Matthew and James Broderick in NYC

03/08/2007 at 02:13 PM ET

James Wilkie Broderick, 4, enjoys the snow on his way to preschool in NYC on Tuesday while dad Matthew just looks … cold.


Photo by Pacific Coast News.

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Michaela on

the picture is really cute.but a four years old boy don´t need a buggy.he has feets to walk with.

SIgnedIN on

WHY does everyone have to start the “buggy” debate? What is the big deal about a child still going in a stroller? It’s snowing, it’s New York City, and it’s VERY tiring to walk around all the time when you’re little.
Maclaren’s are built to hold older toddlers/younger children, so I’m not seeing the big deal here. What’s worse for you; carrying your child when they’re too tired to walk when it’s snowing in New York City, OR pushing them in a nice stroller?
Tough pick, tough pick.

coco on

Michaela, I agree with you but, remember they live in Manhattan. I wish I had a stroller sometimes when I walk in Manhattan…

Cleo24 on

I was a little taken aback at the stroller, too. I had to stop and wonder if they also had a baby. Seems strange to me because he looks like a big capable boy, but then again, I don’t live someplace that requires a lot of walking…

donna on

I was in Manhattan two weeks ago and it was snowing. I stayed at Helmsley Hotel in 59th street (bet 5th & 6th). My business meeting place was at 54th & Broadway. It is a short walk but on a snowy day and at 8 in the mornig, i could not even walk pass two blocks. It was freezing and my feet were numb that it was impossible to walk all the way through. I have to get a cab to take me there. And I am an adult and is used to walking. Matthew broke his collarbone late last year so it is understandable that he won’t be able to carry a 4 year old toddler as he plowed through the snowy street.

Julie on

Again, with the judgmental posts. First off the child isn’t even riding in the stroller. But even if he was, so what! Maybe, just maybe Matthew brought the stroller to carry his packages. Or maybe James had a sore foot or who knows. I hate the idea that there are all these people in the world who care about these things.



Em on

Ok if these posts are supposed to be moderated, well they’re definitely not well-moderated! Seems the ‘editors’ only like to post ones they feel needed!

Jayden's Mommie on

My four year old son still rides in a stroller. What’s wrong with that?!? When we go to local places, such as the mall, he walks but what exactly do you propose parents do with children who are too big to carry (by a pregnant momma by the way) and still get tired when walking?

You people need to get over yourselves, seriously! James sitting in a stroller, which he isn’t even depicted doing in this photo, wouldn’t have any bearing on your life so get off it. No big deal!

B_lady on

this is all ridiculous! While i agree with all of your opinions, why is Michaela being attacked for her opinion? Gosh, She doesnt approve of the stroller and she has that right. who knows why james still rides in a buggy, who cares? ….jmo, the living in NYC defense is a bit weak because many celebrity parents walk with their kids there and the kids are doing just that, walking….sun, rain, sleet or snow!

Kresta on

I find that older children, like James, usually still use buggies when there are no younger siblings. If he had a younger brother or sister I am sure he or she would occupy the buggy.

Ana on

I agree with you SIgnedIN, even if he lived in the easiest city in the world for walking, he’s only 4! Why do ppl want kids tio grow up faster, two years ago he badly spoke, and now ppl think he’s a “big boy” c’mon guys, be fair. I already said I was pushed till I was 4 and it didn’t affect me at all, the contrary actually, it was pretty good. When I have a kid I’ll push him (her) around till he or she’s 4 or 5, there’s no harm.
By the way, James is very cute.

Diana on

Well he IS walking, so the stroller is probably if he gets tired. How does it hurt anyone that he may ride some in a stroller. Talk about judgemental!

Laura on

I always read such nice comments from everyone on this site, but I noticed that in the last couple of times Matthew Broderick is mentioned, it’s instant criticism. I think it’s refreshing that this is a normal, seemingly down-to-earth family who shovel their own sidewalk and walk places on their own. It’s NYC… If he didn’t have the stroller, everyone would be criticizing him for making James walk himself. Pushing a stroller around is definitely not the easy way out (especially in the snow)!

FC on

Poor Matthew does look like he’s freezing. But at least James looks to be having a fun time walking around in the snow. He must love winter, which is adorable. 🙂

Tasha on

So, he rides in a stroller…..BIG DEAL! Some people will complain about the smallest things.Geez.

Cati on

I don’t blame Mathew Broderick for bringing along a stroller. I also have a 4 year old and live in Manhattan, and I usually bring the stroller along when we go out. It’s convenient for long walks if he gets tired and also works well on the subway. I strap him in and that way I know he cant wander off or get lost on a crowded platform and as an added bonus he always has his own seat on the train. At times it is inconvenient but much safer, and I don’t have to lug him and my bags around when he gets tired.

mackeysmom on

I was just thinking how nice it was that he was walking him to school and not a nanny. I never even thought about the stroller. I still push my 5 yr old twins. I also still wear one of them.

BusyMommy on

OMG….what is the big deal? Stroller or no stroller….get a life and move ON!!!
SO What if he sits in the stroller, maybe he gets tired because his legs are only 2ft long or that Daddy cannot carry him anymore because he weighs 42lbs. Not to mention that it is freezing outside. HE IS ONLY 4 not 10!!!