Well, I’m not surprised…and that last part in her will really was weird and made no sense…. But now, it does make sense and it sounds like something Howard K Smith would have put into the will. Again, I don’t understand why it takes so much legality to get DNA testing done….just do it for crying out loud and figure out who little Danielynn’s Dad is and if this little boy belonged to Anna Nicole so we can all get on with our lives and Anna Nicole can rest in peace.

tati on

all this is giving me a headache!

Kori on

I believe it…at this point, her life was so off the wall that I believe any crazy thing. That little boy definitely has a caucasian mother, and why would this guy come forward unless he could prove it…to make a fool of himself? I think it’s true and I don’t blame him. If I were him I would not go announcing how the inheritance will be spent, but I don’t blame him for going after it if the kid really is hers. I’m just wondering where that $10,000 a month went…hopefully chunks of it is in savings for the boy.

NicoleH on

Gosh this is a shocker…but I have to say… that I really hope its not true… I really think Anna got a bad rap for things but…. this is a real shocker… How could she just walk away from a child like that and then choose I child over another….. Ugh… the whole thing is a huge mess…..

JoyJoy on

Ok sounds like a new soap All my children and their fathers LOL. odd but who knows.

Stacy on

Sorry, but this guy is clearly out to make a quick buck. Look how crazy Anna was about her son Danial. She would of never walked away from a child. It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Everyone wants their piece of the pie!

Beverley on

Funny how he got $10,000 a month for almost 6 years and he can’t afford to take care of his kid. What did he do with all that money? What a load of crap. Another moneygrubber who doesn’t care about talking ill of the dead. She can’t defend herself and it’s wrong. Where did all that money go? He lives on a reservation, what’s so expensive. It probably cost about $600 for expenses relating to the child a month. Where is the other $9,400 that he needs more money now? What a liar.

Heavenly_hibiscus on

The sad thing about the Anna saga is it involves REAL people. I feel sorry for the people who are genuinely grieving 😦

As for this story: that guy looks like a darker version of Larry.

Wonder if Virgie wants custody of this child?

P Dawn on

Anna was definitely messed up in so many ways, that is for sure. Yes, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out this was true at all. In fact, I think I would be more surprised to find out it wasn’t true!

Erin on

This is digusting. I doubt Anna would abandon her child. These people are nothing but vultures.

As an Anna fan I gotta say this: ENOUGH ALREADY!

Let the woman rest in peace you greedy scumbags!

Kristin on

We need a DNA test on this kid and Dannielynn so we can get on with it. I hope for the kids sake that the daddy is lying because another kid does not need to go through what Dannielynn is facing.

Erin on

THIS STORY IS A HOAX. CBB should take it down- should have looked around before posting it! Comments on Phoenix New Times’ website prove it, along with,, and others.

Charity on

If it is true, she might have had her reasons for letting the child be raised by his father. Perhaps she felt she couldn’t love another child as much as Daniel? And then regretted her decision later to give up Marshall which is why she was so open with her pregnancy with Dannielynn? Only DNA testing will tell if this is true and it could just be this guy’s 15 minutes of fame, trying to get money to help him raise his son.

dalejrfan on

Remember that her WILL was drawn up in 2001. In it it states that everything is left to Daniel and it purposely EXCLUDED and future children or husbands. I found it wierd that she excluded any future children. I said the other day that I wondered if she had any other children out there that she did not want to have her money.

Melissa on

Respectfully, after Zsa Zsa’s hubby gave an incoherent interview claiming to know who the real father was of Dannielynn and indicated that it may be possible that it’s himself, is any of the recent press concerning Anna really that surprising? These are terrible moments for those that knew and loved Anna and it’s almost unbelievable that after one’s death people have the opportunity to imply (or outright state) any number of outrageous things without first being subject to varification. At least in life, there is the opportunity for the indicated person to choose whether or not to offer information, but in death, it becomes encumbent upon the friends or family members of the person and there may be much less information available to these people.
I’ll wait for the guys at the smoking gun to get to the bottom of this one… how sad.

Chase Roper on

At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised about anything.

Char on

The guy is using the media and Anna Nicole to gain attention for his reservation

Angie on

I can’t believe this story. I think this guy is looking for some attention. Why would she have a baby then give him to the father and have nothing to do with him? If she was pregnant back then, she would’ve milked it for all of the publicity she could get like she did when she was pregnant with Dannielynn. Also, the cameras were all around her. How come no one noticed any of this?

jayiniowa on

Who knows, this could be true. I remember hearing how Anna wanted to have a blond haired baby like her and Daniel. I’m glad to know that she was supporting the baby and letting the dad raise the boy would probably be one of the wisest decisions she made, if any of this is true. I don’t care much someone “loves” their child, being a drugged out mom is not in the childs best interest. Where I come from CPS comes in and takes the children away.

