Rumor: Are Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise expecting a boy?

03/08/2007 at 10:08 AM ET

Katie Holmes doesn’t look pregnant, but she and husband Tom Cruise may be adding a boy to their family.  According to TMZ, a friend of Tom and Katie’s went to celebrity baby boutique Petit Tresor, asking for four "scenarios" for a baby boy’s room.  The friend said, "We want to be prepared for a baby boy," and mentioned interest in sports, cartoon and nursery rhyme themes, along with use of lots of eggshell blue. The room will supposedly include a custom-made blue and white antique crib, blue bedding and blue wallswith floating clouds and cost around $45,000.  The store was given a deadline of April 15 (though we’re not sure if that’s for completion of the nursery, or just concepts). Their daughter Suri Cruise will be one years old on April 18th.

Since Katie doesn’t appear pregnant, perhaps she and Tom are adopting this baby boy.

What do you think?

Source: TMZ


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Lissette on

Sounds to me like once again, Petit Tresor is feeding stories to the media for publicity.

stephanie on

i doubt it since katie will start filming soon. even if it’s adopted, i’m sure she’d want to spend time with the new baby. it could be a gift for a friend or, well, it’s petit tresor. according to them everyone’s having a baby.

annabelle on

Or, perhaps they are just planning ahead while they have the time. I don’t know, but perhaps their home/mansion is SO big, they’ve just decided to set aside one room as a “girl’s nursery” and one room as a “boy’s nursery”. That way, they are ready for any and all children that come their way — their own biological, adopted, nieces/nephews, or whatever.

Maybe they just have a lull in their schedules and decided to have the fun of decorating now. Maybe they are just messing with the media? But…. $45,000 to decorate a nursery? WOW! Wouldn’t that be fun??!!!

Angela on

Can someone please explain to me what is so special about Petit Tresor? It’s the size of my bedroom and so cluttered, I had to take a pile of stuff off a chair just so I could see it. My stroller got stuck between products before it was completely in the front door. What am I missing that would make all these celebrities shop there when there are so many other great shops nearby?

Estherpanda on

I would be really surprised if she was pregnant because she said recently that she was excited to go baack to work! And she doesn’t look pregnant at all !
I think I never heard them talk in their interview about adopting…but who knows??
Anyway I really love them and would be so happy if she was pregnant…another gorgeous baby!

tink1217 on

I think Petit Tresor is drumming up publicity again! Katie does not look pregnant. She was excited to be working again soon and if I were a celeb I certainly would NEVER shop or go into Petit Tresor EVER! Especially if I hadn’t made an announcement of my pregnancy!

J on

Is it not possible that their FRIEND is pregnant? Is there some rule that if you’re friends with celebrities you are never, ever allowed to get pregnant because people will think it is the celebrity, and not you, since your life is obviously so insignificant that you couldn’t possibly just be shopping for yourself?

chris denton on

maybe it is for the Beckhams!

chris denton on

maybe it is for the Beckhams!

chris denton on

maybe it is for the Beckhams!

chris denton on

maybe it is for the Beckhams!