Penny on

If this is true,then Howard reportably KNEW about this Child.So he stands proclaiming, I must take care of Dannielynn and her interests…everything should be for Dannielynn… And he would have KNOWN of ANOTHER child and said NOTHING? Yes, he may have kept her sick secrets in life but she is at peace now let the truth be known and justice be done. The Father ,if truthful, should contact virgie arthurs attorney, John O’Quinn in Houston. I think his office has a 800 number. This would be her grandson.

Lauren on

I emailed this story to you guys and you give credit to someone else!!! Ok so maybe it wan’t the whole story in body, but I gave you the first page where to locate the story. I will never share anything with your site ever again!! Are they at least from Phoenix, AZ?!

Nina on

I can sort of believe that she’d hand a baby off to the father for a while, intending to reclaim him once the TV show had flown or failed. And it does seem beyond insane — if this guy’s just out for money, why not say he’s the father of Dannielynn rather than produce an entirely different child, one who’s apparently been raised to identify ANS as “mom” for five years?!? And with Dannielynn already in line for genetic testing, it’s not as if Marshall would face any hurdles in getting tested as well.

It’s so utterly bizarre, and could so instantly be proven a lie, that I’m inclined to think it’s true. Plane tickets and bank transfers and phone records aside, this guy must already know there’s DNA testing on the horizon, so it would just be too dumb to try and float this sort of scam.

Autumn on

This story is so strange, I couldn’t help but laugh while reading it. I’m sorry but this is all so strange, especially the part about the medicine man’s dream, calling her lover ‘kemosabe,’ and her baby ‘papoosie’ and ‘little brown one’?!

If she was serious about becoming this guy, Johnny’s, ‘squaw’ then how come she didn’t? I’m surprised Johnny isn’t claiming to be Dannielynn’s father as well!

Hopefully both this little boy, Marshall Black Deer Soto, and Dannilynn can go to people who love them, not just the money grubbers!

Erin on

Another reason this is a hoax: How likely is it that Anna put her STAGE NAME on a birth certificate? 😉

Penny on

I just did a search for photos in the timeframe mentioned and found only the Lane Bryant in Feb./01 and nothing till a year later…Anybody else see any? IF this is true it would make some sense out of things…He mentions post-partum depression which could have set off a relapse into Addiction. (She was in Betty Ford in 95)Imagine having to keep THAT secret? A person would have to be WASTED to block that out.IF this is true Stern KNEW about this? And didn’t get her help?And didn’t reveal this to the Court? This would be beyond sick.It makes me recall Larry Birkheads testimony that Anna really wanted to be preganant, they had been trying for awhile. And that she wanted a baby with light hair and eyes. How many women try a replace a lost child with another? This would be shocking…

Megan on

Honestly, anyone who published this farce should be held responsible and punished for what they did. I am sorry but this is the sickest thing I’ve seen in a while. They did it to bring attention to the reservation? They could think of no other way than to exploit a deceased woman who has already been exploited enough for 10 lifetimes? And what kind of father goes along with this and pops his kids picture all over the internet? My goodness this just tells you exactly how sick people can be.

NausicaaofWind on

Oh, for goodness sake. I knew this was all a joke, and a sick one, too. Whatever mistakes Anna Nicole made in her lifetime, SHE’S DEAD. Just leave her alone already!

Sheryl on

Ok, hello, Wake up people. Yes, she loved Daniel. She was what, a teenager? Yes she loved Dannielynn, but all celebrities were having babies and Anna “had” to fit in the spotlight with the others. Would she, with her “public affair” mention that she hooked up with some Indian from the res in AZ, had a baby, bla, bla, bla. Heck NO. The “fat stage” was brillant and so believable. Except, the huge joke of TRIMSPA causing all the weight loss and toneness. I tried it because I am an idiot (not the sex with the indian, the trimspa silly). JOKE JOKE JOKE
Anyone reading me here???

Sara C on

You know, I think this is all getting a little crazy. I just read on MSN that OJ Simpson is saying he could be DannieLyn’s father. No how ridiculous is this?? I am sorry but in my opinion Larry is clearly her father, she looks so much like him. And as for Anna having another son. I just cannot see it. I think this guy is just looking for his 10 minutes of fame. And looking for a pay out. Anna is dead, I wish people would let her rest in peace. Dannielyn is gonna hear about this one day, and its not very fair to her to have some a misconception about her mother.

Lin on

sick. sick. sick!
People are really sad.

amy on

This is such a sad situation. I feel very sorry for Anna Nicole.She needs to rest in peace. This is getting out of hand. That poor little girl Dannilynn has had a rough start with her life and its pitiful. Everyone is fighting to be her daddy but where were they when she was born? I do not believe this is Annas son. I dont think she would have just left her son. She seemed to me like a very good mother. I doubt she would just pretend he didnt exist. That man wants MONEY and nothing more. If the little boy was hers then he would have said something by now. I want to see PROOF!!

Angie on

WOW!! I think this is all really very sad. Anna was absolutely fubar but i think she loved her children deeply,, I do not believe that story it sounds like a spoof, like someone making fun of the whole situation. Everything surrounding her death is suspicious if you ask me. I cant believe Howard is still walking around a free man, i think that Larry B is probarly the dad and I havent quite figured out ole Virgie yet. But I do feel awful for anyone that has truly grieved for anna because I am sure there was no time to grieve when all this crap is going on .constant battle over one thing or another. Poor lil Dannielynnes life is ruined and she doesnt even know it. Poor kid will never have a chance. She doesnt need all that money she needs the love of a parent!

GIngi on

We live very in Phoenix and my husband brough the New Times article home earlier in the week. We both read it. It’s a crazy story but if he has paperwork to back-up the story it could very easily be true. Given what we know and have seen from Anna previously, (the alleged drug use, slurred words, erratic behavior) ANYTHING is possible at this point.

Jeanette on

As a lawyer, I can tell you that at least in the state where I practice it is common for laywers to ask their clients whether to include future-born children or children not specifically mentioned in the will. Many parents do provide for children named in the will and then say that any children hereafter born or any other children will “share and share alike,” meaning they receive equal shares with the children named in the will. However, others, particularly those parents who for some reason do not want to give money to a particular child they know is in existence or who have large estates and do not want people falsifying claims, will specifically state that no other children will benefit. Then, those parents can change their wills if and when they become pregnant again. As Anna has a large estate, it wouldn’t surprise me that her will was worded that way – particularly if she did not think she would mother more children. I am surprised, though, that her will wasn’t changed when she was pregnant with Dannielynn or at least soon after Dannielynn was born. Perhaps she was waiting for her marriage to become formalized and make all the changes at once but with an estate as potentially large as hers is, it is very important to change your will as soon as any changes in heirs are imminent – as is demonstrated by Dannielynn being excluded. That being said, now that Daniel isn’t living, Anna’s estate will pass by intestacy laws (which means share and share alike to her descendants – children) or, if her will has one, a residuary clause (I never looked to see if her will had one but I think the news would have covered that – I’ll assume it does not as everyone says Dannielynn will get the money).

Callie on

This little boy looks sad – very sad. Is anyone else concerned about the deep look in his eyes? His face looks beyond that of a pout or a sulk, he looks sad – almost like his eyes are saying so much. I feel concerned – hopefully authorities where this little guy lives will check into things. I’m hoping so.

De-De on

i dont believe it at all. i mean come on, people are ridiculous. why would Anna abandon a baby like that. Everyone knows how much she loved Daniel and Dannielynn. There is no way its true. People are very greedy and evil. No-one has said anything until they found out DannieLynn could inherit millions of dollars. They all should be put in jail. Its one thing to talk about people when they can justify themselves, but its another thing to talk about someone who has passed and cant defend themselves.

Tara on

Please remember this people, these children will both be able to read all this one day.By the looks of things life is going to be quite difficult for both if just to find out how their mommy died, don’t make things worse for them than it already is and have some respect for the dead. Treat this with the same respect if it were your own family REST IN PEACE ANNA NICOLE you are now with DANNY.

Suz on

I am so tired of looking at this picture of this poor little boy who has obviously just got through crying-all I can think about is what did they do to him before taking this picture?

yolibabi on

i dont know what to beleive but that kid especially the pout looks lkike anna a lot but it will be sad to know if anna really had another son and neglected him for 6 years though so well see.

Ducky on

no wonder the WILL was never filed with any court of Law, Anna Nicole Smith OBVIOUSLY wanted to provide for all of her children,
and the Will was a bogus piece of crap her attorneys created for their own profit, read the will, it lists THREEE attorneys and says that THEY can invest the money in whatever they want, which is “legal” embezzelment